Piedras Negras

Piedras Negras(Peten)

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意大利那不勒斯10 条分享
spettacolare d anon perdere, sembra di tornare nel passato pieno di fascino e storia, avvolta nella nature piu selvaggia, le guide bravissime , spiegazioni in utte le lingue , posto incantevole peino di storia
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加利福尼亚克莱蒙特236 条分享
Jungle adventure
2017年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Incredibly dense rain forest that has swallowed up a major Mayan city that was a rival to Yaxilan and others for the Uscaminta River trade route. Romantic, spectacular vistas, dark brooding ruins, well worth the 4 hour trip each way from the Mexican border. On the way we saw lots of jungle wildlife including howler monkeys, crocodiles, many different kinds of birds. Felt like a real jungle adventure!
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俄罗斯莫斯科743 条分享
трудно добраться, но стоит увидеть
2016年7月 • 好友
Добраться сюда сложно, руины находятся практически на границе Гватемалы и Мексики. Можно попасть со стороны Гватемалы на лошадях, можно на лодке из мексиканского города Frontera Corozal. Но оно того стоит, особенно для ценителей истории. Ну или для желающих почувствовать себя Индианой Джонсом)
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Phil E
明尼苏达980 条分享
not for the faint of heart
2015年2月 • 好友
We accessed this site from Frontera Corozal, Mexico - by taking a 4 hour boat ride down the Usumacinta River (which is the border between Mexico & Guatemala). It should be noted that it's closer to a six hour ride back (against the current). This includes two stretches of rapids (where we had to stop and bail the water out the boats). The majority of the ride is through high-canopy jungle, with exotic birds, howler monkeys and crocodiles along the banks. Happily, as it had rained the night before, we were able to seen fresh jaguar tracks along the banks.
The site is on a bend in the river, on a bluff far above it. There is no dock or landing, you beach the boat, and climb a high sand dune to the site.
The site is not 'improved', there are no facilities - so you are in the jungle for the walk through the site.
This site had it's height in the late classic period, and is historically very significant. The site is known for it's sweat-bath and great sculptures.
It should also be noted that we also saw a boat reliably identified as human traffickers taking young women and children down river at dusk (while we were on our way back).
I feel that it's important to note that we took this trip only with the assistance and guidance of two local Archaeologists, who had not only been there previously, but who also have strong and ongoing connections with the local peoples (note that I did not say local "authorities" or "governments").
Although this was a great experience, it is probably not a trip that you want to attempt on your own!
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Demasiado viaje
2014年2月 • 好友
Para visitar Piedras Negras hay que ir al parque nacional Sierra de lacandón. Partí desde Flores y luego tuve que tomar una lancha que tardó más de tres horas (siempre ir con guías y la excursión contratada de antemano ya que dicen que el río es peligroso)
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Greg V
阿拉巴马927 条分享
A very nice Maya ruin that is worth the effort to get to
2010年12月 • 独自旅游
There's basically 2 ways to get to the site. One is by lancha from Frontera Corozal in Mexico and the other is by horse from the Guatemala side of the border. I've only went there once by lancha. The site is nice to visit but does not have a lot of standing structures to see. One thing there which is extremely nice to see is the grave cap stone of Tatiana Proskuriokoff. I recommend this site to anyone who is willing to go through the effort for going there.
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