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The owner, Aleš, is a keen mountainbiker - loving the sport, the outdoors and his home region. And it shows through every step of the experience he provides.

This "outdoor maniac" is able to physically and mentally adapt his approach and made me feel I could really ride a bike, regardless the fact I haven't done it in a couple of years. I found out a lot about Buzet and the surroundings, the people, other sport possibilities nearby, local specifics etc. while enjoying the pleasant ride on a great bike.

My previous experience with rented bicycles is awful, but the bike I got to use for this day trip felt like my own - there was nothing bothering me (for a change). I tried e-bike for the first time, got instructions on how to use it and a perfect ride partner.

I would definitely recommend Outdoor mania to anyone opting for a nice outdoor time and a tailor-made service.
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澳大利亚伊普斯威奇30 条分享
After a long and frustrating experience hiring mountain bikes that had been poorly maintained and given little local knowledge and no bike repair equipment, my wife and l felt very disappointed with our first couple of Parenzana /Istria bike riding days.
At the end of the day you usually get what you pay for but in this case the little extra was worth it!
We were provided with helmets, pump, spare tube, first aid kit, maps, ( backpacks and water bottles we already had with us)
Ales fortunately turned our experience around after our previous trial and error.We were disappointed with the Istria bikes website accurately especially at Livade.
Nothing at all was “too difficult “for Outdoor- Mania- eu. We rode the latest Cube mountain bikes, which l believe that he replaces each year.His local knowledge and tips were extremely helpful and he was able to pick up and deliver according to our requests.
It was a pleasure dealing with a small company passionate in providing an excellent service. I have no hesitation in recommending this business.
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德国路德维希堡1 条分享
I spend a fantastic and diversified week with friends near Buzet in a beautiful house with pool and bedrooms with own bathroom each. Some of us came to Istria with the aim to exercise for the upcoming triathlon season, others rather focused on having some relaxed holidays, enjoying the Istrian culture and landscape next to some sportive activities.
Ales, our guide, managed perfectly to juggle with the different interests and to satisfy each one of us with his huge repertoire of sportive and non-sportive activity options in Istria. By help of his E-bikes, he managed to balance our different sportive ambitions. Like this, it was possible to experience all together e.g. a beautiful MTB trip on the shut-down train road of Parenzana or a road bike trip over the Mountain Ucka, down to the bay of Rijeka. In Rijeka we went swimming in the Olympic pool installtions. The view from Ucka down to Riejka was impressive and the ride down to the bay compensated more than 10 times the efforts made to reach the highest point of Ucka!  By the way, for some trips we had an accompanying car that enabled us to start biking tours from different locations or moreover to make one way bike tours.
For our sportive “rest day”, we visited an impressive grotto before we went to the nice fishing village Novigrad to enjoy some delicious ice cream at the coast! Back to Buzet we had a trail walk in a canyon with some waterfalls near Buzet.
Another highlight of the bike holiday was a road bike trip along the protected area at Lake Jezero Butoniga with destination Hum, the smallest city in the world, where we had lunch while watching the runners of the “100 miles of Istria” Trail. Worth of mentioning is also our stop at a nostalgic water mill, where we cooled down our feet in the crystal clear mountain stream.

It was the perfect combination of holiday and training camp for me! I had a lot of fun with my sport mates & Ales, challenging cycling training, cultural insights of Istria and enough time to relax!
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德国路德维希堡21 条分享
Wir haben uns überraschen lassen und sind mit befreundeten Triathleten, Läufern und Radfahrern in den Osterferien 2018 zu einer Trainingswoche nach Buzet mit Outdoor Mania gefahren.
Es war einfach nur genial: tolle Villa mit großem Koch-, Wohn & Aufenthaltsbereich, Top-Bikes in super Qualität in verschiedenen Größen für Straße und Gelände, täglich wechselndes Programm von Mountain-Biking auf der stillgelegten Bahnstrecke Parenzana bis zu Rennrad-Touren am höchsten Berg Istriens nach Rijeka, kulinarische Highlights, Rundfahrten zu Weinfest und historischen Städtchen wie dem malerischen Hum... jeder Tag war ein neues Abenteuer und dank der Insiderkenntnisse von Ales einzigartig!

Wir sind zu begeisterten „Outdoor-Maniacs“ geworden und freuen uns schon auf das nächste Mal!
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Bodo M
2 条分享
Es war als Trainingscamp angedacht. Schon bei der Ankunft war klar, das wird ein unvergessliches Erlebnis.
Jeder Tag war anders und auf seine Art einzigartig. Die Landschaft, die Möglichkeiten die Menschen und das Land kennen zu lernen und zu erlebenwar überwältigend.
Egal ob Mountainbike oder Rennrad mit Ales wird der Aktivurlaub in Istrien zum Höhepunkt des Jahres.
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克罗地亚Buzet18 条分享
With service like this you will see Istra in a way that can only be done with a bicycle. The owner Aleš, he is a great guy and will help you with whatever problem you stumble on the road. High recommendation.
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Niklas S
瑞典哥德堡6 条分享
Went for a "half day" guided trip with Aleš together with my 20-year old son. Aleš is a really great guide, very good at finding the right kind of trip for the group, knows all the roads and paths in the area, excellent at MTB (well, he is Croatian champion!), friendly and great fun! He entertained us with information and stories throughout the day, happy even when he had to fix a puncture. The bikes are of great quality and so much better than the slightly cheaper ones that you can find. Aleš keeps them in perfect condition. I tried the e-MTB and it was magic going up the steep hills! Equipped with the latest Bosch system made for MTB (not the kind you find on city e-bikes). After six hours, Aleš was happy to offer us even more but we were very satisfied with the day. Highly recommend in every way! We will definitely be back!
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比利时布鲁塞尔19 条分享
Aleš is a great guide that will make your bike adventure in Istria even better. He showed us such nice bike roads in the nature where we could experience how in Istria is not all about the coast. The interior part of the region is really beautiful and has so much to explore. With Ales and his fun bike tours you will be able to have an authentic experience which you should not miss if you are in the area of Buzet.
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Alen R
斯洛文尼亚马里博尔7 条分享
We had a perfect trip, going from Livade to Rijeka with bikers from 20 to 60 years and it was fun for every single person. Aleš really knows how to choose roads and paths and you can always discuss with him about further plans. If you like to ride a bike, just go there, you do not need to have any plans, he will do as you wish and as much you are possible to do. You can choose between, road cycling, XC, All-mountain or just cruising.
I am in a bike bussiness for almost 10 years now, but he really is one of the best guides for all the occasions.
Highly recommended!
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Ruth-Sophia H
德国Wehrheim3 条分享
Zu fünft auf der Suche nach etwas Action entschieden wir uns dazu, bei Aleš eine Mountainbike Tour durch Istrien zu buchen.
Dass es hügelig wird hatten wir schon geahnt, Aleš hat uns zum Glück immer wieder Tipps gegeben, wie man auch schwierige Passagen als Anfänger gut meistern kann. Die Organisation war top - Einen Tag vorher erst angeschrieben, konnten wir bereits am nächsten Tag durchstarten. Aleš war auf alle Eventualitäten gut eingestellt, so kam die Erste Hilfe Tasche beim Sturz zum Einsatz, die Kette wurde schnell wieder draufgesetzt und auch der Platte war schnell behoben.
Die Bikes waren in einem Top Zustand (alle aktuelle 2016er Modelle) und Motivation bekam man auf den anstrengenden Wegen hoch genug zugesprochen.
Gerne wieder!
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