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Not what I expected.
We went there on Argosy cruises. The staff were warm and responsive. You can get drinks on board and chips. It's a 45 minute trip each way. The island has some cool totem polls and places to sit. You can also get some pricey food and drinks there. You can hike around and even camp. However, I thought there would be way more Indian cultural things. They only had a couple of shows and they were earlier in the day. The exhibits inside were very limited and no Indian guides or any guides. So if you go plan on a picnic, camp, or hike. To me I don't need to spend that much money and time to do that. I rather just go to volunteer park and see the Asian art museum as well.
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Kassandra K
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Rules are to be enforced, don't cry if they are enforced
Came here to say that so many reviewers are entitled crybabies, who can't abide by the simplest rules. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
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Brian M
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Over zealous park ranger
Unfortunately I must mimic the views expressed on both trip advisor and yelp. We decided last minute to head to Blake Island instead of the San Juans after hearing ferry waits were very long and possibly impossible for us to get off the island. On the boat ride over we googled about Blake Island and found these reviews but expected we would follow the rules and thus have no problems. This review is being written so that others know what they are in for by visiting. As just a day trip, its probably fine, but for an overnight trip you do feel semi-imprisoned. The ranger came over after we had crawled into bed in the tent and shined the flashlight in saying it smelled like marijuana. We let him know we were in the thoroughfare between the restrooms and the other campsites and people had been walking back and forth all night and he finally relented by saying that it is illegal and if you have it it is not allowed on the island. We heard twigs and branches snapping and our friends on a boat tried to come over about 30 minutes later and were told by the ranger that "you can't go over there your friends are sleeping". Pretty ridiculous. Anyways everyone headed here should plan to abide 100% by any and all rules and he may in fact enforce this arbitrary 10pm rule of no intermingling or whatever others have talked about in other reviews. Just know the rumors are true and we found them to not be over exaggerated.
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Drea L
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Beautiful island, invasive ranger.
2019年9月 • 好友
Went to Blake Island last august. We kayaked in 4 miles onto the beautiful shore of Blake island. The island was breathtaking and we had the island, at least this one side to ourselves!! We set up our camp and set out to explore. We set our kayaks in one campsite and had our tents in another. No one else was near so we felt comfortable taking more than one site. We were greeted by the ranger soon after arriving and he introduced the island and let us know a few rules. We felt welcomed. We had researched our trip thoroughly and came expecting to buy wood on the island as many sources had informed us. We asked about purchasing firewood and the ranger, Rupert reported that they had sold out. We were shocked and disappointed. Our dinner needed boiling water in order to cook fully. We saw a sign on the beach that clearly stated that you could not collect driftwood however you could gather twigs and stocks no wider than your wrist. Rupert checked on us 4 times over the course of the evening!! We felt like prisoners. By sundown we had eaten all the snacks and food that did not need to be heated and we were starting to get very cold. We built a small and let me emphasize small fire. We quickly boiled some water, tried to get warm and chatted for maybe a half hour. Rupert walked in the pitch darkness and then maybe 10 feet from our campsite flicked on his flash light. It was was scary, having someone who seemingly wanted to catch us breaking the rules. All of us are seasoned pnw hikers, back packers and campers. We follow rules and understand that following rules maintains the pacific northwest’s beauty. Rupert made us feel like children. We had no choice but to make a small fire. We had kayaked 4 miles that day against the tide and it was cold on the island at night. We had expected to purchase firewood and we were given no signal before arriving that they were sold out. He proceeded to lecture us even after we showed him the sign that stated small fires made of small sticks were permitted. He cited us 4, $100 fines. An absolutely horrendous night to end an amazing day exploring the gorgeous island. It felt as though my grandpa was babysitting us and waiting for us to mess up. Never have I experienced this kind of authoritarianism in a ranger. I would love to go back. However I cannot due to the authorizes “maintaining” the island. I would not suggest going to Blake island.
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Blake Island: A Beautiful Prison
2020年8月 • 夫妻情侣
This island is an absolutely stunning place to get away for a weekend. I would give Blake Island 5 stars if it weren’t for the glorified Boy Scouts creeping around the campsites at night to yell at people.

After paying $30 to get to the island and then $30 to camp for a night, these guys will just follow you around and randomly reprimand you for things you have yet to do. Just the possibility of rule breaking gets these dudes FIRED UP.

If you want to spend your getaway feeling like a criminal then Blake Island is for you!!!
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Rachel T
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Harassing park rangers !
2020年8月 • 夫妻情侣
I have been dreaming about this weekend getaway for months during a time of COVID. We paid a large sum of money for both west campground ⛺️ campsites and argosy cruise to camp the weekend. The island is stunning but after setting up a hammock over the beach and sleeping we were woken 4 different times by the park ranger. He was angry and yelled at us multiple times for where we could place items in our campsite and rules we were already following. I asked him to lower his voice and he got even more mad 😡. I have seen other reviewers leaving mad park ranger reviews here so just be careful. They need to replace the staff with more kind rangers!
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한적한 바다를 선호하시는 분들께 추천.
2018年11月 • 好友
파랗고 탁트인 바다와 하얀 모래가 깔린 그런바다보다
한산하고 조용하고 곳곳에 바위가 놓은 그런 바다를 선호하시는 분께 추천드립니다. 저는 혼자서 몇시간을 앉아있었는데, 머리에 뒤죽박죽 돌던 생각들도 정리되고 정말 좋았어요.
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Gorgeous place
This is a beautiful place. Lovely setting and not too crowded. Beautiful views of Seattle and other islands.
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Tilicum Village, Blake Island
2018年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Visited Tillicum Village by ferry which was a very pleasant day. The ride over was smooth and picturesque. The meal was wonderful and the Native American stories and dances made for a lovely day--also the gift store had items considerably less expensive than Seattle gift shops.
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Worst Tourist Attraction in Seattle
2018年9月 • 好友
I'm a local and took family visiting from out of town on the tour on Sunday, September 23rd and was embarrassed. The boat was overcrowded (250+ people)> The food was terrible. I am a daughter of a commercial fisherman and I can guarantee you that salmon was not cooked on an open alder fire like the "prop" salmon. The lunch buffet had terrible polenta and mushrooms and white rice and beef stew. Not exactly a native American or northwest theme. For dessert there were terrible little cookies and tarts which they ran out of so they put some cheap ice cream bars out. I have seen some wonderful native American dancing over the year, but not here. The show is extremely amateurish. Save your money and take the ferry to Bainbridge.
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