Way Off Broadway Dinner Theatre & Children's Theatre

Way Off Broadway Dinner Theatre & Children's Theatre

Way Off Broadway Dinner Theatre & Children's Theatre
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马里兰弗雷德里克32 条分享
2023年1月 • 好友
The show was okay but you couldn’t hear all of the words. It was a pleasant story and some of the songs were good except the music drowned out the words. Do not attend this theater expecting good food. First of all there is a lot of waiting for every course. Then you must wait for your table to be called to go to the main food buffet and some are finished before others haven’t even had their first chance to eat. As for the quality of the food, I was not impressed. It’s a shame and disappointing. This dinner theater must be doing something right because it’s been there for years but I will save my money in the future.
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马里兰盖瑟斯堡1 条分享
I took my wife here to see WOB's production of Camelot for her birthday. In hind sight I should have read the reviews before I paid the money. Usually I leave a review so that Management/Owners can see what needs improvement. In this case I believe it is a lost cause. The food complaints in their reviews are numerous and from years ago. The food: AWFUL! I do not go to dinner theaters expecting a Michelin Star dining experience. What I don't expect is food that makes hospital/institution food taste like Fine Dining. Everything was extremely BLAND. The Chicken with Green Peppers and Onions tasted like everything was boiled. The Pork Loin was the same. The only side dish that had any flavor (and not much) was the Scalloped Potatoes. I understand the waitstaff is also the actors. But we were just about finished with our first pass thru the buffet before we even got water and we had to ask for it. The large table of guests behind us was already on their second round of cocktails by the time we got our water. The sodas we ordered showed up as we were finishing our second round at the buffet. The waiter kept telling us the bartender was backed up and the drinks should be out shortly. This is while the table behind us was enjoying their third round of cocktails. I really do get it. Large table of patrons. Large tip for the waiter. But they have a sodabar and it takes 30 seconds to fill two glasses of soda and a cup of hot water for tea. The production: One level above high school. The props looked like they have been repurposed from productions twenty years ago. Some of the actors outfits was ill fitting. In one scene King Arthur had to keep adjusting his shift because it kept trying to come open. Merlin's beard & mustache kept trying to come off and his wizards cap kept falling down in his face. I wasn't expecting a Broadway production but I was certainly expecting something of value for the money I paid for the seats & dinner and not watching something I could have put together with my friends & neighbors and done a better effort. My recommendation: Eat dinner at one the many restaurants along the Golden Mile and go for the production. Bring a pillow for the chairs for they are not meant to have someone sitting on them for the length of time the production lasts. I did leave a 15% gratuity but I really didn't want to ( don't worry: you will be reminded numerous times that it is "customary" to leave a 15% tip for the ENTIRE bill, not just the drinks.) It is a crying shame that as long as WOB has been in business that they cannot correct the issues that have been posted numerous times over the years. Either they do not read the reviews or they don't care. Either way, SAVE YOUR MONEY and go elsewhere.
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111 条分享
The actors in the show we saw were quite good and they put forth such a good effort that I hate to speak poorly of the establishment. The actors were also the servers and were very friendly and attentive. But...
The food was pretty bad. There was a small selection of overcooked and bland offerings. The bread was dry and cold. One type of soup offered; the salad, brought to our table, was wilted and sparse. You get one serving of dessert, not a buffet selection. We were shocked to have to pay extra for soda and any drink other than water and tea and then be urged over and over again (both by signs and by announcement) to tip the servers at least 15%.
As for the show: the seats are pretty uncomfortable and there is next to no amplification of the show. I guess they think the venue is so small (it was nearly full with the 60 people there the night we went) they figure they don't need a system. The music is canned and is often so loud that you can't understand the words to the songs. Several times we were unable to hear the lines being spoken on the stage, and we weren't even in the back of the room.
We won't go back. For the over $100 spent for 2 of us for the evening, we'll find a traditional theater. I guess that's not much for dinner and a show but other than the the great effort of the actors and actresses, neither were worth much.
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Kathleen H
马里兰弗雷德里克69 条分享
I have enjoyed the theater, both adult and children's but the food is average. It is great to take grandchildren.
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Fastidious Lassie
13 条分享
2019年8月 • 独自旅游
The Way Off Broadway Dinner Theatre is located in a small strip mall on tbe famous Golden Mile, Route 40, in Frederick, MD. Per other comments, I concur: the Box Office staff is generally rude and not helpful. The buffet food is usually disgusting. The talent has improved greatly since their inception 25 years ago. The owner's family and a set group of actors were leads in every performance. That is no longer the case. The scenery, props and use of the dining room as part of the stage is much better than in the earlier years. Chairs are horribly uncomfortable. Wait staff is the performers, therefore there is little time for any chit chat with them. They are pretty rushed. As long as you realize this is a small town production and not Broadway, you should have an enjoyable evening. The cast does do a whole hearted performance.
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Sharon M
Lexington Park20 条分享
2019年6月 • 好友
I attended the dinner theatre on June 29th. The buffet was good and there was plenty to eat. The play was phenomenal. The cast did an exceptional job from start to finish. The lady who played Donna that night was fabulous. I can’t say enough things about this performance. Well worth the money!
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Sue B
Carroll County, Maryland30 条分享
2018年10月 • 夫妻情侣
We have been subscribers for many years. We are always greeted with the friendliest of welcomes and we enjoy our interactions with the staff who are also most of the cast for the current show. The food is always delicious and there is always a show drink to chose. We enjoy this intimate setting and we enjoy chatting and getting to know the cast/staff. We love this establishment!
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Richard S
马里兰贝塞斯达383 条分享
2018年10月 • 家庭
We took our two 7 year old grand kids to see Annie here. The food was decent and edible. Very good but not gourmet. It was a buffet. The waiters and waitresses are also part of the theatre cast. As servers they were courteous, humorous and generally very good.

As actors the cast was excellent. They are obviously excellent and enjoy doing this as part time actors. Having been to scores of shows on broadway, and knowing how hard it is to get a job even for the very best, these people where great. The performance was excellent and having seen the original Annie on broadway, i would rate it 7 of 10

The kids enjoyed it as did my wife and myself.. You not going here to expect a great meal

A bit pricey about $40 a ticket then add on drinks and a recommended $7 per guest

but far better than Broadway or even Washington, DC
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Kristi G
弗吉尼亚Lovettsville6 条分享
2018年9月 • 家庭
The cast was very talented. They saved the night for us. We enjoyed watching them perform in spite of their inadequate costumes, set, and production. The food was so disappointing. The theater is very run down. The cost is outrageous for what you receive. We were very disappointed in the overall experience.
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Angie M
密歇根191 条分享
2017年10月 • 家庭
Overall it was an enjoyable evening. It's 50/50 if we would go back. The dinner was pretty awful. The performance (sister act) was saved by the woman who played the head Nun. The lead (delores) was not that great. The other performers were hit and miss - some sang better than others.
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