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RSPB The Lodge Nature Reserve(Sandy)

RSPB The Lodge Nature Reserve
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英国Meols854 条分享
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Vincent and Shelley made us feel most welcome to the RSPB Reserve Lodge at Sandy.
We had arranged with them beforehand to view their Book of Remembrance.
The book is kept at the office above their shop and as the stairs are steep Shelley brought it over to the gatehouse in advance.
All the staff made us feel very welcome.
We took a short stroll to see the Manor House and gardens.
Autumn/Late September is not an ideal time to spot many birds but that was not the primary reason for our visit.
We then called into the shop where they sell a wide variety of toys, gloves, hats, mugs books, other gifts, bird feeders, bird feed, hedgehog feed etc.
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2021年9月 • 好友
Visited the lodge on Monday evening for the bat walk. The bat walk was lead by Vincent and Mark. Unfortunately 1/2 the group that booked did not show up - they really missed out. The weather was perfect. Each person was given their own bat detector, within the first 15 min of walking we started to hear the bats and then loads of them came out. Mark has been a volunteer for 15 years and his knowledge and enthusiasm was incredible.
Not only did we learn loads about bats but also crickets and other animals and birds. We were also shown a deserted bat roost.

Even if you went on the walk and did not se any bats I feel you will still learn a lot and being able to walk at night in surroundings like that is a blessing.
I highly recommend this walk.

Vincent and Mark - you are both stars, thanks so much for a great night.
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英国索利哈尔4 条分享
2020年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Stopped off on the way back north. Lovely setting with good toilets and interesting shop.
(We are RSPB members). Did a bit of the 'woodpecker walk' and didn't see a single bird! Only a 300' high wind turbine scything through the air 100 times a minute.
... not saying the two are linked but it makes you wonder.
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Thank you for your review, I'm pleased to hear that you enjoyed our facilities on your visit. Sorry to see that you weren't able to see a green or great spotted woodpecker from the Woodpecker Trail or any from the flock of mistle thrush that have recently taken up residence near our wind turbine. Our wind turbine produces enough electricity for over half of the RSPB’s needs and is monitored closely to make sure there are no negative impacts on wildlife.​ For more information about the turbine and our relationship with Ecotricity please visit:​
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Laura B
英国Biggleswade23 条分享
2020年6月 • 独自旅游
I have only given this 4 stars as I haven't seen the entirety of the RSPB Lodge and it would be unfair, I only chose to bike ride through the middle. But I have no doubt it would deserve 5 stars if I had explored everywhere... Maybe on my next visit.
I thought I would share some pictures with you. I thoroughly enjoyed my bike ride through the RSPB grounds. There was a lot of walking groups and different trails, I wasn't sure where was suitable for bikes so I stayed on the main path to remain socially distant.
This area would be great for socialising with friends and family at the moment as it's all outside, mostly under trees shading you from the suns rays, plenty of benches to relax or have a picnic and a genuinely peaceful place.
I rode my bike from Biggleswade, it wasn't too strenuous and a pretty straight forward route. I would highly recommend visiting.
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Roy H
Rodgau, Germany10 条分享
A tick chaotic but very friendly. Good range of smaller meals for those inclined to vegetarian. Just needs a bit more looking after cleanliness: outside on the terrace it's nice to see birds, but they can be a bit pesky when there are leftovers lying around that havn't been cleaned away.
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Thanks for your review. However, I'm not sure if you have the correct location as unfortunately we do not provide meals or have a terrace. Best wishes
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Kathy Keeley
英国莱顿巴扎德27 条分享
Lots of larch trees which are uncommon locally. Good variety of plants. Animal life is rather shy. Lovely shop and good access by public transport. Excellent natural fenced in play park and written activities for children who like them. No cafe so bring a picnic. Signs are confusing and out of character with the park, easy to get lost and lose track of time. Take a watch or stay confined to restricted areas if you have a time limit. Good car parking facilities. Visited as a child about fifty years ago and it hasn't changed.
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Onkar S
英国Biggleswade118 条分享
2019年11月 • 夫妻情侣
We are members of the RSPB and enjoy visiting this site as well other sanctuaries. The walk are better marked now and the paths are improving. All the staff and volunteers we’ve met are friendly and knowledge full. The shop is full of interesting items.

I’d like to see more hides with features to attract the birds.

RSPB Sandy is one of the best venues for gentle strolling in this area. So peaceful too.
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Thank you for your review and your feedback. We're very glad that you enjoy regularly visiting The Lodge and other reserves. There is currently habitat management work taking place on the reserve that we hope will improve the heathland for breeding birds in the summer. Best wishes Rebecca
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Tina H
40 条分享
We decided to go and have a look at RSPB's head office, The description of the place is completely different to our local reserves..
The first thing we saw was a kestrel hovering while we was getting the cameras out.
Following the path, autumn colour where amazing.. beautiful colours. Walking thought the first part of the woods, seeing the restoration of the rare environment in progress, fence posts being put in so the natural undergrowth controllers can be brought in (ponies). Walking up along the Greensand ridge the views through the trees are breath taking. The Iron Age Hill Fort takes a bit of imagination but you can see why it was there, Its a tangible link to the past that can be seen and touched.
From the fort, the path twists and turns along the ridge then down into a valley, then up then down, a stunning path,steps, slopes, more steps, some steep.. the knees cry out for mercy a couple of times but ooohh so worth it. so much to see, Fungus, the sand stone cliff, the trees,the animals and birds...
The garden when you get to the HQ building is lovely, There was a rhododendron in flower, all the way up here, in late Nov.. amazing.
The Tree of Life is a brilliant idea.. the powerful feelings there is wonderful.. I hope people respect it.
The Woodpecker trail was the last one we did,so much to look at with more stunning views, trees in full autumn dress..More climbing but worth it.

We will go back, at a different time of year.
On the minus side, No food available, apparently the supplier had gone, we had to go back to the town to find something for lunch.. It was not a problem.
Shop well stocked, staff helpful.
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Hi Tina Thank you for your review. We're really pleased you enjoyed your visit to the reserve and hope to see you again soon! This year has been a particularly good year for fungi. Best wishes Rebecca
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Steve H
4 条分享
I admire the work of the RSPB very much, but Sandy isn’t their best site. Very few interesting birds spotted on our trip: other than the usual Blackbirds, Crows, Magpies and Blue Tits we managed to see just two Green Woodpeckers. I thought we had just been unlucky, but, as we left, the blackboard of sightings told a similar sad tale. The walk was pleasant enough, with mostly well maintained paths but I see more diversity in my back garden than I witnessed here. A word of warning: the car park is £6 (which I don’t resent) but only takes coins. The machines should really be upgraded to at least accept cards but for now you’ll need to come prepared with a very large pile of cash.
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Hello, thank you for your review Sorry to hear you had a quiet visit bird-wise. Early September is traditionally a quiet time in woodlands anywhere as many of the breeding birds leave to go warmer climates and the winter birds haven't arrived yet. We hope that you're able to return at a different time of year, we expect to welcome back our breeding hobbies again next year which fledged in August. We have two ticket machines in the car park, one of which is cash only and the other takes cards and cash. Best wishes Rebecca
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gill m
英国剑桥20 条分享
Having meant to come to this place many times from nearby Cambridgeshire-i am so glad I did! It is like an oasis of incredibly varied scenery with hills, heather, stunning views and the crowning glory for me-the trees. Glorious pines, redwoods, silver birch etc and some fabulously large stately specimens particularly round the lodge itself.
We actually didn't see that many birds(I understand it is quite a quiet time after the fledgings have flown) although settling down in a hide certainly provided some sightings.
The staff were lovely, the cafe was absolutely adequate(we came for nature and the birds!) and I will definitely return, I am sure many times with sundry visitors or just by myself.
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Hello Tobagophile, Thank you for your lovely review and yes, please come again soon! After the quiet months of late summer, autumn can be a good time for birds, especially when the winter thrushes and finches start to arrive, and the reserve looks especially wonderful as the trees start to turn golden red! Mark B
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