Spirit Rock Conservation Area
Spirit Rock Conservation Area


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William A
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I hike and jog this area all the time, and know it very well. There is more to this area than people know. Great views at a few points, and a good medium difficulty terrain. The buildings are great for people that like early area masonry examples. There is also some of the oldest and original brick that was made in this area at the CAFRMO building that use to be a KILN for masonry products. There is also a site that may be first nations related, potentially Iroqois. My own discoveries in the area point to it being connected to the Mantle Complex of early Huron Peoples. There may be nearby site that may be known to the public but currently is just a personal theory based upon what I have experienced. IMO the great spirit and manitou are in this area. For safety considerations I can't share more but hopefully those that I have given more information will investigate this in more detail and in the future there may be more about the legend, that may actually be related to actual site history. There are also quite a few apples in late summer. Sadly this site isn't as well developed as the Coran makers would have likely wanted for a Ruin garden or managed orchard and rose garden. There are remnants of Apple orchards of colonial variety in the area. I have been taking in the site for the last few years, and all along the escarpment and bruce trail that connects in here. There is relatively free parking at the trail head. Parking in the park is managed park. Note there is poison IVY on this site but if you are mindful you can avoid it, just don't go in behind the back ruin building field near the trees after the field, and be careful on the trails. This year was not bad but it is true the year before last was quite bad and I even got quite a strong poison ivy inflammation that took days to clear up. They did actively manage it though and this year was not bad. The trail areas are actively kept up seasonally. I have been on the trails enough that I have seen maintenance of it. Sadly some bad actors vandalized the back of the Coran ruin that year also with the local WEG graffiti people that have been doing rather bad grafitti throughout the town. Hopefully it will be fixed someday as the defacement to the building was in very bad taste.
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加拿大布兰普敦99 条分享
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We didnt know about this place until we drove by it and saw the cars parked by the road and saw the tiny sign. Its an estate home from the 1800. It's cool to see. No ghosts though :)
Parking is questionable. Apparently you are suppose to pay for parking, IF you drive in, but the gate seemed to be always closed when we drove by. So we parked at the road. Limited parking there though. Maybe fits 6 cars.
You walk in a good 5 mins. There you will see where you have to park and pay but nobody pays. There is no one there to help.
You can also eat in the ruins. They have picnic tables, not many, 2 if I recall.
When you walk down the path to the left you will catch the spiral staircase leading to Colpoy's Bay, There were a few people swimming there, no beach.
At the bottom there is another path to the left, which we didnt venture to.
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Indah Edlightz
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One of the nicest trails and views around. The trail is not very difficult but the views are amazing. the water is warm and not deep so you can walk along the shore. The shore is all rock so its an easy walk in the water. some areas for fishing as well. Great spot for photos and sunsets.
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加拿大尼亚加拉大瀑布178 条分享
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We hiked from the Wiarton Willy statue to Spirit Rock Conservation. Most of the trail is along the waterfront. You should have on good shoes for hiking and bring water. There are rocks along the way. After a few kilometers your will ascent up the trail midway up the escarpment. There you will find the famous spiral staircase taking you into the conservation lands. I found the trail going up to the staircase a bit strenuous and the stairs less so.
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Larry P
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relatively easy hike but need good hiking shoes, there are some tricky spots, some nice viewing points throughout the trail
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加拿大基奇纳150 条分享
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2019年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Lovely little pit stop on our drive through the area.

Paid parking via phone call or app.
Not sure if it's worth the $6 for just a quick stop, which if you have kids it likely would be.

Ruins are typical. The story behind them is interesting if you are a history buff but most kids will be bored to tears.
Spiral stair case is cool but SCARY !
The hike down to water requires good sturdy shoes or risk being hurt with fall or twisted ankles. Don't risk it without proper footwear.

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Kristen F
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The staircase was a real treat! Watch for poison ivy. After the hike go to Solways Market for pie and bread!
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Randy N
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2019年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Really unique park with the ruins of an 1880's mansion. Taking the trail to the spiral staircase was amazing, with trees growing out of the rocks. The lake was so high, there was no shore, just water right to the woods edge.
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Susanna D
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2019年7月 • 好友
I went up to Wiarton with friends and we wanted to go out for a nice walk/hike. The charge to park was $6 which isn't bad. Despite the crazy amount of mosquitos the problem was with the posion ivy. The park had a sign warning about the posion ivy. Unfortunately the posion ivy is everywhere...including on and around the staircase preventing us from going down. So with nowhere else to go we left...so we spent less then 10minutes there. I assumed the parking fee was to upkeep the area but I guess not?
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加拿大安大略省26 条分享
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2019年7月 • 家庭
We were very disappointed with our outing here. Read an article from Narcity, that this place was something not to be missed. Ruins are okay, spiral staircase was cool, however the railings around this area need to be replaced badly. There was actually a section that was held together with electrical tape.The area leading up or down from the staircase (whichever way taken) is hazardous. Would not recommend this for families with young children or older people.The area is also crawling with poison ivy. If you do go make sure to bring DEET, mosquitoes were awful. Wish we would have skipped this place.
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