Ice Cap Tours- Day Tours
Ice Cap Tours- Day Tours


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I have tried to book tours with them but they seem to have little desire to sell anything. I have been numerous times and I never see anyone there. The prices are high. The office is sometimes closed. I'd stay away and just go with Ilulissat Tourist Nature (local), Ilulissat Water Safaris (local), and World of Greenland (big gun). Make sure you check the prices online and over the phone and see if there is a cash discount.

The shop has nice stuff for a high price when it's open that is. The buildings look really upscale for Ilulissat but it is unfortunate how flakey the operations are.
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Lorsque vous réservez avec Ice Cap Tours, vous êtes prévenu que le bateau ne partira que si vous êtes au moins 8 personnes, le maximum étant 12 personnes. Par ailleurs lorsqu’il fait beau au Groenland il faut savoir en tirer parti rapidement car le lendemain matin vous pouvez vous réveiller avec une brume tellement épaisse que vous devrez rester à terre faute de visibilité. Aussi nous vous recommandons de vous rendre dans les bureaux d’Ice Cap Tours la veille de votre départ en balade avec eux, car si la condition des 8 personnes n’est pas remplie vous ne serez pas averti et vous devrez faire vite pour trouver un autre prestataire, surtout si vous devez partir à Eqi. Heureusement nous sommes passés la veille et avons été remboursés intégralement et sans aucun problème.
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2019年6月 • 好友
There are 3 types of trips to Eqi Glacier: (1) very small, open boat, 4 hour trip, (2) slightly larger boat with an inside cabin, 6 hour trip, (3) very large boat, 50 people, 8-10 hour trip. Wanting to avoid options 1 and 3, We booked an Ice Cap tour to Eqi Glacier specifically because they have a small boat with a heated cabin and offer a 6 hour trip, which fit nicely into our schedule. We booked over the phone, confirmed all of these details, and went into the office to pay in advance. We showed up at the office the morning of the tour, were handed tickets, and told to go wait outside World of Greenland across the street. Noticing more people milling around than we expected, we took a closer look at our tickets and it turns out that Ice Cap sold us World of Greenland tickets for the big boat on the 8-10 hour cruise, exactly what we wanted to avoid. Not only that, they charged us 200 DKK more per ticket than we would have paid booking through World of Greenland for the exact same tour. We ran back inside and they seemed confused at our confusion, but refunded the difference.

I would say to be careful when you book through Ice Cap, but we were careful and and confirmed everything, yet still ended up on the tour we didn't want to be on without any notification from Ice Cap. Had I not already checked prices with WoG, they would've gotten away with the extra charge as well. So ... just don't book.
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Andy n
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2019年6月 • 夫妻情侣
The tour started at 0900, picked up at the Ice Cap office and taken to the harbour (I'd suggest to the company that they offer hotel pick-ups, the other operators do it). That's the one small issue I have, otherwise the tour was fantastic. The boat was the most comfortable I've ever been on for a day tour - the seats were like large aircraft seats, extremely comfortable, and the cabin was heated. There were 13 seats for customers, so not a large boat (50+) like some other operators. The captain (actually the owner of the company) was brilliant, steering past massive icebergs and taking us past a small settlement - Oqaatsut. We stayed by the glacier for about an hour eating the large sandwich provided by the tour - if you do get hungry I'd advise taking some extra food). The guide (Marie) was very pleasant, happy to answer questions. On the way back the captain spotted some whales so tried to get a closer look, and also took the time to steer us around a particularly spectacular iceberg so we could take pictures. The trip lasted around 6 hours and was the best experience of our time in Ilulissat. The cost was similar to the other operators.
I'd highly recommend this Ice Cap tour.
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2018年8月 • 好友
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Phil L
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2018年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Obwohl unser Kreuzfahrtschiff sehr kurzfristig vor Ilimanaq statt Ilulisat lag, haben sie uns dort am Pier abgeholt (gegen Aufpresi von 700 Kronen).
Schon alleine die Fahrt durch das 15 km lange Eisfeld war eine Sensation.
Am Eqi-Gletscher selbst waren wir deutlich kürzer als erhofft (leider nur gut 45 min.), das lag aber am Wetter, welches sich schnell verschlechterte. Sie haben uns vor dem Wetterumschlag wieder an der Pier in Lilimanaq abgesetzt.
Andere Touren wurden abgesagt. Wir waren froh mit icecap Tours gebucht zu haben.
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Geoff W
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2018年9月 • 独自旅游
Wonderful trip the captain and guide were both very pleasant and informative and the trip itself a highlight, not to be missed.We even went into the icefjord on the way back which was an unexpected bonus. Cant fault this tour or company, a must to do in ilulissat.
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Pam B
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2018年9月 • 夫妻情侣
We booked for an Ice Cap Tour for our cruise stop in Qagortaq, Greenland. We were asked to prepa, which we all did. The day of the tour, it was cancelled for rough Seas. That was no problem-Safety first but they did not refund all our money. Blue Ice retained $75 DAK as a cancellation fee. I have cruised a lot and have had prepaid tours cancelled before> I have never been charged a fee for The TOUR Cancelling. If I cancelled-I would have expected a fee. If they do not wish to absorb credit card fees when they cancel-the don't ask for advance payments. I will never do business with this disreputable company again. Please also note-they did not come to the port to tell us they were cancelled. We had to "track them down" and call to even find out they were cancelling. THE Other Companies offering similar tours came to the port at the "meeting time" to inform clients "in person" of the rough seas and the need to cancel. They also assured their booked clients that ALL Charges would be fully refunded. So avoid the dis-honest people running this company.
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Christine L
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Nous avons réservé 2 excursions chez eux. Le glacier Eqi et la balade parmi les icebergs au soleil de minuit. Excursion de qualité en petits groupes. Les prix sont ceux du marché.
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2017年7月 • 夫妻情侣
For flere måneder siden bookede vi, 4 personer, en tur til Ice cap.
Dagen før annullerede de turen grundet manglende tilmeldinger, min 7 personer.
Alt andet var udsolgt.
Der kunne skrives en lang historie, men det korte og lange er, at firmaet ikke er troværdig, de var sure, skændtes internt, så hold jer langt væk fra dem.
Iøvrigt fik vi en anden kanontur fra et andet velorganiseret firma, og så var det iøvrigt også kr. 500 billigere per person!
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