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英国格拉斯哥199 条分享
2022年8月 • 独自旅游
Had a great time in South Greenland, staying 6 nights at 3 separate locations. Hotels were all reasonable or very good. Travel arrangements (by small boat) all worked out fine although some of the arrangements got changed at short notice.
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Steven B
伊利诺伊州芝加哥1 条分享
2022年8月 • 好友
They were instrumental in hauling us around during our research in August 2022. They picked us up promptly at the airport. They would arrive usually on time and never left us or forgot about us. It is well run. And visiting the glacier was the best experience I've ever had.
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加利福尼亚圣地亚哥114 条分享
We were a group of 6 (three couples) passing through Greenland. We did Qooroq Ice Fjord tour (fabulous!) and then the next day we did the Qassiarsuk (Brattahlid) tour .. all by boat. I would recommend both.
In between we stayed at the Igaliku Byfdehotel which was also great.
I would highly recommend this tour group! We did just two short tours with them, but on their website they offer many other multi-day trips
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Jens K
丹麦Holbaek7 条分享
2022年7月 • 好友
Vi havde i samarbejde med Blue Ice Explorer sammensat et rejse rundt i Syd Grønland. Blue Ice havde sørget for alle båd transporterne og alle overnatningerne. Det var en rigtig god oplevelse, bådturene blev sejlet til tiden og alle de besætningsmedlemmer/ bådfører vi mødte var venlige gode guider. Vores bookninger til overnatning var alle bekræftet de steder vi skulle bo, men der var dog lidt rod et par steder, men det var tydeligt at det var rod i hotellernes egne booking systemer, det blev hurtigt løst.
Vi kan varmt anbefale at bruge Blue Ice, de har styr på forholdene og sikre en god ferie.
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Carlo C
1 条分享
2022年6月 • 独自旅游
I spent 5 days in Southern Greenland visiting all major Vilking sites.

An incredible experience, and Blue Ice organized everything perfecly.

Strongly strongly recommended!
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mary Exeter
英国得文郡21 条分享
We arrived on the Marco Polo ship and went on a Blue Ice speed boat. Four of us. Asked if we wanted to sit in or out, we naturally sat out. Sat on a bench in front of the cabin - not really big enough for 4 and nothing to hold onto. Feet kept sliding. Boat went at speedboat speed so was really scary as felt any bump would knock us over the low rail. Could not move to attract driver's attention to slow down. I sat inside on way back. Not able to take photos when at speed. Driver could not be a guide as spoke little english. Pretty fjord but scary trip. Don't go on this small boat as not safe. No lifejackets.
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弗吉尼亚斯普林菲尔德371 条分享
We took this tour during a day stop in Qaqortoq--and we booked way in advance. We got a group of 12 so we could book one whole boat and be guaranteed that the trip would go. At the time of the trip, we walked over to the side of the pier and they were all ready with a sign with our name on it. They were running 2 or 3 trips at the same time. I was so glad when I saw our boat, which was like a little school bus with 12 seats in rows inside the cabin and wheelhouse of the boat. Even in summer, the idea of 100 minutes riding outside to the glacier would have been terrible. However, because i was dressed for the glacier, i was super warm on the boat and had to shed many layers. I was also glad I brought water and a snack. Not much happened on the way out there, we saw some icebergs, but we kept moving. At the ice cap, it is not like a tour that is made for people. We scrambled off the front of the boat and down onto the rocks. We walked around to see the amazing colors of the ice and the cave underneath where it is riding over the top of the rocks. Some in our group scrambled up higher onto the rocks along the glacier. While we were there, 2 other boats pulled up and then a zodiac. It made for a little crowding, but everyone helped each other up and down rocks, etc. This is not for those with mobility challenges--there are no flat spots and there is some scrambling and climbing required. On the way back, we made extensive loops through the icebergs, to a waterfall, to a cave in the cliffs, and looked at many interesting things. We also stopped to meet a fisherman who was using just a handheld length of rope with hooks on it and he just kept dipping it in the water--like he was cleaning the rope--and yet the fish just kept coming up! It was as if they wanted to be caught. These cod were amazing. The seagulls were everywhere hoping he would drop one. Just a local guy but what a great lesson in local culture for us. We returned to the dock dry, happy, and on time. Great trip. As others have noted, it was spare in terms of narration or amenities, but I was warm, safe, and had a great experience.
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德克萨斯州休斯顿134 条分享
took a day tour on a cruise with Blue Ice to visit the ice cap. Great visit and scenery. Don't expect a lot of commentary from the boat crew, but they did a great job getting us there and back.
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Johnny A
挪威卑尔根8 条分享
This was my second visit to the Narsarsuaq area. I used the services of Blue Ice Explorer during my first stay. Everything is taken care of. Transportation from their HQ (150 m from the airport) to the harbour is included in the boat transport. This is a one stop shop where you can get food, snacks, maps, cold beer and fuel for your primus stove. I had to change my travel plans during my stay - no problem. I got an e-mail with options to choose among within an hour. A great thank-you to the staff at Gardar bygdehotell for your hospitality. And not to forget - the spice cake is awesome. I am very impressed by the can do-attitude of Jacky and his team, and will use their services again the next time I visit the area.
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32727112 条分享
2018年9月 • 好友
We took the 4 hour boat tour to visit the Greenland Ice Cap. We got off the boat and hiked up a few rocks, pretty easy even for 80-year olds. The blue ice bergs on the way to and from the ice cap were spectacular! Everything about this tour was over the top wonderful. We had a beautiful sunny day which made the best even better! I only want to add, that from what we could tell, there were just 2 boats holding 6 persons each. SO when you sign up for your cruise as soon as you find this excursion, sign up for it that minute. With only 6 or 12 slots, they go very fast and you do not want to miss this one. It is really a life highlight and we have visited over 100 countries and have seen many places. This is really a great adventure. Please DON'T miss this one.
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