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Mass Escape(新贝德福德)

下午2:00 - 下午10:30
下午2:00 - 下午10:30
上午10:00 - 下午11:00
上午11:00 - 下午9:00
1-2 小时

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Great experience!
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侣
We had an AMAZING TIME! This was my husband’s first ever Escape Room and I’ve had several. I surprised him with a date here and he loved it. The puzzles kept us talking and laughing and arguing a little. But I will definitely be back!
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Karen V
墨西哥卡波圣卢卡斯3 条分享
This is such a fun night!
2021年8月 • 家庭
I could see this being a great date night! We went with our pre teens today. They had a blast!!! I will be back again. Fun for all ages!
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马萨诸塞福尔里弗1 条分享
Great adventure!
2021年7月 • 家庭
This was our first escape room, and we absolutely loved it!!!! Very detailed and well put together. Definitely will be going back!!! Even our 10 year old boys had a blast!! 10/10 would recommend!
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马萨诸塞新贝德福德9 条分享
Ice Station
2021年5月 • 好友
We had a great time completing the escape room! The puzzles made us think more than we have in a while and I’m sure we were entertaining to watch! We went with a group of 6 and it was challenging and engaging for all of us! Highly recommend if you’re looking for something local and affordable to do with a group! The staff were wonderful!
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janet p
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Must try!
2021年4月 • 家庭
They have figured out what an escape room should be. We had an amazing time, it was so much fun. The staff were awesome!
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Caroline H
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One of the best escape rooms I've done!
We went as a group of co-workers to have some fun. Their rooms are so well thought out and the props really get you into the much fun and the perfect activity to do with a group!
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new york, ny46 条分享
One of the best Escape Games ever played!
Third game with fabulous, talented, friendly and overall awesome Mass Escape Team. Thank you for delivering on the promise and bringing "The Eckstein Experiment" for Halloween - what a great game.

I've written a separate review on the Ice Station Zero, which set the bar very high from the get-go - game smartly put together, logical, well designed, not to mention interactive with fantastic clue masters.

44 Winterwood Lane was another pleasant surprise - as (well) put by the Mass Escape team - "scooby -doo spooky" theme. Perfect for Halloween and otherwise, with unique twists and turns - probably the "easiest" of the 3 but by no means easy.

Eckstein Experiment - newly re-opened and the hardest game so far. Incredibly interactive and immersive. I won't give away the details so not to spoil the game but promise that whoever plays will see the hour fly by - keep an eye on that clock! Cluemaster, once again was a part of the game and did a great job to stay the least.

Few more notes that makes Mass Escape stand out:
- accommodating above and beyond - we showed up early without expecting to be let to play before our time but the team was kind enough to adjust
- unlike majority of companies - even though we were only 2 (room meant for 10) - the team adjusted the game so we could play. THANK YOU for that.

Overall - clearly a winner and highly recommended - please do go ahead and book a game - you will not be disappointed!

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Michele D
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What a Fun Spooky Night at Winter Wood Lane
2020年10月 • 家庭
Our family did Winter Wood Lane Saturday night and we had an amazing time. The staff was very friendly. It was great to do something different and work together as a team. We can’t wait for a new room to open. We will definitely be back!
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Scott Mackay
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Outstanding Escape Room
My teens and I did the 44 Winterwood Lane room yesterday, and it was outstanding. Of the half-dozen escape rooms we've done together, it was by far the best. Very immersive, very clever, and just the right amount of spooky. Can't recommend it highly enough. Very much looking forward to going back to Mass Escape to try the other rooms.
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Thank you, thank you! It means the world to us when our teams enjoy our rooms. Thanks so much for coming and we look forward to seeing you again!
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佛罗里达威尼斯231 条分享
Incredibly produced!!!
We chose the most complicated one......that was a mistake for us! It was incredibly complicated, way out of our wheelhouse. That was OUR mistake though, not the producers of this venue. What they have done is absolutely amazing. Top-notch professional both in the development and planning of this as well as in guiding us through it while trying to puzzle it out.
The only negative, for us anyway, is that we would have preferred 4 or 5 of us (6 max) to try to solve it. There were 4 people that joined us, that we did not know and they were very aggressive, over-riding us so that often some of us couldn't get involved. Because this puzzle was so complicated, each person really needs to THINK at each step, being left out is NOT an option if you want to solve it.
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Thanks so much for coming! Big groups can certainly be tricky! Often times you have the ability to do everything but sometimes it's harder to keep track of everything! Thanks again for your review and coming to Mass Escape!
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