Mill Creek Canyon

Mill Creek Canyon(盐湖城)

Mill Creek Canyon
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阿联酋迪拜92 条分享
Great place to cycle
I rode up and down the canyon on a hire bike. It’s a steady climb with some steeper parts towards the start, but doable for a lot of regular cyclists. Weather was pretty mixed so views not great. Wrap up coming down the hill.
It’s a pretty canyon and relatively easy to get to from slc. The roads are generally wide with a lot of marked cycle ways. Best of all the local drivers are great. Very careful and patient. A great place to cycle
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Maria G
1 条分享
Awesome place if you know where to go to avoid the hordes
While this canyon gets too much traffic and I recommend avoiding it on weekends, there are wonderful trails here that don't get visited very often. On my favorite trail I rarely encounter anyone beyond the first 1/2 mile. I'm an experienced, avid hiker and love the steep trails, so in part that is probably why I am able to avoid the crowds. :) I also love creating my own loop hikes combining multiple trails, and you can easily hop between Millcreek, Neff's, and Big Cottonwood Canyons.
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路易斯安那州新奥尔良1,146 条分享
Half Uphill / Gorgeous Views!
Pipeline Trail - There is a parking lot at the bottom of the trail with some bathrooms. We hiked the 3 mile trail (you can hike longer if you go the other way) and it was half uphill. Bring lots of water, sunscreen, and a hat. It’s not necessarily a hard hike but uphill was not fun, lol. We just took a bunch of breaks in between. Once you get to flat land the views are absolutely gorgeous! You keep hiking until you reach the very end and then turn around. We saw a snake on our way back down, but it moved so fast we couldn’t tell what kind it was. Overall it was an awesome hike with amazing views! Would recommend to any hike/outdoors lovers!
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亚利桑那凤凰城242 条分享
Great place for a short hike, mainly locals, not too many tourists.
Great place for a short hike, mainly locals, not too many tourists. You can walk along the road for as far as you want to go. Close to thru traffic in winter, creek and snow along the walk was nice.
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犹他州盐湖城2 条分享
Scenery is matchless--but could do without dogs EVERY day
Love love love this canyon but hate hate hate that every day is dog day. I do like dogs but dislike the poo bags everywhere and dog walkers who bring 2, 3, 4 , even 5 dogs to walk the trails--ugh. Why can't there be dogs just every other day instead of every day??? Trails, picnic areas, restrooms are great and well-kept with water available. $5 fee is reasonable for such a beautiful canyon
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犹他州桑迪705 条分享
Crowds, Dogs and Dog Poo
This canyon is an unparalleled beauty. However it has been loved to death. On weekends the canyon is choked with cars and bicycles, and is miserable. We decided to try a hike anyway. The woods were gorgeous, but every 30 yards or so were little bags of poo. This beautiful nature trail was nothing more than a waste area for people to relieve their dogs. As we walked the narrow trail, dogs were supposed to be on leash. However, after passing dozens of dogs, only one was on leash. In addition the trail (Desolation Trail) was highly eroded in places because people had left the trail for "shortcuts" which caused severe erosion above, THROUGH, and beyond the trail. Just a sad experience at how so many care so little about others and cause so much damage to something so beautiful. If you come, know what you are paying to experience.
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犹他州盐湖城12 条分享
You Pay 3.00 To Get In
But some gorgeous trails are up there. Some of the trails are closed for part of the year But you can still walk up if you want to. My favorite in Granduer Peak.
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Utah39 条分享
Beautiful Canyon but limited trails for the numbers of visitors
On Jan 1, 2020 the fee upon exiting the canyon increased from $3 to $5. I hope they actually build some new trails and make other improvements with the increased fee. That may be too hopeful. They have been collecting $3 for a long time w/o many improvements in recent years. There is often not enough parking around the trailheads on weekends. The existing trails are good, but there needs to be more of them and it would be nice if they interconnected. Anyway, go there but expect crowds on weekends. I was surprised to see cars overflowing the parking lots this 2019/2020 winter. The road is closed for winter about 1/2 way up the canyon and then opens on July 1st each year. The road above the gate is sporadically groomed for skiers and fat bikers, but there are so many people that hike up in boots it post holes the groomed road so badly it almost doesn't seem like it gets groomed at all. I hope with the fee increase they can increase the grooming frequency, but the increased fee has been in effect for 2 months and nothing has changed.
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犹他州盐湖城316 条分享
Multiple hikes and options
There are so many different options of hiking and biking in this canyon, and you can even take your dog. SOme days are off leash too, just go early if you want to get a parking spot close to the trail head!
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犹他州桑迪705 条分享
Good Trails with Plenty of Company
There are some amazing trails here, but be prepared to share. Parking is almost always a problem and there is a $5 charge to LEAVE. You pay on the way out. We drove in once just to look, never stopped the car and left ten minutes later and paid $5 for the privilege. There was no place to park, so we left - and paid $5.
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