Tiger Preservation Center

Tiger Preservation Center(凯夫章克申)

Tiger Preservation Center
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俄勒冈凯夫章克申17 条分享
Interesting if you can catch it open
This is a true rescue center for a wide variety of animals. It's not as razzle-dazzle as its neighboring big cat park, but that's because they're trying to rehabilitate injured or sick wild-type animals. They have wolves, tigers, ligers and a few other varieties. The tour guide is just one of the workers taking time to show you around. They don't have nicely appointed visitor walking areas, but this is a working facility It's worth the $10 to go see.
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derek d
加利福尼亚利佛摩128 条分享
Because its there
2017年7月 • 家庭
Its ok, they have some unique cats and the kids like it, but they could do better and the attractions are long in the tooth.
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Leslie M
1 条分享
To have a tour of the tigers
2017年3月 • 独自旅游
The animals were well cared for and the place is clean the people who care for them work hard 7 days a week to make sure all is well cared n loved for I Relley Enjoyed it I'm going back soon
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April D
加利福尼亚帕索罗布尔斯306 条分享
Not Available
2016年10月 • 独自旅游
I have tried twice now to see these endangered animals but their care taker could not be bothered to show me her animals and both times citing some lame excuse not to show me the big cats . It is supposed to be a non profit operation but a have been told she drives a 2016 vehicle , what's up with that ? They did have a Snow Leopard several years ago , the main attraction and reason I went out of my way to get there before the horrible rain that was on my heels but they were once again NOT AVAILABLE
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俄勒冈凯夫章克申1 条分享
Wonderful sanctuary!
2016年5月 • 独自旅游
Found this great place on my move to Oregon. Only $8 to get into the park, the couple are fantastic! You can really tell how dedicated they are to there animals and making sure they are as happy and healthy as possible. After this visit, I started working with them, and learned so much! I love that they are NOT a breeding facility! I love how much care and love goes into the animals lives. You must visit this place!
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加利福尼亚克雷森特城38 条分享
Love Love Love
I love this place!! It's not too expensive to just do the general access but you can pay a bit more and do a behind the scenes walk thru...very worth it!! We got to pet and play with kittens. Nice simple gift shop.
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Abijah B
1 条分享
Wonderful sanctuary, true dedication!
2014年8月 • 好友
On a trip to Seattle with my friends we stumbled across a small yellow sign that said tigers. All of us in the car loving animals drove up to a lock gate and after a short while a woman came to the gate and offered us a tour. The price was only $8 to get in. The sanctuary was larger than expected. The animals are very well treated, calm and did not seem anxious or annoyed. The two people at the sanctuary showed extreme dedication and love for these animals. The woman told a short story about each animal that had come to the sanctuary, some of the stories bring us to tears, and demonstrated how kind the animals were by going in a cage of one of the Tigers. Some of the grass is tall and you do have to walk through some rocks. But the experience is well worth it. It is something I will most definitely go back to.
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Dennis R
亚利桑那图森4 条分享
Awesome tiger experience in Oregon!
2014年11月 • 夫妻情侣
I really enjoyed my visit to the Tiger Preservation Center. There were many tigers and other animals as well. I did not expect so many different types of animals. I could get so close to the tigers with my camera and I was able to get some really good pictures. A really great day and I would stop by again!
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Regina P
加利福尼亚洛杉矶1 条分享
What amazing dedication
2015年5月 • 独自旅游
I have never experienced a couple so dedicated to the well being of their animals. They have done this for 35 years.
Thank you from my heart for being so kind to all these wild animals. Regina
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California252 条分享
Dedicated animal lovers.
2015年5月 • 夫妻情侣
This is a small rescue organization run by a dedicated husband and wife team. There is a large yellow and black sign at the entrance. You follow a fairly rough dirt road to a locked gate. There is parking for a few cars. We arrived at the same time as another couple and they must have already honked their horn because the owner was in the process of opening the gate when we arrived. The owner introduced us to the "guard dog", a female Doberman Pincher, she then wandered off to take a nap.

The entrance fee is $8.00 each. We gave $20 since it was for a good cause. The owner walked us around the property giving the back story on the various cats, wolves, horses, camel, etc. on the property. The animals do not do tricks or receive food reward but most of the big cats came up to the owner as he approached the cage to greet him.

The landscape is not paved and requires walking through grass and the horse paddock to view some of the cats. The horses and camel were calm and approachable. I would recommend for adults and well-behaved children.

Please do not go expecting a polished setup, you will not find it here. If you appreciate that this couple is dedicating their lives to help animals that no one else would care for this is a place you would like to visit.
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