Springfield Armory National Historic Site

Springfield Armory National Historic Site(斯普林菲尔德)

Springfield Armory National Historic Site

Springfield Armory National Historic Site
军事博物馆 • 历史景点
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Small, but interesting. It's worth stopping if you are in the area. One of the rangers, Ranger Steele, went out of his way to answer our questions and made the visit fun for our children. We learned a lot and are glad we took the time to go.
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Brendan S
弗吉尼亚阿灵顿1,306 条分享
The Springfield Armory is where guns for the military were made for 150 years beginning shortly after America was founded. There's little left of the actual Armory other than the very large factory building and a handful of outbuildings that can only be viewed, not entered. The Armory building itself houses a museum on the history of gun production, focusing on the Springfield rifles. It has an impressive collection of Springfield and other pistols and rifles, the "Springfield Organ" group of rifles resembling an organ, and some of the machinery that was developed to mass-produce rifles.

There are some very good short films that explain the manufacturing process and the technological improvements in rifles over time. The whole museum and and Armory site can be visited in a few hours.
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Steve S
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2022年6月 • 家庭
We really enjoyed our visit to the armory. Surprised at the history associated with how America manufactured its firearms for ~170 years and technological advancements of the Armory. The Park staff were friendly and informative.
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2022年6月 • 夫妻情侣
We stopped by The National Armory as a road trip break, and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised! Watch the movie (across from the gift area) prior to checking out the exhibits and it will be more meaningful. I had walked through the exhibits first and quite honestly, I kind of rushed through the machinery section as I had no clue what any of the machinery was. But after watching the short movie, I went through again, and am glad I did.
The staff couldn’t have been nicer and are very well informed. The exhibits are spaced well apart, so no feeling of being crowded. Very interesting for any history buffs!
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康涅狄格温莎359 条分享
My husband and I visited the Springfield Armory National Historic Site multiple times, most recently on Friday morning, January 27th, 2022. This museum just reopened about three months ago after being closed for renovations that began prior to the start of the pandemic. We were very glad that we had the opportunity to visit this museum because of the significant role it played in our nation’s history, being the nation’s first armory. This museum is also a real value with free admission and free parking convenient to the museum. We thought the museum was better organized and laid-out than from our last visit in September of 2017.

The following includes sections on ‘Some Information on Directions to the Museum’; the ‘Exhibits that We Liked’ and the ‘Important Contributions of the Armory’.

Some Information on Directions to the Museum:

The way to get to the museum is different from how it used to be, with our last visit being, September 2017. It is definitely easier to get to than previously. This time we turned at the second gate on our left after turning left from State Street. Once you go through the gate, head straight until the road ends. I believe this is different from the directions on the museum’s website. Turn left onto the road that you come to. The museum will be on the right a short way down the road with parking on the left, with some parking spaces designated specifically for the museum. The way out is a bit confusing, not being well marked. We think the best way out is to head away from State Street, go past the road that you initially came down, then turn right and go down the road that goes parallel to the road you entered on, which is a one-way street.

Exhibits That We Liked:

This time we really enjoyed the exhibit ‘Art in the Everyday: A Photographer’s Perspective at Springfield Armory’. This exhibit very nicely illustrated how for nearly a century, the photographers employed at Springfield Armory captured the daily life of the factory and community on film with thousands of snapshots with an interesting and unique montage of individual portraits. This exhibit has a lot of historical significance and is really nice to see.

We also enjoyed the display on the ‘Early Armory, 1782 – 1824’, which nicely depicted the origin of the armory, which was used as a magazine for the storage of powder during the Revolutionary War and selected as the site for the nation’s northern armory in 1794, being approved by George Washington. The armory played a major role in motivating the states to adopt our Federal Constitution, moving away from a weaker Continental Congress. The armory had a significant impact on our nation’s history, which extended throughout major wars, such as the Civil War and World War I and World War II, with exhibits illustrating the role it played in these wars,

Important Contributions of the Armory:

This museum has a very impressive collection of many different types of firearms used for America’s military purposes, being the largest collection of military small arms in the nation. It shows the evolution of firearm development from 1794 - 1968 and the role the armory played in this evolution, including numerous important technological innovations and inventions throughout its history through its high-tech manufacturing, which led to the development of the country’s first precision technology corridor. One of its innovations, the use of interchangeable parts in the mass production of firearms, became known worldwide as the Armory-System of Manufacturing. This is well illustrated throughout the museum with good supporting documentation for the items on display, which exhibit the armory’s influence on the Industrial Revolution.

In addition to the firearms, a variety of historic and important industrial machinery is also on display. Nicely integrated within the exhibits is the role women played in the production of the firearms that the armory produced. Both the firearms and this machinery on display provide great examples of the Springfield Armory’s significant contribution to the city of Springfield, the region, the country and the world. The layout of the armory, during its years of operation, is also nicely depicted through models and pictures, including aerial views, in the museum.

The Organ of Muskets and the poem displayed in front of it written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in 1843 entitled “The Arsenal at Springfield”, is definitely an interesting and unique exhibit, which is always worth seeing and reflecting upon. The exhibit and the poem are meant to depict the rows of finished guns stored vertically in open racks, like a huge organ, which Longfellow saw during his visit to the armory in 1843.

The armory depicts an important part of Springfield’s history, including during wartime, which is well illustrated through what is on display in this museum. This museum is worth visiting for a history of Springfield and the role it played in firearm and other industrial machinery development. It is also great that many of the buildings that the armory once occupied have been repurposed to become part of Springfield Technical Community College.

This museum also has an overview film to provide background information on the armory, a nice gift shop, as well as staff members who are very friendly, polite, and there to answer your questions. I believe that you could also purchase an 'America the Beautiful' Senior Pass at this location. Our visit this time took about an hour but we could have easily spent over two hours there to really see and absorb all the museum has to offer. We recommend a visit to this museum if you have the opportunity.
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Daniel O
马萨诸塞373 条分享
I am certainly glad we went. We are patriotic and love history. I have to say that i thought there would have been more items on display. The time there is very short but informative. The guides are nice and knowledgeable. There is ample parking.
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佛罗里达Oak Hill276 条分享
Given our visit to the area, we wanted to experience the Springfield Armory and glad we did.

The Armory complex now houses the sprawling complex of the Springfield Technical Community College but during its heydays it employed upwards of 18,000 workers and given the size of the complex it is impressive to behold.

Equally impressive is how this complex helped American fight the battle of freedom from the days of George Washington, up to and through all wars closing in 1968.

Springfield Armory was singularly responsible for the most part in equipping our soldiers with weaponry throughout the various wars that enabled American to be both triumphant and successful in beating all would be oppressors of wars both domestic and international.

It is sad that the legacy of the Armory was closed when it was and since then, many of Massachusetts gun legacy companies have left the state to pursue operations out of state due to oppressive liberal ideologies to ban guns in direct violation of the 2nd Amendment of our Country. Such is the legacy, idealogues are happy to forget.
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Dave Robison
马萨诸塞Chicopee9 条分享
Incredible collection and history of the Armory which was an integral part of the War for Independence
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马萨诸塞科德角98 条分享
2020年1月 • 独自旅游
An important American location that has become a pleasant place to spend a couple of hours. Nice displays of both firearms produced here and from all over. Short film that explains the history of the Armory. Everything was easily accessible one one big floor of former factory building. And it’s free.
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Valerie KJ
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2019年11月 • 独自旅游
The Armory is a national historic treasure in the city of Springfield MA. It’s a nice relaxing museum to enjoy if you are interested in history! Great time!
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