Maah Daah Hey Trail

Maah Daah Hey Trail(Medora)

Maah Daah Hey Trail
自行车路径 • 骑马路径 • 徒步路径

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Hiking the Maah Daah Hey
2019年6月 • 夫妻情侣
I have hiked the north 97 miles section twice and we just finished the southern 47 miles this summer, so I have hiked the trail end to end. Overall it is a great trail, remote, rugged, and scenic. The hiking is not necessarily that tough, but what makes this trail challenging is the remoteness, the tough logistics, lack of good water sources, and the unpredictable northern plains weather. If you are up for a challenge I encourage you to give the MHT a try. Just don’t go if it is rainy because the clay soil turns into indescribably sticky and greasy mud. The other factor you have watch out for is the extreme heat in mid summer. It can reach over 100 degrees at times. Overall it is well worth the challenges. I think they best time to hike is on May and June or late August-September after it starts getting cooler. In May-June the badlands are lush and green, but it is more rainy And there are tons of wood ticks. Later in the season it is drier, but the badlands are not as scenic, because everything is brown. Either time is good though. Of course you don’t have to thru hike the whole thing, there are a lot of good options for day hikes or shorter trips also. Refer to the MDHTA website for a lot of good information on the trail.
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Harry E
Bismarck, ND, United States104 条分享
Maah Daah Hey (CCC Camp ground and trail head)
2017年8月 • 家庭
Just south of Watford City and south of the Long X Bridge. Great pictures and one tough climb for those riding a mountain bike. 3 miles from the camp ground to the summit but it will feel like more. Awesome views of the Little Missouri and breath taking at the summit. Great for those experienced riders and those who want a challenge. Single trail going up steep portion is narrow with significant drop offs. Use caution.
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Peggy Ann S
36 条分享
Beautiful vistas!
2017年7月 • 好友
We rode the southern part of this trail in 100 degree heat, and it was stunning. Parts of the trail are very challenging; you need a safe horse! Scary heights, but great for horseback riding!
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密歇根底特律26 条分享
We Tried
2017年6月 • 独自旅游
My dog and I tried to spend some time on the trail starting in Medora. The Park Ranger we talked to sent us in a direction where there was no trail. It was a hot day, but we persevered and tried to follow some trail markers. We couldn't find enough markers to keep us safe. In an effort to find the next trail marker, we walked a well worn path, and POOF we encountered a huge brown mother cow with her small white calf. No fencing, no barrier, and absolutely no trail marker in sight. It was then that we decided to turn around and say, "We tried." After an hour of hiking, we were barely a mile away from our car, but we were hot, dusty, disappointed, and a bit irritated.
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Deb H
明尼苏达明尼阿波利斯57 条分享
Breathtaking views
2017年6月 • 好友
Being primarily a "flatlander" this was some of the most challenging horseback riding I have ever attempted. The trails take you into beautiful places with excellent views of the surrounding area. Recommend shoes for your horse if you plan to ride as some of the trails are rocky.
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北达科塔Roseglen300 条分享
Oh this is a fun trail!
2016年9月 • 家庭
If you're looking for a little hiking close to town, head south and pull into Sully Creek State Park exit. There is a trail to the left before you get past the visitors center. It is a good little hike for adults and experienced kids. Go now while the leaves are turning color! It's breathtaking views are picture perfect.
If you're biking or horsin it, go into the park and cross the river!
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犹他州Stansbury Park1,124 条分享
Just what we were looking for - something fun and different to ride
2016年8月 • 好友
A 3 day mtn biking trip to ride the southern 78 miles of the MDHT (and Buffalo Gap trail that bypasses the national park). A classic and it seems like the trail is the best way to really immerse yourself and enjoy this unique area. Not as spectacular as some of the other western and desert landscapes but the difference and unique trail and terrain made it a fresh blast to ride - something very different. The trail is not technically difficult but riding much mileage (we were about 25 miles each day) will wear you out. We ride a lot normally but also trained extra for the trip, but still each day around mile 20 we were running out of energy because the up and down is pretty constant - more peaks and dips than a heart rate chart. Just when you think it may level out or go downhill, there's another hill or rise to conquer. Nice to be done each day but also always thought each ride was excellent and well worth it. Seems like the best way to enjoy this area and landscape, if you are in good condition. Normally we would expect maybe 3 hours to ride these distances. An average rider takes maybe 5-6 hours. We were usually riding 4 1/2 hours to finish the approximately 25 miles, without any long stops - mostly riding, averaging 5-6 MPH.
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肯塔基Butler10 条分享
Just hiked the first 3 miles
2016年8月 • 夫妻情侣
There's not much to see at the south trailhead & the first few miles of the Maah Daah Hey. It passes a campground & then a private horse ranch of some type. You have to cross the river soon after starting out, & the stones are very rough on the soles of your feet if you remove your shoes. Water was low enough for a biker to ride across as we watched. Then there's a very sandy section that's so soft it's hard to walk through. Definitely carry water, even if you're just going to go a short distance, especially if it's a sunny hot day as it was for us. I wasn't impressed, but I'm sure it gets better as you get further in to the badlands.
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Jeff R
加利福尼亚沙加缅度943 条分享
Nice Easy Ride
2016年7月 • 夫妻情侣
This is a well maintained trail that runs through Roosevelt National Park. Hikers are welcome through, but no bikes on the trail in the National Park, so there is a go-round option for Roosevelt South mountain bikers. The trail out of Medora takes you north across river for a mile before it forks for hikers to go through Roosevelt or riders to skirt around. High water may make crossing the river a bit difficult, But there is another option here too. You can head south and ride the new Deuce portion of the trail. Nice.
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西维吉尼亚马丁斯堡6 条分享
106 mile race
2016年8月 • 家庭
We supported our sons riding the 100 mile (actually 106 miles) Maah Daah Hey race, and the scenery and experience were unforgettable. Crossing the Little Missouri River was a lot of fun.
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