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Foodland Ala Moana

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Lily TravelGirl
佛罗里达迈阿密海滩255 条分享
We've tried poke all over the world and this has to be one of the best if not the best. All other Foodland stores have the same quality poke and price, so it doesn't have to be at the Ala Moana mall location. This mall location is bigger, newer and cleaner than other stores and it's also within walking distance therefore we come here often. This location also has more food choices and a nice area to eat your meal. Prices are higher than grocery stores in the mainland, but we try did see many sale items that are good priced. It is still cheaper than ABC so no complaints from us. Will come back for the poke...
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加拿大Sidney98 条分享
When asking at our hotel where to go for good poke, they suggested that we come here and we were pleasantly surprised. Inexpensive and very high quality!
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Travel Booze Food Happinesses
加拿大多伦多930 条分享
2022年11月 • 家庭
Amazing supermarket - like a Waitrose (UK), Wegmans (US), Farm Boy (Canada) and A high end Coles (Australia)

Not cheap but good quality products

The poke is amazing
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Andreas G
加利福尼亚伯克利481 条分享
This was our fifth or sixth visit to Honolulu. We have been to the Hawaiian islands over 40 times. We try to visit once a year, and in good years we go twice. I am no stranger to the Hawaii, and understand well that it is more expensive than the mainland. With that preview, I hope you find the comments that follow helpful.

We visited this location of Foodland because it was within walking distance of our condo rental, and because I am a big fan of poke, and had heard that Foodland had been given a Best of Honolulu award for their poke. I have also been making poke on the mainland, following the recipe given in a YouTube video produced by Foodland. I thought it was worth checking out this Foodland location.

If you are going to this location to shop a large selection of excellent poke for an easy dinner or lunch, then you will likely give it a five-star rating, and I recommend visiting. We did not sample other prepared foods that were available. We did pick up a few pieces of fruit and some vegetables, and even by Hawaiian standards, the pricing was out of this world. I joked with my wife that if all locals shopped here there would be lots of anorexic people running around. I don't remember leaving a supermarket with so little after spending well over $200. It is an upscale market, in a high rent mall, and caters to tourists, so the pricing is perhaps not surprising. A 5 ounce bag of chips on sale for $8 suggests that this might not be the place to shop if you plan on feeding teenagers. Even relative to a Honolulu Safeway, prices were 20-30% higher for equivalent products. If you are traveling with a family, and planning on cooking, let me suggest that you consider a trip to Chinatown, and visit the markets there. These options are more budget friendly.

So, in summary, the reaction and rating hinges on what you are trying to do, and what your budget is. If it is your first night and you want to get something to take home and eat, then I can see it being a good choice. I did enjoy the poke selection, and their sashimi was also excellent. If you are looking for a place to go shop for your family and buy groceries for a week, it is not the destination I would recommend. Depending on the goals and your budget, I could go anywhere from a 5-star rating to a 2-star rating. I'll settle for a rather of 3 stars.
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科罗拉多科林斯堡176 条分享
2022年10月 • 夫妻情侣
This place is amazing! I wish we had them in Colorado. The poke was better than most of the restaurants we ate at and the selection of prepared foods was really good. Will definitely go there again when we go back.
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Nick M
新西兰奥克兰31 条分享
2022年9月 • 家庭
We ordered online and organized delivery to our hotel. Honestly it’s the most expensive supermarket you’ve ever seen and despite this they still wanted to substitute/cancel about 15-16 items on our order (out of 50). A complete waste of time and money.
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安提瓜25 条分享
2021年10月 • 家庭
Continues to be my favorite place to get poke in Oahu! Nothing beats amazing food picnic style on a beautiful beach. The prices, choices and quality of poke at Foodland are top notch!
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马萨诸塞波士顿112 条分享
This grocery store is absolutely beautiful, and the prepared foods section is heaven. I would kill to have a Foodland where I live in New England. The poke selection was unreal and reasonably priced. I did take down a star because the actual poke we got needed more seasoning (it was on the blander side), and the spam musubi had too much rice for the amount of spam in it. Overall, I would definitely come back and try more food here though!
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路易斯安那州新奥尔良679 条分享
2022年6月 • 家庭
We needed a few groceries and supplies while visiting Waikiki and thus, I chose to shop at Foodland.  Foodland has a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.  In addition, they have beautiful flowers on display and the most delicious Poke ever.  You can definitely find everything you need and you will receive great customer service.   However, please be mindful that food prices are expensive everywhere but especially in Alaska and Hawaii.  Enjoy your shopping experience.
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Tim S
加利福尼亚橙县273 条分享
In the bottom of the Ala Moana Center parking structure is probably the best grocery store that I have ever been to! Upon entering, you can tell that this place is well managed, clean, and of the highest quality. This place is a grocery store, but it absolutely filled with grab-and-go meals. It was a terrific place to grab lunches for our road trips and our hotel room for later. The selection is varied and plentiful. This has to be your first choice in a grocery store in the Honolulu/Waikiki area.
They are known for their poke, which is the best that I have ever tasted. There was a line for the poke service counter on both days that we shopped here. The wait wasn't too long, but worth it. I highly recommend this business, especially for grabbing a convenient lunch, for a day at the beach, a road trip, or back in your hotel room.
They have so many choices in grab-and-go food that this review would be too long if I listed only a portion of them. Beside the poke, we really enjoyed the sushi, musabi, asian salad, and their macaroni salad.
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