Nocturna Lounge
Nocturna Lounge
下午7:00 - 上午2:00
下午7:00 - 上午2:00
下午7:00 - 上午2:00
下午7:00 - 上午2:00
下午7:00 - 上午2:00
下午5:00 - 上午2:00
下午7:00 - 上午2:00
下午7:00 - 上午2:00
区域: Downtown Honolulu

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Lee C
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4.0 分,共 5 分
2018年10月 • 夫妻情侣
My dad is a HUGE karaoke fan and we looked up some places to stop during our vacation. This was a little different as you sing from your seat rather than on a stage in front of everyone. We did not purchase any food as we had just come from dinner, but it all looked delicious as it passed to go to various tables. The staff was extremely nice which is always a plus. The decor was really plush and modern, but welcoming. Its popularity must be a given because there was hardly a place to sit so for the younger crowd this seems to be the place to be :)
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Hawaii705 条分享
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2014年10月 • 好友
I've heard about Nocturna now for a while and finally made a visit. I took my friend here for her birthday last night and got a private room (room #2) for just the two of us gals (it was shortly after 8 pm on a Saturday, but it was crowded outside at the lounge. However, parking was free at Restaurant Row/ Waterfront Plaza and we were told that validation was not needed.).

Price-wise, it's a bit more than what most other Karaoke places cost on Oahu ($60 per hour for the smallest room that can hold up to 10-12 people + non-inclusive drinks)-- but service was good. They have bigger rooms that run up to $90 and $120 an hour for Friday/ Saturdays and slightly less on other days. I can see the private rooms being a good and affordable venue for a small party or gathering (apparently you can bring in your own food). Both the cashier/bartender and server were friendly and majority of all of the drinks by the glass was under $10.

I was slightly disappointed to learned after the visit that they actually offered a "birthday special" on their webpage (1 hr free with minimum 2 hour rental) . I wished the security that had checked our ID had mentioned it because we would have stayed a lot longer.

There is a song search option on their website but after testing it, it seems to work mainly for American artists (though that can be a bit of a time saver if you want to compile your song list before-hand). If you visit on weeknights or happy hour, they offer promotions too (which seems like a better deal-- $20 per hour for Sunday-Thursday for 4 people or less-- with minimum 2 hour rental; or free karaoke daily from 7 pm- 9 pm outside with drink purchase). ---->

The lounge area was small (and a bit claustrophobic when filled with people), but since service was cordial and they have a good variety of song selections (Japanese, Korean, English, and a few Cantonese songs and etc., it seems to make up for it).

The only negatives were 1) The prices were not posted at the entrance--- after being carded, we were a bit confused as we walked all the way in, then walked back out to the front to ask if they had private rooms. I guess it would have been better if we had been offered the different options at entrance. 2) Some of our song selections inside the room were cut off after 20+ seconds and ended abruptly, when I inquired with the cashier/ bartender, I was told that happens because the rooms were not serviced by as many machines as the outside lounge. 3) Sound proofing wasn't that great inside the room because we could hear the songs being sung outside in the lounge.

There were a variety of video games offered if you want to take a break from singing (I saw Call of Duty- Ghost, and Street Fighter among some of the gaming stations).

I didn't use the restrooms in Nocturna so I can't comment on that (though the mall has pretty clean restrooms by the 2nd level parking area). If you plan to get a private room, they do ask for a credit card for incidentals (which they won't charge if you pay cash at the end). The bill is settled at the bar.

Given the location, cleanliness, service, and song selections, I would return.
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夏威夷火奴鲁鲁215 条分享
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This little lounge/bar is the only one of its kind here in is a fusion bar with Karaoke and gaming, but it also has enough "style" to look like a posh-ish lounge to attract more than just the gamer/singing crowd. The owner/management is awesome...always helpful, friendly etc. The staff is so-so, hit or miss to me...some of them can be rude, but nothing that made me take away a star or stay away (they are competent enough). Can get overcrowded quickly and there really aren't enough bathrooms, but it is in such a convenient location, my friends and hubby love it to where we have always had a great time, there are groupon deals often that save money on drinks AND rooms, and it is a great jump off point for a fantastic night. Highly recommend going keep a good bar in Honolulu! :)
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