Badger Pass Ski Area
Badger Pass Ski Area


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Nikko Gandia
加利福尼亚蒙特雷432 条分享
i hiked from here to glacier point on 3/28 and posted a vlog on yoütübe with tips and info so you can be prepared! search "Nikko Gandia Travels" or find a link to my yoütübe on my profile.

permit issued at badger pass ranger station (200 ft. to the right of main ski lodge) or a-frame. self registration on porch when open.

make sure to keep up with the road closure/construction updates!

camped near ostrander rocks. fresh snowfall so the snowshoes were needed.
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Loree D
俄勒冈Boardman1 条分享
I was disappointed in Badger pass tubing department this past weekend. We were there at 11 am and made reservation for 13 of us to rent tubes. Never once were we told about it being not good conditions to tube. We paid $325 for the two-hour window.
We showed up as instructed and checked out our tubs. We all walked to the top of the tubing ramp. We slide 5 maybe 10 feet. All sizes of us. From 3 years old to 57 years old. It did not matter. Within 2 mins we knew it was going to be a failure. The next party of tubers walked up and asked us how it was. I let them know it was disappointing. They said, "Yes they told us that tubing would not be good this afternoon and told us it was up to us if we wanted to pay and try it". I was so confused. We were never told, or it was never even mentioned to us. One lady helped me through the entire purchasing of the tickets, and she never mentioned anything to me.
Within 15 mins of our session, I walked back down to the tubing office. I explained my concerns with the conditions and how we were not even able to go do 5-10 feet without coming to a dead stop. The same lady just said, "sorry no refunds". Then she showed me a small 3 x 5 card that was on the counter by the register. This card was covered up when her and I filled out the paperwork when I was paying the $325.
I wish she would have given me the full information prior to me buying the tickets and allowed me to make that decision where if I wanted to spend $325 to slide 5-10 feet. She did not care of my concerns even if it was brought to her attention minutes into our session. She flat did not care. No, I am sorry or even acknowledgement of the situation. She simply pointed at the 3 x 5 card and then walked behind another worker. I simply walked out. We tried to make the best of it. But had our tubes turned back in by 2:30. Our session was 2-4pm.
I will not plan on going back to Badger Pass Ski resort. Well at least the tubing. I did speak to another worker for the tubing after this and asked if I could just voice my feelings. I told her that I wish I was just given the option to know that the conditions were bad for tubing before spending the money.
Please make sure to ask them before you buy tickets on how the tubing conditions are.
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加利福尼亚圣何塞249 条分享
2022年1月 • 家庭
We went to Yosemite National Park for a long weekend and wanted to also get some skiing in. Badger Pass Ski area was less than an hour drive from the Yosemite Valley floor. Make sure you call the information line on their website to find out whether not you need chains. If the weather isn’t crazy, regular sedans like a Camry can make it up the mountain.

The ski area itself was pretty decent. For a long weekend l, it wasn’t crowded. The longest lines were for purchasing the ski life tickets and the equipment rental. Many of the people waiting in line were looking to purchase lessons for their kids.

Because of COVID, they were trying to limit the number of people in the ski rental area, but it was difficult since the space is small. Some of the equipment was new, like my kiddos shoes, but other stuff was more worn.

We stuck with the beginner slopes. The small slope has a tow line instead of a magic carpet, which was relatively easy to use. The other beginner slope requires a ski lift. The ski lift did not have a safety bar, which was surprising. It was relatively easy to exit the lift so that was good.

There was also a tubing area as well. You had purchase the tickets for the tubing ahead of time so make sure you get those early in the day. There was no magic carpet to get you back up the hill so be prepared to get a workout.

There is a snack shop but the selection was very limited. So make sure you pack up what you want so In case they don’t have anything acceptable for you, you’re not starving.

Overall, the experience was nice. It wasn’t crowded and relatively safe despite these crazy COVID times.
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Julia Vitale
加利福尼亚沙加缅度86 条分享
roads from valley to Badger Pass were clear and good (although signage in several spots said we HAD to have 4 wheel or chains). the downhill is open only Friday-Sunday. Best to bring your own cross country skiis or snowshoes to avoid a long wait to rent gear. main wide path for ski/snowshoe was open and well groomed. side paths not so much. poor signage, met several people who got lost on those side paths.
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Daniel R
巴西Francisco Beltrao214 条分享
2021年12月 • 家庭
Pequena estação de esqui, bonitinha e bem estruturada
Cheia de opções para alugar roupas e aulas
Tem uma area propria para aulas para crianças e adultos medrosos
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加利福尼亚Rocklin39 条分享
2019年12月 • 家庭
If you go around the holidays be prepared for the concessions company to make you pay. There was no new snow, no ice anywhere, but at the bottom of the badger pass area, they required chains, even for those with 4WD. This caught everyone since chains weren’t noted in any news source. They had a truckload of chains to sell to all unsuspecting visitors. After paying >$100 for chains we drove maybe 3 miles to the parking area. Along the way there were a few small patches of snow/ice that appeared to not have been salted. We parked, an hour later we had planned to arrive due to the long diversion of getting chains installed. At the ski resort, we had just three hours left till close, so we rushed to get lift tickets and opted for lowest priced package including rentals. They had the rental line at a separate building. The clerk sent us on our way to get in line. We got in line and waited 1.5 hours to get to the rental clerks!!!! We got to the slope, immediately took the lift. My son struggled down the slope, he’s learning so we were a bit slow, maybe 15 minutes. They closed the lift. We were out $250 for one lousy run! Worst experience ever. I am not sure my son will even be willing to ski again. Greed ruined our National Park experience.
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加利福尼亚洛杉矶27 条分享
This is a very small ski area with few runs. There is an excellent bunny slope for kids and learning and the other slopes are just challenging enough for intermediates. Not really recommended for ski boarders or advanced. During my visit, the employees were outstanding in every way. I encountered about 20 of them during my visit and they were extremely welcoming and helpful. Someone does an excellent job of hiring and training here. I hope this staff is being treated very, very well...they deserve it!
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Jody S
加利福尼亚圣何塞14 条分享
2019年12月 • 家庭
This place was great for a little trip. My kids are still learning snow sports so it was affordable and low pressure. Lots of beginners at this place, so there’s a sense of patience on the mountain. You can get lower lift only tickets to save $$ on the learners’ tickets, but it’s pretty affordable regardless. The ticketing system is really slow though. You will stand on line a lot here. On line to buy lift tickets, on line to get food. It’s all pretty slow. We had fun, though. Keep your expectations reasonable and you will too.
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日本川崎市960 条分享
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田纳西Greenbrier290 条分享
2019年3月 • 家庭
Took my 14 year old son there on our last day. He loved it! The cost was like $75 - he got lessons, snowboard, helmet, and boots. We purchased some goggles and were on our way. Great access if staying at Yosemite West - 20 min drive.
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