The Glass Bottom
The Glass Bottom

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I was really looking forward to this excursion because the pictures online looked amazing, unfortunately, the algae barely sparkled as one moved their oar in the bay. There are many companies to go with. Not sure why I booked with this company, but guess what, THEY'RE NOT GLASS BOTTOM! Also, the organizational component of getting out of the initial bay to the canal to the lagoon was like survival of the fittest. It was pitch dark with small glow-in-the-dark bracelets on each kayak. I would not recommend this company, and if you're spending a lot of $$ on remote excursions, you may want to consider other amazing areas on the island. Just sayin....
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Susan W
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We did the 8pm tour just a few days after the new moon, so we not only saw the bioluminescence but also a ton of stars!

The kayak paddle is 1.5 miles each way, two people per kayak so you have to coordinate. It's pitch dark at times so you couldn't always see overhanging branches and trees in the water. The guides checked on the kayakers throughout the trip and helped people who were stuck or couldn't get their boats going. You will definitely get wet, so be prepared!

Once we reached the bay our guides pointed out lots of constellations with a laser pointer - very cool. Then we pulled tarps over our heads to make it as dark as possible and were encouraged to put our hands deep in the water to make your hands and arms sparkle.

This tour was more work (paddling) than we expected, but it was a beautiful trip and lots of fun.
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The Bioluminescent tour did not meet expectations. Anticlimactic! The kayaking was nice and scenery to arrive at the bay was night but almost ZERO luminescent were there. We had to put a smelly tarp over the boats to attempt to see something which we did but nothing like the pictures. Also the tour guides were very loud talking to each other on the way back which ruined the beautiful tour back. Additionally they have a scale that is not calibrated and had me over the 190 lbs therefore did not get a glass bottom and added to not seeing anything. If you are over 175 lbs DON'T TAKE THIS TOUR. We paid 110.00 not the advertised price
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April C
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2019年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Kayaking at night through the bio bay was a very unique experience. The water really does glow in the dark when you agitate it. Paddling through the canal was a bit intimidating due to the narrowness of the canal and limited visibility (pitch black through most of it), but it was very much worth it.
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2018年3月 • 夫妻情侣
We really enjoyed this tour! Before you go just let go of all notions of what it should look like and just enjoy it for what it is. The best part of the tour was looking down and watching the glow shoot under the boat. It really wouldn't have been the same without that.
The tour operators acknowledge that there's a good chance you're not comfortable kayaking at night and keep up a lively banter to keep you laughing to allay your fears. If listening to them call back and forth is going to annoy you, keep that in mind, we definitely had the loudest guides on the tour but it was obvious they did out for the people who were afraid.
There were all ages of people on the tour and it was done in English.
Make sure you book directly from their website, it's much cheaper that way!
Also, don't forget to tip your guides!
We left our phones and it was best, there really was no way to capture the experience but to be actively present.
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Jonathan F
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2017年8月 • 家庭
It's been a week, but such great memories of our 8pm tour last Sunday night. Guides were helpful and funny. The trip out and back was great. Not too challenging for novice kayakers...some beginners didn't know how to properly steer, and wound up being towed behind the guides. The bioluminescent bay was very cool. Definitely recommend doing the kayak instead of electric boat, if you can, and this company was great!!!
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David M
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2017年5月 • 家庭
My daughter and I booked the tour through the Lawai Beach Resort for last night. We arrived and waited for 45 minutes and finally, one of the locals called the owner, who showed up 10 minutes later and told us he had no staff and was not able to do the tour. he said he thought all the bookings had been pushed to Friday and Saturday. He offered to take us on another night, but we were leaving and could not do that. When we got back to our condo we found a message at left by him at 1100 saying he could not do the tour. It was obvious that because there were only two of us it would have cost him money to run the tour. Do not book anything with this company! They do not care about their customers and are a joke!

Dave Maze
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Jenn S
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2017年4月 • 好友
One of the coolest experiences. After a 2hr drive from Old San Juan to Fajardo we came across a small town by the shore. There's plenty of parking, tons of shops, and places to eat and drink. The boat ride was perfectly priced at $10. There are several rides starting at 730. We took the 9pm tour. The boat ride is about 15 mins from the dock to a bay. The boat captain announces to go downstairs to the 1st level as the show will start. Dont bother using your camera, you wont capture the show. Dont use a flash or light either. One both sides of the boat men announce they will jump into the water. Right before they jumped in, we saw a large object swim by (it was said to be a shark). The men jump in and the water begins to glow. It seemed electric. The show last about 15 mins. The men get back on the boat. Then you head back to tge docks. The breeze is amazing. On the boat there are 2 buckets of water. You can put your hand in and see it glow. Considering only a few places in the world have this bioilluminest water, its a must see.
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2017年3月 • 夫妻情侣
My husband and I recently traveled to Puerto Rico and the one thing we HAD to do was take a bio tour to see the luminescent lagoon. We even booked the trip before we left home to insure we had a spot. Glad we picked glassbottomkayaks because the glass bottom was the only thing they had going for them. The glass bottom truly was cool and made it easier to see, even on the way back in the mangrove channel.
The crew on the other hand was the let down. Yes,they were funny and got everyone to laugh but they were supposed to be there to enlighten, entertain, and educate us. What they did most was talk to each other and other guides in Spanish the whole way out and back. They focused on talking to us once in lagoon. Don't misunderstand me, they encouraged us to ask any questions, but when I asked them about the wildlife in the mangrove, the algae that killed off the bio organisms in the past and the health of the lagoon there weren't a lot of answers.
I was also expecting time looking at the constellations because that activity was mentioned in several reviews. It was something I mentioned when we were gathered as a group in the middle of the lagoon but it never happened. Quick in and quick out so the later tour could get started
Perhaps if the young guides spent alittle more time researching information, they would have less time to converse and joke with each other and earn better tips from those who want more out of a tour than directions and jokes about drinking rum. Thank the glass bottoms, it's what got you 3 stars.
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2016年10月 • 夫妻情侣
I choose Glass Bottom because of surprise...the glass bottom and boy were we glad we did! The night was perfect and was written as one of the "best" nights to tour on their website, they were totally right! The tide was low and the moon was small creating the best atmosphere for Bioluminescence and it was the most unique and fun experience. The glass bottoms make it so as you kayak the water under the boat not only glows but sparkles and looks as though you are shooting through space at hyper speeds. The guide Kevin was hilarious and informative- he had been guiding since he was 14 and knew ever corner of the DARK mangrove canal. They were also the cheapest we found online and seemingly the best tour. There was only two other people on our tour, practically private, and the other tours had what seemed like twenty to thirty people. The other companies guides didn't seem to be giving off as much information and they kept shinning lights which kills the experience since you need darkness to see the little creatures in the water. I would completely recommend this tour to anyone going to do a kayak tour of the bay. Kevin even brought a giant tarp to cover our kayaks in the bay to create total darkness. It was just so cool!
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