Airborne Kite Centres
Airborne Kite Centres
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黑山共和国14 条分享
We were looking for a chilled place to stay for a couple of weeks that didn't break the bank but was linked to a kite school so they understood kiting, did downwinder trips and excursions etc.

This place was exactly that! A beautiful little paradise of trees surrounding the property, a great mix of tented accommodation (think "glamping style" with the coolest outdoor bathrooms!), a couple of really cool treehouses and some apartment style rooms as well. We stayed in the larger of the 2 treehouses, very reasonably priced and well set up. Breakfasts were included (they were excellent!) and Paje was easily within walking distance (10 min) with plenty of places to eat and drink.

The staff were awesome - Jan, the owner, has been there for many years, very knowledgeable on the kiting and surf conditions, organizes plenty of downwinders and excursions and there are a number of kite instructors and beach helpers to make the kiting experience an amazing, easy, fun activity!! We had all our own equipment and there was a secure storage area for it all (included in the price). A communal kitchen area and lounge provided a great place to chill, check the internet and hang out and meet everyone.

If the people who were staying there at the time we visited are anything to go by, you will make friends for life if you stay here!! We met some amazing people, had such a great time and will be in touch forever!!

This place is what kiting and enjoying the sport and the people is all about!! Jan - you're a legend and I hope Airborne never changes!!
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德国慕尼黑140 条分享
We have been kiting for a few years now so we did not book any classes, but rented the whole gear for our stay at the Airborne village.
As residents, Jan the owner made us a very good offer on a package for 7 days for 2 people.
At the end of the stay, we ended up kiting less than expected [no wind :( ] and we only paid for the days we kited, which is fair and from experience, not always the case - more than often the kite schools tell us "it's not their problem" and we just loose the days where we didn't kite, which was not the case here. So it was fair we are very happy 👍
The equipment itself seems to be almost new, in very good state.
Special thanks to Mudy, who was helping us on the beach, preparing the kites, helping us launch and land, cleaning the gear at the end of the day, and even watching us kite and giving us advice in low wind (which we had less experience with)!
I warmly recommend Airborne for kiting 🙌
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Pierre B
法国巴黎18 条分享
2020年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Great team, good vibes and perfect compromise between hotel and hostel.
Airborne offers a very good value and a unique experience in very nice safari tents/treehouses/bungalows in a small jungle, a few steps away from the paradise Paje beach, offering a very good privacy and hostel-like atmosphere mix, with organised activities & courses around kite, surf, yoga and more. Perfect for us who really enjoy making new friends from around the world.
Luckily we did not cancel our trip for Corona reasons and could enjoy many advantages in staying at Airborne without drawbacks: discounted price, an empty beach and thus perfect conditions for kitesurfing and a very low infection risk in comparison to any other touristic place back home, with however the possibility to meet nice people, Airborne being one of the only places in Paje managing to continuously have guests.
I strongly recommend Airborne, great place to stay. Thanks again Jan, Emmanuel and the team!
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Valerio B
意大利梵蒂冈城24 条分享
2019年8月 • 好友
We were at B4 in Paje where an’Airborne kite center is! The staff is really nice and helpful on the beach even if you don’t do courses with them.
They organized a fabulous kite trip on sand banks, visiting islands, downwinding for miles and having a great lunch on the beach with lobsters that was like an Italian wedding!!! lol
Jan was in charge of our group and he’s a great tour leader. Very precise with briefing (you better pay attention!!) and always there to keep an’ eye on the group. This kite trip is unmissable!
He also toke us on a downwind from Jambiani back to Paje. Again thanks to his briefing we managed to enjoy the best of the wave spot along the reef, as he tells you exactly how the swell comes in and where to surf following the shape of the coast, that changes a lot! You can find him on FB as Jan Fillip Neubert.
Hope to meet you again soon man!
Highly recommended!!
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Zino R.
西班牙巴伦西亚2 条分享
2018年7月 • 好友
Normally I don't write reviews but this experience made me want to write one!
When I was looking for a place to stay in Paje, Zanzibar I visited a couple of other places, hostels and alike until I stumbled across Airborne Kite and Surf village.

This place is, I would say, the most unique spot in Zanzibar. The well protected kitesurf village provides an amazing hospitality, great staff and a heartwarming welcoming vibe.
If you like nature, want to feel more down to earth, take a step away from the western world and relax purely within yourself surrounded by the flora and fauna, Airborne kite and surf village wil give you serenity.

Next to the fact that the owner (Jan) does everything in his power to make you feel as home as possible with his heartwarming vibe the village itself provides you with a super relaxing, calming and revitalizing energy that restores every inch of you so you can be the best version of yourself.

As a kiter I find Paje, Zanzibar the best place I've been so far. Because Airborne provides well secured lockers which are guarded at night it's easy to store your own equipment once you're done kiting for the day. Besides that the crew at airborne insist to help you setting up and braking down the kite every single time and always keep a good eye on you once you're on the water.

Once again, great spot, great people, great vibe.
When I'm going back to Zanzibar I will be definitely staying here again.
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Sam K
8 条分享
2018年10月 • 夫妻情侣
On a lark me and my girlfriend decided to do a end of season kite course here, because the wind was surprisingly good. Our experience was great here with an awesome teacher (Jan) who spoke perfect English, was great at explaining stuff and had a nice focus on safety. Most of all it was clear how passionate he himself was about the sport, which added a lot to the experience.
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西班牙伊维萨44 条分享
2018年7月 • 家庭
If you like kite and kite culture - this is the place. Ian, Ben and the others are very friendly and professional. The bungalows are situated in small forest with red monkeys.
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坦桑尼亚马菲亚岛78 条分享
2018年6月 • 好友
If you are not a kitesurfer, but are playing with the idea of hooking yourself in, or researching a reputable centre for your children, partner, friends or family - read on!

I am not a kitesurfer, nor have I ever kited with the Airborne team. I have spent a lot of time around kitesurfers, probably know far too much for someone who doesn't actually kite, and run a company where safety and high standards are imperative.

I spent time watching the team interact with their students, guests and eachother and it was nothing short of professional. Safety was always prioritized and watching a young Instructor run out in the cold rain to assist a rider with a potentially disastrous equipment malfunction (the riders private equipment) showed me that they genuinely care for the safey of the people around them, regardless of whether they are their students or not.

Professionality is one thing. Approachability is another.
One of the hurdles that kept me from giving kiting a real go was the 'closed community' vibe which seemed to resonate from so many other kite schools I spent time at. This was not the case at Airborne. With each moment spent watching their team from the safe confines of my chair, I felt closer to slipping on a harness again and trusting the wind. Their team were polite, friendly and never without a smile!

From my previous bad experience, I whole heartedly recommend Airborne as a sure-way to having a good one!
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阿富汗Kabul12 条分享
2018年1月 • 好友
I used them for storage and went on a kite safari with them. Did not take any classes so can´t really comment on the quality of the instructors.

You get storage as well as support for setting up your kite, launching and landing. The guys working there are always very alert, only once in 3 weeks did I have to wait for someone to catch me, and they are exceptionally professional packing up your gear after your session. They handled my equipment more carefully then I do myself. If I ever need storage in Paje again I will definitely use Airborne.

The location is arguably the best in Paje. You got less traffic, fewer boats and you are less affected by the low tide. You don´t have to walk nearly as far kiting when the tide is low compared to further north.

Went on a kite safari with them which is highly recommendable. The afternoon session on a flat water spot downwind from a sandbank is the best place I have ever kited. I never went on a downwinder with them, but seems like the ones that did really enjoyed it.

As for things to improve they probably could have had slightly more equipment available for renting. That said they are still among the better equipped shops in Paje.
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俄罗斯彼尔姆16 条分享
2017年10月 • 家庭
Хотели попробовать seafood. Но не совсем умело готовят, осьминог жестковат, кальмары так же. Кафе для скейтеров. Релакс, акуна матата.
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Спасибо за ваш отзыв! Примите к сведению что мы кайсерфинг и серфинг центр и мы не готовим здесь кальмаров и осьминогов!:) С нами на территории соседствует бар “B4” но они также не готовят кальмаров и осьминогов!:) Пожалуйста адресуйте свой отзыв ресторану / бары где вы ужинали. Всего вам наилучшего и солнечный привет от Airborne Kite & Surf Village / Beach Club!!! Саша Борисова
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