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Douglas M
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A Successful Visit
结合来这家寺庙去金宝乐园和游乐园(看单独的评论)这。 我觉得他们都在同一个地方都是走几步就到酒店的。 我们从城市的15号巴士就停在酒店入口外的两个寺庙和公园。 2号巴士从火车站。 一趟大概要30分钟。 告诉巴士司机你要去哪里和希望告诉你什么时候下车到地狱的入口并不是特别明显。 返回的巴士站就在马路对面。 这是一个要走一段路程去马路对面寺庙的入口和售票处。 带上您的护照了一个折扣。 一个组合的寺庙和游乐场的公园门票是人民币70 ,寺庙和人民币60人民币50只是游乐场。 很明显是一个讨价还价的通票! 我们在那吃午饭和SWMBO声明自己饿了所以我们第一次走进寺庙餐厅。 当所有的等候和厨房的工作人员行 - 你打招呼了,你知道它们不忙! 酒店的餐厅很大,但有一个不是素的部分请注意佛教 - 供应肉的集会的区域。 炸猪肉和饺子是特别让人齿颊留香。 我们没有胃口伊始,我们在周边逛的寺庙。 每个专用的许多建筑物有它的自己的佛像。 所有的一切都非常整洁和相当不错的几乎没有什么别的游客。 我收集的门票是敲诈视为由当地人和他们几乎不经常来这个地方。 要注意的是安静祥和是每隔几分钟就有飞机起降的从破碎的军事寺庙旁边的小平房。 你只能看到飞机的时候在这里住是因为他们大概是100米高的墙上有一个在路上。 我的意思是,这是严重的噪音。 战斗机,通常成对起飞,加力的完全失控(你可以看到红色的火焰)并不是适合安静的冥想和祷告。 如果你是一个喜欢平面佛教那么这就是适合你的地方。 太快了不过,昏暗的天空,闪电和雷声不停地翻着白眼和下大雨了。 我们去了一个寺庙。 这里发现谁保证SWMBO佛像,后捐赠人民币100一个合适的,好在她的儿子考试最后的痕迹。 热带大雨下雨了一个小时。 我们划了通往出口的。 卖票的女士告诉我们说我们可以使用游乐场的票是因为它现在关门因为接下来的一周全是水。 还会再去感谢佛陀作为实现SWMBOs儿子非常,非常好的痕迹在他的大学期末考试,所以一次成功。 很好的游乐场门票也使用。


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Douglas M
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A Successful Visit
2017年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Combine a visit to this temple with a visit to the Jinbao Playground and Amusement Park (see separate reviews) which, I think are the same place as they’re just a short walk from the temple.

From the city we took the number 15 bus which stops outside the entrance to both the temple and park. The number 2 bus goes from the railway station. The journey takes about 30 minutes. Tell the bus driver where you want to go and hopefully he’ll tell you when to get off as the entrance isn’t particularly obvious. The return bus stop is across the road.

It’s a bit of a walk from the road to the temple entrance and ticket office. Take your passport for a discount. A combined temple and playground park ticket is 70 Yuan, temple only is 50 Yuan and the playground is 60 Yuan. The combined ticket is obviously a bargain!

We got there at lunchtime and SWMBO declared herself starving so we first went into the temple restaurant. When all the waiting and kitchen staff line-up to greet you, you know they’re not busy! The restaurant is huge, note the Buddhist section is vegetarian but there’s a non-believers section where meat is served. The fried pork and dumplings are particularly toothsome.

Our appetites sated, we strolled around the temples. There are many buildings each dedicated to its own Buddha. Everything is very neat and tidy and rather pleasant with hardly any other visitors. I gathered the entrance fee is regarded as extortionate by the locals and they hardly frequent the place.

Be aware that the quiet calm is shattered every few minutes by jets taking off from the military airfield next to the temple. You only see the planes when they are about 100 metres up because there’s a high wall in the way. I mean, this is serious noise. Jet fighters, taking off usually in pairs, with afterburners going full blast (you can see the red flames) are not exactly conducive to quiet meditation and prayer. If you are a plane loving Buddhist then this is the place for you.

Too soon however, the sky darkened, lightening flashed and thunder rolled and the heavens opened. We retreated into a temple. Here SWMBO found the Buddha who guarantees, after a suitable 100 Yuan donation, good marks in her son’s final exams. The rain poured down tropically for an hour.

We paddled our way to the exit. The ticket lady told us that we could use the playground tickets the following week as it was now closed as it was awash.

We’ll be going back to thank the Buddha as SWMBO’s son achieved very, very good marks in his university finals, so a successful visit. We’ll also use the playground tickets.
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hidden temple
2016年11月 • 商务型
Recentley I visited Weifang and by chance I was able to see the Jinguan temple. It was calm, beautiful and lonely. It seems it is not very well known. The trees had a very nice view of autumn leaves. I recommend this place.
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