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Happy Go Luckie Tours
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Thomas G
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2022年11月 • 家庭
With Steve as Captain and his mate and Kevon as his mate our family of 5 had a great snorkeling and fishing trip. My wife and granddaughter had never snorkeled and the crew were so good at relaxing them they were back in the water everywhere we stopped. We all caught fish hand lining and had a great lunch.
Thanks for a great family trip for the family ages 12to 70.
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This was a week that featured Hurricane Lisa and the original plan was to go snorkeling on Thursday, the day after the hurricane came ashore. We contacted HGL earlier in the week and they had no problem moving the trip to Friday.
And then, I screwed up. I had made many reservations for my vacation. Some were paid in full, some wanted cash, and I totally forgot that I had only made a deposit for this tour. And thinking were paid up, I arrived with no cash and no wallet. And their reaction? We’ll figure out something when you get back.
Note: Getting to their boat required a short but very bumpy ride so I really didn’t want to go back to the resort and then back to the boat.
The tour was just for my wife and me, with Kevon and the boat “Captain”. It was roughly an hours ride out to the area of the barrier reef. Kevon knew his stuff. He first got in the water to gauge the current. Then we would jump in to snorkel and the Cap would relocate the boat downstream. Therefore, we hardly had to swim. We could just float and snorkel and we would eventually get back to the boat. He did this twice, with our 3rd stop at a sand bar that was miles from shore, but where we could stand.
My wife and I have done a lot of snorkeling but this was the best we ever experienced. The highlight was several huge stingrays that were on the bottom covered in sand but would get scared off by our presence and ‘fly’ away. We also saw plenty of fish with a variety of species including a couple of barracudas.
When we got back to shore, the owner Cheryl agreed to come by my hotel to get our payment. She even gave me a cash discount.
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2022年11月 • 夫妻情侣
We had a fantastic time with Happy Go Luckie tours on a half day private charter for 2. We enjoyed 2 snorkeling spots and some tubing. The tour stated in the Sitee River and it was cool to boat through the river and we saw some wildlife on the way out. Even though it was a little cloudy with some showers, the water was clear and the snorkeling spots were amazing. The second spot was particularly fantastic with a lot of colorful coral. We saw sting rays, 2 sharks, some eels, and a variety of fish and the guide both gave us a route and pointed out various fish and corals in the water. We got to do some tubing through the open water and some mangroves.

The ability to customize your tour (we really loved having both snorkeling and tubing) and the personal guide pointing out stuff were both advantages over larger tours we have take outside of Belize. My partner gets sea sick and they did a great job noticing and accommodating (we didn’t say anything at the start oops) which minimized this issue and ensured she had a great time.
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2022年11月 • 夫妻情侣
We thoroughly enjoyed our private charter snorkel trip to Glover’s Reef Atoll with our fun and knowledgeable tour guide Lar and Captain Floyd Arana! We highly recommend Happy Go Luckie Tours to experience the beautiful Caribbean Sea and stunning reef’s of Belize! Thank you for a wonderful and memorable experience!
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shristi k
俄勒冈波特兰33 条分享
2022年10月 • 夫妻情侣
So happy we got Happy Go Luckie for our snorkeling trip! We had a wonderful time with Beans and Beru as our guides (Beans joining us in the water — amazing snorkeling guide!). They were very fun, knowledgeable and all around a great team to go out on the water with. We booked a half day snorkeling trip with them and got to do bird watching, two snorkeling sessions and a couple of island hopping. All of that because we specially asked for those things. They know where the best snorkeling places are so just share what you wish/hope to see and they will do their best to make that happen. We saw hundreds of different types of fish, sting rays, manta rays and shark. The reef is where we wanted to snorkel and so that’s where they took us. If I am back in Belize again, I will definitely booking with them! It’s a local, small business that is being run with smoothly, efficiently so all the more reason to book with them!
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E. S.
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2022年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Fantastic snorkeling tour. The guides, Stephen and Beans, were awesome, knowledgeable, and lots of fun. It was a personal tour and the company was willing to customize the experience to the activities we wanted to do. We went to several different snorkeling spots. The guides were knowledgeable about the flora, fona, wildlife, etc. Stephen and Beans grilled us lunch which included fresh caught lobster and black snapper as well as chicken. We saw a variety of sea life while snorkeling including nurse sharks, squid, and various fish. The price was great.
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Teresa W
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2022年7月 • 好友
Beans and Lar were by far the BEST guides. Group of 6 went out hand line fishing (caught a bunch of red snapper for lunch) and then snorkeled the reef. Had an amazing time hanging out and showing us the sites.
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Colette D
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2022年8月 • 好友
THE best fishing and snorkeling experience ever! Beans and Lor are amazing! They instantly became like family! Can’t wait to go back to Belize!
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Rob L
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2022年8月 • 家庭
Absolutely fabulous day - our best in Belize! Great team (special shout out for Beans) with whom we caught barracuda, did mind-boggling snorkelling, barbecued on a desert island and navigated a tropical storm! Relaxed, delightful people - look no further for a great day out
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加利福尼亚旧金山6 条分享
2022年7月 • 好友
We booked with Lucky twice since the first snorkel outing was so epic. His crew is fun and helpful and very knowledgeable about the fish and coral. First trip was to Glovers Reef. Second trip was to Bread and Butter Cayes where Lucky cooked up fresh lobster he speared and the Berracutta that our 7 year old catch! Lucky took him fishing while we snorkeled and he claught his first fish. Epic day all around!
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