British Alpine Ski School Chatel

British Alpine Ski School Chatel

British Alpine Ski School Chatel

British Alpine Ski School Chatel

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英国伦敦1 条分享
Peter who runs BASS is a total nightmare. Arrogant and totally inflexible. Avoid using this company!!!!

I initially liked Peter’s confidence when he explained why the BASS lessons were so much more expensive than their competitor ESF. His confidence turned to arrogance in every interaction after I paid up for the two sessions costing a mouthwatering £340 for 4 hours over two sessions. I wrongly expected with that kind of price would come with good customer service.

The day of our first lesson, the magic carpet was out of order meaning three young children spent the majority of their lesson either climbing up a beginners slope in ski boots or sitting waiting for one of the people in their group to have their turn. Not ideal. Matt their teacher was fun and engaging & made the best of a bad situation.

For our next lesson, Peter (who had never met the kids) was insistent on taking three total beginners up a chairlift if the magic carpet was still out of order. Other teachers have since said this would be dangerous in a group with one adult and 3 total beginners, especially so as one of the children is on the autistic spectrum.

Peter and I had a number of difficult conversations trying to find a fair solution during which he called me irrational and inexperienced & similar to other people’s experience with him, he completely refused to issue a refund even though he refused to offer a safe solution (like changing the location of the lesson to Super Chatel).

At this point it was either loose £170 for the lesson or in his own words 'that's what insurance is for', put them in danger on a chairlift going down a narrow track on the edge of a mountain or have them climb up a baby slope in ski boots again. I think Peter had hoped we would just not show up as he was allocated to teach the children in the next session and probably wasn’t looking forward to having a face to face conversation with me given the rude and childish things he’d said. At the last hour he changed our session so that we could have our original teacher Matt again - who is brilliant - and he met us at Super Chatel which had a drag lift and a great beginners slope. We got the result we wanted in the end but the process to get there was unnecessarily infuriating & stressful. Peter is the last kind of person you’d want to encounter on a family holiday.

On a side note, we did a one-to-one session with ESF for an hour for €51 and they were absolutely brilliant. Simple to book, respectful in their processes both on and off the mountain & my daughter loved it. That felt like good value for money 😊
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英国伦敦2 条分享
2018年2月 • 家庭
On the first day the children spent the entire time on the free carpet as the instructor had neglected to check with the parents whether the children had ski passes. It turned out that they all did, but asking children is not always reliable.
On the second day, I watched in horror as my 4 year old daughter was sent onto a chair lift without a reliable adult. The adult the instructor thought he had spoken to did not understand that he was being asked to look after another child. In fact I didn't see him acknowledge the request at all. This meant my daughter was hit by the chair lift and had to be rescued by the lift staff. At that point the instructor acknowledged that she was with him and suggested that they stick her on the lift as he would be coming behind. At that point I spoke to the lift staff from the side and pointed out that she was only 4 and needed an adult to sit with her. She would not have been able to pull down the bar. This left me seriously concerned, particularly as I had spoken to the instructor about her age and offered to accompany her on the lift.
On the third day I accompanied my daughter on the chair lift and watched as another child got ahead of the pack and tried to board a chairlift alone. Again the lift staff had to intervene. The instructor was not immediately sure if the child was in his group.
At the end of the third day, he returned with 6 of the 9 children. My daughter was one of the ones that was nowhere to be seen. The instructor took off his skis and started talking to his next group. At no point did he turn around and count children. I eventually found her stuck behind a queue of people waiting for the Pierre Longue lift. I wrote to the ski school but have had no reply so am now posting this to warn others. Incidentally the class size was not as advertised. Day 1 there were 10 children, Day 2 and Day 3 there were 9 children. Do not use this company.
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英国伦敦1 条分享
2018年2月 • 家庭
- During ski lesson (BASS Chatel), the instructor sent my 5 year old daughter off to the loo ON HER OWN & lost her. She was found by a French family crying. Outrageous.
- The instructor said he could not cope as he had the rest of the class on a drag lift and couldn't leave them, so left my daughter instead. Negligence of the highest order.
- BASS do not use bibs for the children either which is dreadful as the children cannot identify their group.
- They clearly state on the website maximum 6 in a class. NOT TRUE. There were 10 in a class on the first day and 9 thereafter. There were pure beginners alongside children who had skied 5 times before which again was not consistent with the website messaging.
- There was zero information - i.e. they didn't inform us (on day one) that we had to pay for ski passes on top and they told us the wrong meeting place on day one for the lesson so my husband and I missed our opportunity to ski.
- Peter the owner when we addressed our concerns with him was unhelpful to the point of being rude and obstinate.

Chatel is a wonderful place but BASS is not a company we will ever use again.
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英国北约克郡33 条分享
2018年2月 • 家庭
My husband had a 2 hour lesson and was very impressed with the quality of the teaching. very professional and knew their stuff
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London28 条分享
2017年2月 • 好友
Peter was impatient and unsympathetic with beginners, and extremely unprofessional in customer dealings. Lack of social awareness, poor observation of technique. You may find other instructors and passers by to be more helpful during a lesson when you are deserted by BASS on the slopes, feeling demoralised, and struggling to continue. Please do not waste your time and money if you are a beginner in Chatel - you will not get any apology or refund due to company refusal to admit mistakes, and it would not surprise me if any response to this comment demonstrates this! Thankfully I had the courage to move forwards with an alternative and absolutely brilliant service and managed to improve my holiday experience later in the week. I consider my initial choice of BASS Chatel beginners lessons to be grossly unfortunate.
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英国Burgh St Peter2 条分享
2015年3月 • 家庭
Fantastic teaching and level of challenge. As a nervous mummy after an accident years ago the instructor managed to get me through steep reds and off mini rollers etc. Perfectly pitched. I will always put myself and the children through the BASS rather than a french ski school as they could play games and have fun and the children understood and didn't feel worried at all. Thank you!
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法国Sanguinet43 条分享
2015年3月 • 家庭
We used BASS for our two young children (4 and 7) and mum (2nd trip, but first in 15 years) and could not fault Peter and the team. Matt was superb with the two youngsters, mixing fun with development and stretch. Mum mixed group lessons with private ones and all of the instructors showed huge patience!

Friendly team, flexible (we added and swapped lessons on site) and most of all, the whole family came away with a smile and a desire to return in 2016.
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Steve C
英国根西岛3 条分享
2014年4月 • 家庭
My wife broke her ankle on a lesson on day 1 (not the fault of BASS I should add) but two months later after several chasers they have still not provided a letter for my insurers, or even acknowledged my requests. Really poor customer service and not using them next year. (This is for BASS Chatel)
Steve, Guernsey
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