Bahia Aventuras
Bahia Aventuras
乘船游览 • 出海捕鱼 • 观光游览 • 观海豚与观鲸 • 自然与野生动物游览

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2023年3月 • 夫妻情侣
The snorkeling trip we had with Bahia Aventuras was fabulous! Best snorkeling we’ve ever done, and everything ran like clockwork. We enjoyed a great breakfast with fruit, coffee, juice and fresh baked goods while they went over the plan for the day and made sure everyone had equipment. Then we drive a short distance (and saw a pair of scarlet macaws) where we had covered and secure parking and walked down to the beach to board the boat. It was a fun, shirt ride to beautiful Cano Island and Dean and all the crew were friendly, fun, and made sure everyone had a great time! We all saw turtles, an octopus and sting ray, a shark and I saw a beautiful zebra moray eel in addition to all the large schools of beautiful fish, dozens of species. The water was warm and calm, and the boat followed as we drifted over coral reefs with the light current. Visibility was great! The burritos at lunch, banana bread, and coconut cookies were amazing. The highlight of a fabulous 2 week adventure in Costa Rica where ever day was great! I recommend this trip to everyone - and will do it again when we return to gorgeous Costa Rica!
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Christoph H
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2023年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Very good Tour with a very nice and competent guide. Many interesting informations about the great nature in Costa Rica
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英国斯坦斯特德芒特菲奇特126 条分享
2023年3月 • 夫妻情侣
This was the absolute highlight of our visit to Manuel Antonio (even though it’s a one hour. drive South). We’ve already recommended it to other hotel guests and we’ve only been back 3 hours. We took a private transfer via the unusually smooth and fast coast roads then straight into a life jacket and a briefing (whilst eating the coconut cookies and fruit juice provided by our hosts). We were led by Eddie who proved very knowledgeable and friendly. The tour was conducted in English and started with a short walk down to the beach (during which we saw juvenile cayman basking in the stream with a kingfisher nearby) and a climb up the steps into the modern glass-fibre hulled and canopied speed boat. Wear waterproof shoes (although you can take them off until you get back). Then it was off and within 20 minutes we watched brown spotted dolphins looking for lunch and their feathered escort looking for left overs. Then we went looking for a turtle that Eddy had been tipped off about (but he’d gone deep). Howler monkeys were spotted above the caves, which were a sight in themselves. Then we went to the Bird island where the highlight for my wife was spying a resting Pelican who was un-phased by the company. Then it was into the lee of the Whale tail where we experienced snorkelling for the first time and saw tropical fish that we’d only ever seen in an aquarium before. What an experience! and then to top it off a fellow guide pointed us to a sloath in the car park trees which was only about 15 foot above ground. Thanks Eddy and the crew of Bahia Adventurer 2.
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Eric G
法国拉罗谢尔68 条分享
2023年3月 • 夫妻情侣

En toute fraîche et objectivité, cette excursion frise l'anarque. 290 € pour 2 pour 2 h de snorkeling en eau trouble...

Rdv à 07h, départ pour le bateau vers 07h45.
Bon point, le bateau est confortable, c'est préférable car le pacifique est rarement calme.

Animateurs charmants qui font de leur mieux.

Arrivée sur site vers 09h00. Tout le monde doit mettre un gilet tres inconfortable pour aller dans l'eau. 1ère remarque, peut être pourriez vous demander à chaque nageur son niveau, personnellement 15 ans de natation en compétition, je me serais bien passé de cet accessoire.
Sur zone on doit rester grouper, pourquoi ? 2ème remarque, il suffit de délimiter une zone et chacun fait son parcours. Le plus embêtant c'est que l'eau est trouble et la profondeur importantes donc on ne voit presque rien. Si on tient 2 mns en apnée on peut visualiser quelques poissons... a 11h on remonte, un petit casse croûte dans le bateau, 1/2 heure d'arrêt sur l'île Cano mais il n'y a rien à faire... puis retour.
Arrivée à 13h et ils appellent cela 'a day tour' !

Compte tenu du prix, de la mer déchaînée et de l'eau trouble, vous auriez dû annuler la sortie.

C'est une constance sur la côte pacifique du Costa Rica, vous prenez les touristes pour des vaches à lait et c'est très décevant. L'image que l'on a avant d'arriver et la réalité une fois sur place sont diamétralement opposées.

Dommage on ne reviendra pas au costa rica.
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Chris Harrison
英国什鲁斯伯里60 条分享
2023年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Edward was a very knowledgable and personable guide. We watch wildlife a lot in the UK but we would not have spotted a quarter of what Edward showed us if we had been on our own and identified less. A great trip and compared to some trips earlier in our holiday quite a relaxed start at 07:30. We’d definitely recommend this company and Edward in particular.
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Cat W
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Our favourite day of our two week holiday in Costa Rica was our hiking tour in Corcovado National park.

Ramon was our tour guide and he was fantastic. He was genuinely passionate about his job and he was just excited to see the wildlife as we were! He went out of his way to share information and make sure everyone got photos and opportunities to see the animals whilst also maintaining boundaries with the wildlife and protecting them.

The boat trip to Corcovado was fun and we saw lots of dolphins. The lunch was also delicious!

We were lucky enough to see two types of monkeys, sloths, a tapir, lots of birds (including a scarlet macaw), coatis and lots of butterflies and insects.

We will never forget this special day.
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Greg H
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2023年3月 • 夫妻情侣
This was absolutely the highlight of our trip to Costa Rica. All of the crew members and guides were so knowledgeable, helpful and the most courteous! Edward is a rock star! Thank you so much for everything!
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英国Hampshire96 条分享
2023年3月 • 好友
We booked this trip because we thought it was an opportunity to see whales in the wild. When we arrived the guide informed us that this was not the season to do this. So my question is, why are you taking people's money and not delivering what was advertised?. We stopped off briefly on a beach which was beautiful but there was no opportunity to swim. The boat stopped off in the middle of the sea by some rocks and we were asked if we wanted to go snorkeling which was not really a choice as the water was too dark. We managed to see a few dolphins which was nice. Rather disappointing trip and this company should not be offering this trip if the whales are known to be elsewhere at this trip me of year. Feels a bit dishonest
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Nancy G
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2023年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Favorite part??? The coffee & juice, banana bread & coconut cookies & intro? The spectacular boat ride to the island & the kind patient help in & out of the boat? The blue yellow fishes, the schools of jacks, & sea turtles? Hermit crabs, macaws, & howler monkeys? The delicious burritos, watermelon & best pineapple I've ever eaten? Every crew member's gracious smiles? Spend a morning with these folks if you have the opportunity!
Pura Vida at its best! Mucho gracias!!!!!!
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Liliane M
西班牙Buger292 条分享
2023年2月 • 独自旅游
Había contratado la excursión TOUR DE BALLENAS con Bahía aventura tour y tenía que estar a las 8h00 en su agencia y tuve que estar aquí una hora, entre esperar otros clientes, ofrecerles el desayuno, explicar la excursión, ir en el aparcamiento para los coches, coger transporte para ir hasta la playa...
Querio decir que es verdad que aunque no te aseguran que vayas a ver ballenas, las expectativas es que " VAS A VER BALLENAS""
En mi caso vimos unos delfines saltandos y dos lomos de ballenas y un poco lejos.
Lo que me molesto es que ya que habíamos localizado unas ballenas podíamos haber continuando la búsqueda un poco más como el resto de las compañías que estaban allí también pero no fue así.
Al vez de esto nos llevaron a darnos un chapuzón de no más de 15 minutos ( supuestamente para hacer snorkel) porque el agua no fue suficientemente clara!!!!
Para terminar encuentro que somos demasiado en la lancha ( unas 15 personas) es un hándicap.
Hubo un momento que avistamos una raya pero solo una parte de la gente pudo verla , los sentados del buen lado.
Mientras que el capitán daba la vuelta para la gente del otro lado la raya se había ido y entonces no vimos nada.
El hecho de ser muchos en la lancha no te permite moverte de un lado a otro.
Personalmente volveré allí para hacer otra vez está excursión porque ver ballenas es uno de mis deseos pero en mi opinión y aunque que tendre que pagar más creo que para disfrutar realmente de esta excursión poniéndo todas las ventajas para ver las ballenas es contratar un lancha con un máximo de 4 o 5 personas y dedicar estás 3 o 4 horas solamente en buscar y ver ballenas siempre y cuándo la naturaleza te lo permite.
Y para terminar ya que vivo en España y hablo español y que contrate la excursión en español inglés y que el idioma en Costa Rica es el español me hubiera gustado un poco más de explicaciones por parte del guía en este idioma y no 75% en ingles y el resto en español.

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