Uvita Beach

Uvita Beach(乌维塔)

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Beautiful Pristine Beach, Amazing Intersecting Tide Patterns!
2021年9月 • 好友
We went to Uvita Beach after a Whale Watching and Snorkel Tour to Cano Island. Our guide and other fellow tour participants walked back out of Uvita Beach back to their cars. We decided to stay since we were already inside the Marina Ballena National Park. That was a great decision!

The tide was going out when we started walking along the beach. We were told that it’s best to walk Uvita Beach at low tide to ensure the ability to walk out onto the “whales tail.”

Uvita Beach is really like two twin beaches. Both are pristine and beautiful. They go right up to the jungle. The sand is soft and brown. There are crabs everywhere. As the tide goes out, you can find sand dollars easily. Because this is a National Park, there are no vendors walking the beach. We couldn’t find any bathrooms either. It’s either the ocean or jungle if you need to take care of business.

We went in mid-September and that’s considered the tourism “low” period. The beach was not very crowded and was very serene in the later afternoon. We made it to the place where the two beaches collide at the “whales tail.” We waited and watched as the tide continued to recede. The tides Criss-cross and intersect at the tail. It’s fascinating to watch the waves and tides. The water gets shallow very quickly. The sand is great walking out to to the tail. However, once you get out there, it’s rocky. I recommend carrying sand ales or shoes. Also, shuffle your feet as you walk out in the shallow surf. There are small sand stingrays. They don’t like being stepped on and will swim away if they feel feet shuffling towards them.

I think this is a must see beach at low tide. If you are in Uvita, take the opportunity to vista this beautiful beach!
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Alex D
加拿大渥太华70 条分享
2021年6月 • 好友
Stunner of a beach. We didn't check the tides and were there at high tide and it was still nice too see. However I'd obviously recommend going at low tide so you can walk out the whales tail to see more.
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Profit share traveler
密歇根Ferndale91 条分享
Good way to kill an afternoon
If you are looking for something to do to kill an afternoon this is a nice clean beach. It is about $6 to get in so if you don't want to spend $$ you can go into a free beach along the way and get a similar experience. About the only thing to see is if you want to walk out to the end and look back at the main land as there really isn't anything exciting to see out on the tail except for lava rock.
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Gary K
威斯康星Wausau7 条分享
visit to Whale's Tail
2021年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Awesome beach! Water is perfect temp and great place to walk on the sand at low tide. Enjoyed one of the best views in Costa Rica.
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Silke S
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best Beach
just plain beautiful..... the most amazing flat sand beach with just the right amount of waves, clean empty and best of all warm water
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George S
华盛顿安吉利斯港8 条分享
Wonderful Beach
2020年12月 • 好友
This was one of our favorite beaches. Great sand and swimmable water. We visited unfortunately at high tide and weren’t able to see all of the whales tail. The town of Uvita is large enough to stock up on supplies and try out a few of their nice restaurants.
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around the world and back
科罗拉多丹佛30 条分享
It goes forever
Our first visit was at dusk when the tide was coming in. We loved standing in place and watching the water rise around us. Our second visit was in the morning as the tide went out. Finding sand dollars every step of the way was so cool.
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瑞士苏黎世6,027 条分享
Wunderschöner Strand
Der Strand von Uvita ist Teil des Nationalparks Marino Ballena. Entsprechend muss man für den Zugang eine Gebühr (ca. 15 USD) bezahlen. Der Preis ist in Anbetracht der Schönheit des Strandes aber durchaus gerechtfertigt. Weiter im Norden des Landes sind die Strände eher karg und wenig tropisch, ausser im Nationalpark Manuel Antonio. Der ist dafür immer überlaufen. Nicht so in Uvita. Der Strand hier ist mit Palmen gesäumt, kilometer lang und oft auch in der Hauptsaison wenig frequentiert. In der Nähe der Flüsse sollte man wegen Krokodilen aufpassen, sonst kann man im warmen Meer aber ohne Probleme baden. Sonnencreme nicht vergessen, selbst mit einem steten Lüftchen ist die Einstrahlung hier extrem stark.
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荷兰Best158 条分享
2020年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Prachtig strand, heel erg rustig, veel leuke plekjes waar je even kunt gaan zitten, liggen op je handdoekje. Geen voorzieningen, jungle direct tegen strand. Leuke krabbetjes en mooie leguanen gezien.
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Bre Tee
新泽西Lodi11 条分享
breath taking
the whales tail was one of my favs! the water was the warmest water i have ever felt in my life! better than bath water! LOL it was so relaxing and just simply beautiful!
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