Chi Phat Community-Based Ecotourism

Chi Phat Community-Based Ecotourism

Chi Phat Community-Based Ecotourism
文化游览 • 历史与古迹游览 • 徒步路径 • 自然与野生动物游览 • 皮划艇与独木舟
上午9:00 - 下午5:00

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比利时克诺克-海斯特4 条分享
2020年2月 • 好友
Nous cherchions un trek histoire de faire entre autre du sport... Au centre il y a surtout une dame qui parle bien anglais par contre elle n'est pas efficace et surtout ils exagere dans leurs descriptions d'activités. Nous avions après beaucoup d'hésitation choisi le trek de 3 nuits et de 4 jours. Sur la fiche il était mit que c'était un trek "hard" or ce ne l'est pas du tout car c'est relativement plat... Nous arrivions tôt au campement à chaque fois. Sans compter que le guide voulait à tout pris qu'on avance vite (alors que nous avions tout le temps) comme si il voulait terminer ses journées plus tôt.
Le point positif : nous étions seuls à se baigner dans des cascades sympas.
La nourriture durant le trek n'est pas top par contre le petit déjeuner au centre et dans la famille était bon.
Après le trek nous avions hésité à faire un birdwatching mais en creusant plus (car nous savions des à présent que les fiches descriptifs ne reflètent pas la réalité) on se rend compte que le birdwatching en question ne dure que 30 minutes et elle nous avoue qu'il est possible que nous voyons presque rien... C'est clair pour nous on part le lendemain...

Bref le trek en question était sympa mais l'organisation c'est vraiment pour pompier votre argent...
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瑞典马尔默2 条分享
My girlfriend and I spent 3 days and 2 nights on a trek in the jungle with Lee Heng and a chef, both employed by the wildlife alliance eco tourism center in Chi Pat. This experience learned us (two researchers in conservation biology) things about the rainforest and conservation that no book could ever convey. Furthermore, we saw gibbons, long tailed macaques, large and small lizards, a brown viper, elephant traces, beautiful butterflies and birds (including 3 hornbill species) and much more.

Lee Heng was the best guide we could have asked for. We talked about everything from Pol Pot to French cheese. During most of the tour however, we flooded him with questions about his time as a poacher (80% of the people used to be poachers, now thanks to new income possibilities from eco tourism less than 5% poach), his and his family's life, the animals and plants in the forest, Cambodian traditions, and much more. Important to note, Lee Heng told us that neither he nor anyone he knows want to poach. They are very happy that the families can now make income from eco tourism instead, e.g. guiding, cooking, housing, etc.

Beyond seeing wildlife and having interesting conversations with Lee Heng, we got to experience Cambodian country side (in Chi Pat), contribute to making conservation a viable business that can compete with poaching rare animals for foreign markets and be embraced by a feeling of being deep in the rainforest (sleeping in hammocks with mosquito nets enhanced that feeling!).

You see plastic and other waste sporadically along the forest paths. I mentioned this to the manager in Chi Pat. Maybe if others mention this too they might do something about it. Don't let this disturb your experience though. I'm sure they will find a solution eventually, maybe encourage tourist to pick up a couple of items each or pay a guide to do a waste picking round every now and then.

All in all, one of the best nature experiences in my life!
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Charles m
1 条分享
2020年2月 • 独自旅游
Perhaps the best thing I did in Cambodia.
An authentic taste of Cambodian village life. Beautiful surroundings. I did the hike, the guide and cook were absolutely fantastic and spoke good English. Good trek through the jungle with great flora and fauna.

Couldn’t recommend this enough!
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Andy R
英国伦敦52 条分享
2020年1月 • 独自旅游
From the boat ride up the beautiful Phipot river to the moto ride back to AnduengTuek four day’s later, this was a great place to enjoy Cambodian hospitality in the ‘back of beyond ‘.
The community project has a great ethos of employing and supporting local people into jobs as a means of protecting the environmental from logging, poaching etc. It’s also keeping away private operators who would quickly ruin the place with neon, pizza and happy hours. Chan, who seems to be in charge - a formidable lady! - will be keen to sign you up for a trek or similar when you arrive mid afternoon but that’s because they have to set things up for an early start the next day. Take your time if you can, talk to people who’ve already trekked.
I did the overnight trek (27) with early morning birdwatching (hornbills, toucan and also monkeys swinging in the trees) and it was a fantastic experience. We also had some unexpected rain and were able to have a shower before dinner - you can also bathe in the small stream. Our guide Mr Kim was great fun and knowledgable about the forest.

In the village I stayed 3 nights at Cardamom Cottages where Chiva and Sra were great hosts and provided excellent food.

Whilst there I also biked (14 kms/ 75 mins) to the O’Malu waterfall for a swim - beautiful and deserted.

I highly recommend Chi Phat if you want an escape from pizza and cocktails and desire a more authentic Cambodian experience in the jungle.
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印度尼西亚水明漾1 条分享
2020年1月 • 独自旅游
I did a 2 day trek at Chi Phat with 1 night in the forest and the experience was amazing! Seeing more of the authentic Cambodian life and experiencing the true friendliness of the people was amazing. I loved the boat trip at the beginning of the tour (I did tour #27). Also cooking on real fire in the forest was an awesome experience, as well as sleeping in a hammock (luckily with mosquito net!).
Only one disclaimer: the prices on Chi Phat’s website are way lower than the actual prices at the eco-center. Online it said tour #29 (3 days, 2 nights) would be $170 solo, however, it turned out to be $221 solo instead. Therefore, I chose to do another tour since, as a student, my budget is small. I had an amazing experience and did the tour with three others (for 3+ people, the tours are cheaper than solo or duo pax), so I absolutely loved it, but I did have to choose another tour than I initially wanted due to the high price.
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18 条分享
2019年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Chi Phat Touricenter: Essen lecker, Organisation fehlerlos und professionell, keinerlei Probleme!

Unterkunft Sunbearbungalows: Habe dort eine ausführliche Bewertung hinterlegt, kurz gesagt: Super, besser geht nicht!

Dschungeltrek: Ich glaube man wird auf der ganzen Welt keinen authentischerem Guide als Mr Kim finden, der schon die vietnamesische Armee auf der Suche nach den roten Khmer durch die Kardamon- Mountains geführt hat. Er ist super. Hotel Cambodia - Insider von Kim - mehr Sterne als alle Hyatt Hotels zusammen! Er war unglaublich aufmerksam und auf unsere Sicherheit bedacht. Immerwieder hat er sich für sein nicht perfektes Englisch entschuldigt - nicht nötig - wir haben uns bestens verstanden. Wenn ich Erwarte, das jeder um mich herum perfekt Englisch spricht, fahre ich nach Oxford, nicht nach Chi Phat. Der Dschungelkoch, dessen Name ich leider nich schreiben kann, hat auch einen tollen Job gemacht! Mit einfachen Mitteln super leckeres Essen gezaubert. Die Tour war einfach großartig!

Who ever reads this evaluation, please say hello to Kim and his djungle cook, who were just great and provided a unique and unvorgettable experience to us!
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德国法兰克福12 条分享
2019年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Die Organisation hat entgegen vieler Bewertungen unglaublich gut funktioniert.
Die Leute in Che phat sind durchweg freundlich und es sprechen auch einige englisch. Unsere zwei tägige jungle tour mit bird watching hat sich für uns voll gelohnt. Es war ein großartiges Erlebnis, die Natur ist wunderschön und mit etwas Glück bekommt man auch einiges an Tierwelt zugesicht. 80 Dollar pro Kopf schienen erst einmal viel, dafür arbeiten aber ein Führer und ein Koch rund um die Uhr für einen und der Rest kommt dem Dorf und dem Projekt zu Gute, meiner Meinung nach also völlig ok. Man sollte sich von seinen deutschen Hygiene- und konfortstandarts allerdings erabschieden...Alles wird im Fluß gewaschen, schlafen in ner hängematte.. Eigentlich logisch im jungle ;) lange Hose und lange Socken, sowie feste Schuhe sind wegen der überall blutrünstig wartenden Blutegel unerlässlich, genauso wie gutes mosquitospray und ein pullover zum Schlafen.
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Charlotte N
4 条分享
We were guided through the jungle on a 2 day trek with Born and Bao who were really great guides. Born spoke English which was perfect and between them, they kept us safe in the jungle...especially when we came upon a viper mid-path!
We were lucky enough to have our own tour for us as a couple as we were in Chi Phat in low season and the super friendly guys at the Chi Phat community office sorted the trek out when we arrived.
The overnight was a really incredible experience and walking through dense jungle and through a couple of wide rivers was an exciting way to explore the mountains.
The food was some of the best we ate whilst away and we will definitely not forget this amazing place. Thank you!
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柬埔寨金边10 条分享
2019年7月 • 夫妻情侣
We travelled from Sihanoukville via taxi as we had missed the bus earlier that day. We stopped at Andong Terk right infront of the large bridge. On the right hand side at a small store, a few friendly locals asked if we were going to Chi Phat. We had the option of a $7 (each,takes approx 45 minutes) motorbike ride or $30 boat ride (2 people which takes around 2 hours). Although very helpful just be a little weary as they tried to charge us $10 each originally for a motorbike and tried to short change us when we were paying. We chose to be taken by motorbike. Overall it was quite easy to get there.

On arrival at the Wild life Sanctuary we were greeted by many friendly people, offered tea and sat down to arrange our tours etc. We had not booked accommodation and it was easily arranged for us very quickly. We also arranged to have breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked for us at the visitor centre. $2.50 each for breakfast and $3.50 for lunch and dinner. The food was great an you’ll never be left hungry.

My husband and I ended up going on the 3 days, 2 nights jungle trek. A large backpack including a hammock with mosquito net, 2 large bottles of water, all meals (cooked whilst trekking), tea and coffee where included. We advise that you take long pants and socks (to prevent leeches), sunscreen, hat, a good bug repellent, a roll of toilet paper, good shoes to hike in and a pair of slip on shoes as it’s guaranteed your going to get wet and muddy shoes during the rainy season.

Overall we had an excellent experience and loved every moment we spent in the jungle. Our cook and guide were great and we felt very safe and well looked after. We both highly recommend coming to Chi Phat if you would like to spend time in nature and experience true Cambodian life.
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7 条分享
2019年6月 • 好友
We spent one day in Chi Phat and did a guided hike to the Silver Meadow. The guide Kim did a very good job. Without him we would never have dared to walk trought the tropic forest and see so much. Further dinner and breakfast at the community was nice. The accomadition in a bungelow was simple but comfortable. The journey to Chi Phat on the river was also beautiful. Here, the organization could improve in therir communication. To us, it was not clear which boat was supposed to bring us from Andoung Teuk to Chi Phat.
Be aware that you are in a small village where people have other standards. We had for example no Wifi and no AC.
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