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宾夕法尼亚匹兹堡20 条分享
2023年1月 • 好友
Rented a Honda Pioneer 1000cc from them for the day. Rental was extremely easy, the process took less than 10 minutes and we were on our way. The owner had her three Great Danes at the office as well which made the visit even better. We would definitely rent from then again on our next trip.
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Melanie K
2 条分享
Rent elsewhere. The quad ran rough, like a lawn mower, and loud. We discovered quickly that a windshield & roof cover were necessary in November, which the quad did not have. We rented for a week, returned after 2 days, and we were not refunded. Research found other more comfortable 4x4s at a much better price. I suppose if you are taking a tour, iQuad would be fine. iQuad was able to rent the ATV to another party for 1 day, so gave us a minimal amount. I was not happy with this experience & will not be returning.
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Kate H
4 条分享
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Highly recommend a quad tour! Emel took us out on a quad tour of the jungle around Nosara. It was a great was to see the terrain from amazing viewpoints. We went up a mountain, through some rivers, and on some very fun rocky jungle roads on the atv. We stopped for a little walk down to a beautiful waterfall where we enjoyed the lunch that we packed.
Emel was a great guide. As a local, he was able to show us around. And BONUS, he’s quite the photographer! Using his phone while operating his atv, he took a lot of pictures and videos of us while we road alongside the amazing views. He sent them to me after the trip and it was fun looking back on an excellent day.
Also, the Honda ATV we rented was in good shape, comfortable and reliable. My husband and I shared one 420cc.
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Joyce M
科罗拉多丹佛15 条分享
Had great girls trip out to the waterfall in Nosara. We ranged in age from 7 to 73 and all enjoyed it immensely. We went out through lots of river crossings and sometimes in the river. Came back high up in the Costa Rican hills with beautiful views. Kaylor was a great guide and very attentive to us all.
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brad k
1 条分享
First time visiting Costa Rica and learned quickly ATV/UTV is the BEST and ONLY way to get around Nosara...didn't know much before coming down here, and can't thank iQuad enough for a great experience. The staff was very helpful and polite, gave recommendations on how to get around and best places to see & visit. Any minor issues were taken care of quick and without question. Very quick to respond to any questions/concerns and made the experience one that I will come back to. The only downside is not renting with them LONGER! Great people, great service and a great time. Definitely will be back and recommend iQuad be your first call when visiting Nosara. Pura Vida!
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Nick Fergis
加利福尼亚圣地亚哥2 条分享
RENTER BEWARE! I am an experienced UTV and ATV, owner. I spend 4 weeks per year on Costa Rica, and generally rent UTVs and ATV on all my trips for myself and friends. in this case I reserved one Honda 1000 UTV and ATV for 16 Days. I had my assistant in Costa Rica pay in advance. $2480 for the two for the 18 days.
The ATV was fine. The Honda 1000 was poorly maintained and had several things wrong with it. I have rented the exact same machine on other occasions, and even showed them pictures of the other two I had rented from another outfit pre-Covid. The Honda 1000 was missing a heat shield for starters. The girl at the counter denied it over the phone several times. we finally gave up. The machine was unbearably hot, partially due to the missing heat shield and partially due to what sounded like an engine or exhaust problem i assume. the weather was actually pretty nice, and the interior was basically on fire. but the worst thing was that it was so loud, unlike any UTV i have ever heard, it was totally miserable and unusable. (also the signals didn't work so we had to goto an parts store and fix it ourselves but that was not big deal). it was insanely loud to the point of inoperable. it has a very negative impact on that aspect of my vacation because i had to return it after 5 days, and by then all the other machines were booked. they insisted (without even listening to or riding in the machine) that there was no issue, despite the fact that others of that same make/model do not make ANYWHERE NEAR that kind of noise or produce that kind of heat. My wife and I are both experienced with that exact make and model. The girl at one point lied and said they order it that way because some people like the load engine. that was the most absurd comment i have heard all year. I paid for the machine for 18 days, ended up dropping it back off after having if for 5 days but only using it one day. really, the machine could not be used. the would not repair it for me, they would not replace it for me and they would not refund me. what an absolutely terrible outfit. Stay away.
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Thank you for your review Nick, but for the sake of the readers i must reply to this one and say the following: 1- anyone that has rented these 1000cc sxs vehicles from us can 100% agree that the more you drive them the warmer they get, and as mentioned many times while you rented, this is because we had windshields installed which prevents the air from circulating properly, so yes you have the option to remove the windshield and avoid the heat, or leave the windshield and avoid the dust. REMEMBER these are recreational vehicles !! you get hot and you get dirty, its part of the fun. 2- we offered to have you see our whole fleet and pick the vehicle you liked the most, we also told you we had in our shop the supposed insulation (which is a paper thin piece of rubber that we have proven many times on our own that does not work at all with the heat ) we were also prepared to offer you a refund if you decided not to swap vehicles. To which your assistant replied with threats saying you were gong to sew us, Unfortunately after the threats we proceed to ask for the immediate return of our vehicles as we do not tolerate this. Im very sorry you weren't happy with your rental experience, and i hope you can find something better in your next trip :)
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Jeremy T
宾夕法尼亚费城8 条分享
Iquad was friendly and helpful in renting me a 500cc Honda side by side. Every year I get to go places a "Jungle cart" is not able to. Venturing up to Playa San Juanillo to Ancient People for the best fish tacos was a breeze.
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加利福尼亚圣克莱蒙顿103 条分享
This place was recommended by our driver from the airport as the best way to get around Costa Rica and he was right! The best money we spent on our trip was to rent a side by side from Alex and Michelle at iQuad. We had the freedom to go everywhere all week. We visited all the local beaches going down just South of Samara, and going up North to San Juanillo Beach, we also drove up into the mountains and had a wonderful afternoon meal at Coyol with amazing views from the mountain. I highly recommend renting this instead of a car if you are a couple - it was the perfect way to explore and have freedom to go on all the dirt roads with ease.
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瑞士格斯塔德116 条分享
2020年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Super sortie quad, le parcours de 3h est vraiment top avec de très beau paysage des traversées de rivières et un arrêt dans un village pour boire un verre le top on recommande
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Beach L
加拿大安大略省173 条分享
In comparison to a previous ATV tour we did in another area of CR, this one was average. The ATVs were in good shape and the staff friendly, taking us up in the hills and along a river road but that was the extent of things. Having previously had a tremendous ATV tour, I felt like I was comparing a lot. It would have bene nice to have a backseat combo storage box on the ATV as a place for the second rider and as somewhere to store our items where they won't get completely covered in a thick layer of dust. Being provided with some more 'guiding' when we stop to explain points of interest or local knowledge would have also taken things to a higher level. Maybe providing drinking water or a stop with fresh fruit as a snack are other things that many tour companies tend to offer and were lacking with iQuad (especially with the price paid). As a result, the experience was average rather than very good or excellent.
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