Nosara Expeditions
Nosara Expeditions

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Sarah D
卡罗莱纳州教堂山16 条分享
2013年7月 • 家庭
My teenage son and I took two trips with Nosara Expeditions: River paddleboarding and Waterfalls. The Waterfall trip involved a short hike to a swimming hole at the base of a waterfall. The guide, Alan, was enthusiastic and anxious to share his knowledge of the area. While we swam he hunted around to find various shrimp, etc to show us. We had a picnic on the way out and a nice discussion about conservation in Costa Rica. Similarly, Felipe led the paddleboarding trip and was sure to teach good paddleboarding techniques as well as point out many, many animals and plants along the way. The highlight was a pineapple break on Nosara Beach where we were the only people in sight. Both guides made the trips informative and fun. Highly recommend.
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哥斯达黎加希门尼斯港28 条分享
2012年9月 • 家庭
I took my wife and young children on a birding/wildlife kayak trip with Nosara expeditions. Being owner of Everyday Adventures on the OSA Peninsula, I can be quite critical of guided tours. However, the enthusiasm and knowledge of our guide, Felipe really created a wonderful experience shared by all of us. He was attentive to the needs of little ones and ready to answer my scientific queries. You could tell his experience didn't come from just books or redundancy, but a genuine passion for wildlife biology and tropical ecology. Maybe it's because of the slow season, but when the owner, Nate, called back to see how we liked the trip... That was appreciated.
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Brian N
哥斯达黎加诺萨拉1 条分享
2012年2月 • 好友
Our trip with Kyle at Nosara Expeditions was magnificent. Kyle was very informative and his knowledge of the area was spectacular. I would highly recommend you take one of his expeditions. Don't leave Nosara without taking a trip with Nosara Expeditions!
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Rick S
加利福尼亚马里布2 条分享
Our family went with Russ and Kyle on the most incredible adventure today!! We went where the other adventure guides NEVER get to go!! We saw a total of 5 of the most beautiful waterfalls that are amazing, even in the dry seaon of December. We saw primordial jungle that is on private land and not accesabe to everyone....yet, YOU get to be the lucky ones. We saw howler monkeys,gorgeous birds,a morph butterfly that is blue as blue can be! The hiking was just challenging enough for the mom of 20 something boys to feel safe yet adventursome at the same time. The boys were proud of me, but actually is was very doable for a relatively fit 61 year old!! We stopped for the best lunch ever (which was
included in the price) and took off for a hidden local river waterfall swim and diving site! Unreal! We can't wait to take their surf lessons! All I can tell you is that we will be back in
Nosara next year and Russ ,Stephanie and Kyle will be first on our "make reservations" list! Thanks guys, you're the BEST! Paulette
P.S. Kyle took pictures of our family and put on a CD (over 400 pics in sequence) that he has already given to us (we didn't have to lug around our own camera..yea!) Now that's what I call efficient and wonderful. Once we download the pics we will put one up for your pleasure!
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