Catlins Kayak and Adventure
自然与野生动物游览 • 皮划艇与独木舟

Catlins Kayak and Adventure
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I was a bit nervous kayaking in the sea but Jared was so calm and reassuring. Loved that we were taken into some of the small bays before reaching the nuggets. Amazing experience to kayak around the nuggets. Loved it!
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Great to get on the water, got to paddle around the nuggets at Nugget Point in nice conditions. Lots of wildlife to see, including seals, penguins and many birds. Very responsive communications before we went out.
Jared was an fantastic guide. Easy to talk to and very knowledgeable on the history, weather and tidal conditions, environment and wildlife.

Highly recommended activity if you find yourself in the Catlin's.
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Such an amazing experience!

We saw sea lions chilling on the rocks.

Sunrise Kayaking is the best way to say hello to the world and the wild animals.

Thank you, Jared.

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Richard & Lyn George
新西兰阿什伯顿4 条分享
2020年9月 • 夫妻情侣
WOW what a fabulous morning. Jared is a fabulous guide. Very knowledgeable in all aspects - kayaking, sea conditions, local history, wildlife etc. Would definitely recommend. Would love to come back for the sunrise trip, although getting up early is not my thing, it would be worth it.
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Dan W
澳大利亚凯恩斯14 条分享
Jared was a fabulous host for our kayaking trip. Provided all the equipment, was kind and courteous and very knowledgable about the local area. We were lucky to have a private tour as the only ones booked. The scenery was amazing and seeing the wildlife was a real treat. 2 albatrosses landed right by our boats and we had a very playful seal ion surprise us by swimming with us the entire return leg from the nuggets to the beach. Thank you for a wonderful experience. Highly recommend this experience.

Dan and Emma.
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Jarod showed us a great time at Catlins Kayaking Adventure. He was organized, punctual, knowledgeable and professional. He provided good gear and a nice ~2 hour tour of the Nugget Point and some of the surrounding rocks. Unfortunetly we did not see any penguins as hopped but quite a lot of other sea life. We very much enjoyed our time on the water.
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Alec Barker
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2019年12月 • 好友
Really great morning, highly recommend doing this, well organised, good gear, great fun!! Jared was a awesome host heaps of local knowledge
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2019年11月 • 好友
It was an amazing kayak experience! Jared is very friendly and gives loads of information. We saw two pinguins swim in the sea right next to the kayaks! He really knows the catlins by heart! Jared takes the time to fully explain everything you see around you. Would definitely recommend this trip to anybody!!
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Katherine T
Sydney129 条分享
2019年11月 • 独自旅游
A great few hours on the water, with excellent supervision by Jared. Equipment is provided, you really probably won’t get your feet wet (as promised). I’m an experienced kayaker, but if you’re inexperienced but water savvy and it’s a calm enough day you’ll be fine under Jared’s instruction. There are doubles and singles with rudders and the paddles provided are nice and light. Remember it’s cold in this part of the world, if planning to kayak and you get cold hands might be wise to bring some wet suit gloves (I borrowed some from my accommodation). Off Nugget Point lighthouse we sat at the bottom of the cliffs watching sea lions chomping down fish and clambering up rocks, along with various sea birds. A great two hours - thank you Jared!
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John F
新西兰奥克兰中心地区212 条分享
2019年7月 • 夫妻情侣
This is a kayaking trip to tell your friends and family about. No, really, it is. We have kayaked in Glacier Bay, Tahoe, Able Tasman, and other places and each has its own special character. Here, at Nugget Point, we kayaked in seas that come across the oceans from the deep south. Indeed, off the end of Nugget Point the next landfall is Antartica.

But on this absolutely glorious mid winter morning the sea was calm (Southern Ocean calm - just a gentle southern swell) and the sun shone out of a blue sky.

Jared, our guide, really knows his stuff. He is a local, from a commercial fishing background right off Nugget Point, and he knows these seas. His kayaks are professionally maintained and well equipped. He has all the gear essential for safety, plus commercial grade communications equipment in case of emergency. You can feel very confident in his abilities.

It does help to have some previous experience in sea kayaks, but it is not essential. Entry to the sea is from a somewhat sheltered cove on a sandy beach. The old sea wall does a good job of protection from the direct waves but has the unfortunate effect of bending the waves around the point of the sea wall and creating a kind of cross current. So, paying close attention to the shape of the waves bears good results. Heading out is not so much of an issue as heading in with the waves behind. The long double kayaks can swing quickly in a cross current so the rear person needs to know how to use a rudder and a paddle to keep on course.

This is not said to put you off! Jared gives full, clear instructions and advice and will do everything he can to keep you dry. Jared will direct you as you come in, letting you know exactly what to do with your paddles and when to do it. You will be wearing proper clothing and if you take a dip its no big deal. Just make sure your camera and phone is in a waterproof container.

The seascape out on the ocean is magnificent. The colour of the water is not easy to describe, but is immersive and refreshing. Southern Albatrosses checked us out, on the rocks the fur seals basked in the sun and other species of birds flocked on the rocks.

We were out for 3 hours and could have stayed another 3. Some days are just like this, perfect for a particular experience, and this was one of this days.

Thanks Jared for the trip.
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