Vistasur Shopping Centre

Vistasur Shopping Centre(洛斯克里斯蒂亚诺斯)

Vistasur Shopping Centre


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Love evaice icecream parlour
The very best icecream in Tenerife, we love it.
Loads of choice, cherry and cheesecake are the best, and pineapple and water,melon....great icecream, and waffles.
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Johnny D
瑞典哥德堡7,537 条分享
Finns skugga här.
Enda orsaken att besöka detta shoppingcenter är för att söka skugga några minuter. Trista affärer, de få som fanns. Nej, gå till något annat shoppingcenter om du absolut måste besöka sådana på din semester.
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芬兰土尔库9 条分享
Shoppailu mielessä.
Ihana nostalginen shoppailucenter, ollaan käyty siellä jo vuosia aiemmin ja tuntui kuin olisi palannut ajassa taaksepäin. Liikkeet olivat kyllä uusiutuneet. Siellä oli myös Ihana pieni kahvila, missä kävimme lapsenlapseni syntymäpäivää juhlimassa ja oli kyllä ihanat kakut. Gluteenitonta vaihtoehtoa ei ollut muuta kuin jäätelö ja se oli harmi.
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爱尔兰都柏林15 条分享
Not loads of sops but nice to walk around and there are plenty of bars and places to have lunch. Plus they are all on the beachfront.
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俄罗斯莫斯科101,518 条分享
C.C. Vistasur: заходим каждый день...
2019年8月 • 家庭
Вот уже второй день подряд посещаем С.С.Vistasur и ещё неделю будем посещать каждый день... Не то, чтобы сильно шопоголики, просто опять гостим в аппартаментах VistaSur над торговым центром... А что касается самого С.С., то он по-прежнему неплох, можно найти всё, что нужно туристу - от мороженого до жемчужного колье... Ну, или почти всё, что нужно туристу...
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英国布拉德福869 条分享
Odd mix of shops
2019年8月 • 家庭
Not somewhere you would head to if you wanted to go shopping. A few nicer shops, mainly on the exterior with the ones on the inside selling the same tat you see all over Tenerife.
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意大利弗利100 条分享
Non ci è piaciuto
2019年6月 • 家庭
Un centro commerciale davvero di bassa qualità, con negozietti di souvenir di bassa qualità. Non aspettatevi grandi marche perché non ne troverete. L unico negozio degno di nota è il Fundgrube. Sicuramente la location è davvero carina, su una spiaggia con incantevole passeggiata ed è un peccato che non vi siano negozi di qualità solo di chincaglierie varie e punti ristoro.
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英国Wisbech7 条分享
Vistasur Restaurant
2019年7月 • 家庭
Had a meal in here. Just down steps at vistasur shopping centre at plays da la vistas. Went for the 3 courses for 10 euro. I didn't expect much but was surprised. The meals were ok all cutlery was impressively cleaned and staff was very polite. The meals came and I was happy for what we got for the money.
Had no complaints to be honest. Had a budget 3 course meal and was satisfied. They do other full grill menus but we just tried the budget options. Would go again next time I'm there.
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Alison J
Wales27 条分享
Please, please, please avoid a shop called “Rich World”
2019年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Situated next to the Santiago Complex in Playa De Las Americas.
On our last day of our lovely holiday we had a couple of hours to spare before our coach transfer to the airport so my husband & I decided to kill some time browsing around the shops. Outside a shop called “Rich World” we were approached by a very charming man who introduced himself as “Tony”. He seemed very pleasant & friendly making chit chat asking us where we were from etc. etc. He then went on to tell us he owned a shop called “Canary Travel” based in Cardiff which was run by his brother called “Roy”. We then got lured into the shop where he told us of an offer on a Samsung tablet, which worked using a Google satellite chip or sim card. My husband decided he would like to purchase as it sounded like a good deal. After paying for the tablet, he gave us a receipt along with a tax free invoice should we need it for custom purposes. He then told us that we needed to come back in an hour as his "Technician" would set everything up on the tablet in English and add the appropriate apps etc. The Man then escorted us to the restaurant next door which he said he also owned, where we were provided with a free coffee & a soft drink.

When we arrived back at the shop at the agreed time, “Tony” told us that his technician wasn’t quite ready for us as he was still dealing with a previous Customer which was taking longer than expected. We explained that we were pushed for time & that our coach was due to pick us up soon, but he reassured us that the wait wouldn’t be much longer. We were finally directed to a small area at the back of the store where the so-called technician showed us how to use the tablet. He showed us three satellite chips and then told us that Google would charge a monthly fee for the satellite use which would allow access to hundreds of TV stations and movies. There were various packages starting from £9 per month over 60 months where upon the final payment, the chip would be ours. He proceeded to tell us that we could save money by cancelling Sky. My husband was prepared to set up a direct debit for the £19 per month google package, however, the technician advised us that he wasn’t able to set up a bank direct debit using a debit card, and that we needed to pay by a credit card. When we advised him that we don’t use credit cards, he then attempted to persuade us to pay an upfront fee of £899 rather than the £19 per month which would save us money in the long run. We point blank refused. However, the technician would not take no for an answer. By this time I began to feel a little anxious as time was getting on, I attempted to explain again that our coach was due to pick us up at our hotel very soon & we really had to leave. I advised him that we were happy to just take what we had already paid for and set up everything ourselves back home. Even though I kept repeating that we needed to get back to our hotel for our coach transfer, he was very insistent & wouldn’t take no for an answer. He even tried to persuade my husband to go to a cashpoint machine next door with him to withdraw money. The technician then beckoned the shop owner to try to get him to persuade us into paying money upfront. They both started waffling on about a free phone & what not! At this point my husband & I were finding it very uncomfortable to the point where I was getting very irate as they were both making it difficult for us to leave the shop with the tablet which we had already paid for. I had to resort to snatching the tablet off the table along with the chargers etc. My husband & I are frequent travelers and have never, ever had the displeasure of what I can only describe as a frightening, horrible, pressurised experience which I wouldn’t wish on anyone! Please avoid this shop at all costs
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英国利文斯顿25 条分享
Rich World - Be Very Aware
2019年5月 • 家庭
I have been going to Tenerife for the best part of 20 years and obvioiusly love the place. Like everywhere there is the good, the bad and the ugly. This shopping Centre is full of shops selling electronic goods, mostly displayed with no price tag and has often made me wonder how they can all make a living. As a source of "amusement" I occassionally haggle with some of the shops but never buy anything as I am highly suspicious. I am just back from Tenerife and this year it was the turn of Rich World.(Next to Parque Santiago 111) They invited me in to view mobile phones. After a bit of haggling I was offered a new IPhone x (new in the UK for about £700) complete with all the UK plugs, case and UK guarentee for 80 Euro. This was as long as I was paying with Visa or Mastercard. It is impossible to buy a new or second hand Iphone x for 80 Euros so undoubtedly there is a scam coming from somewhere. Be very much aware of this shop.
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