Port of Los Cristianos

Port of Los Cristianos(洛斯克里斯蒂亚诺斯)

Port of Los Cristianos
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David D
英国得文郡12,420 条分享
Not very busy
2021年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Sunday 10th October and we were travelling on the Fred Olsen ferry from Los Cristianos Port, Tenerife to San Sebastián in La Gomera.

Our transfer coach dropped us at the ferry terminal so we did not see a great deal. We did visit the cafeteria, El Teatro del Puerto in the terminal.

Once on board the ferry, we visited the outdoor top deck were we could see around the Marina, Port, Los Cristianos and it's beach.

There was not much happening in the Port our ferry was the only vessel there. However, the Marina, within the Port walls, was filled with a variety of yachts, fishing boats and tour boats. There were a large number of people along the beach.

We also saw the mountainous scenery surrounding the Town of Los Christianos
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mike r
英国布罗姆斯格罗夫1,005 条分享
spoilt by recent development
This used to be a great place to wander around. but they have now fenced much of the area off. probably for security reasons. This has been done with little consideration to the appearance of the area, and as far as security is concerned, there are ways to access most areas if you make an effort.
We used to use the cafe at the port but no longer bother. The walk along the harbour wall is still worth doing
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Lynne T
Leeds60 条分享
Walk about
2020年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Had a walk round here on our last day it was a nice change to see Christianos from a different view we walked all along the path at the top & had a lovely view of the sea on one side & los cris on other worth a look
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瑞士洛桑1,564 条分享
Charmant port avec plage agréable et animée
2020年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Charmant port avec large plage agréable et vivante.
La zone piétonne contiguë dispose de nombreux bancs pour observer la joyeuse animation alentour 😊🎻
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Wolfgang R
奥地利81 条分享
Ein Hafen mit Badebucht und Promenade
Ein Hafen wie viele auf Teneriffa mit einer eingelagerten Badebucht - die Promenade hat viele Restaurants, zwei Reihen weiter hinten sind die Preise schon moderater - in manchen aller Lokale würde ich freiwillig nicht essen - da liegt der Fisch den ganzen Tag in der Auslage auf Eis - ist das wirklich OK?
Es werden Touren zum Whale-Watching angeboten - viel geredet aber nichts überzeugt vor allem nicht die Preise - für eine vierköpfige Familie blättert man da locker mal mehr als 100€ hin ohne Garantie auch nur einen Wal oder Delphin zu Gesicht zu kommen.
Fähren die nach La Gomera und wohl auch zu den anderen Inseln übersetzen lassen die Motoren stundenlang laufen.

Die Sitzbänke an der Promenade wurden kreativ gestaltet, manche von diesen lädt schon zum Nachdenken ein, ein Hauptthema der Bemalungen ist die Meeresverschmutzung durch Plastik, das sollte doch zu Denken geben!
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爱尔兰都柏林2,558 条分享
A port is a port!
Wherever you go in the world, there is usually one nearby, some are busy, some are dead, some not so.
Los Cristianos port has a couple of ferries chugging in and out every day, between the islands, etc. There was also a smattering of trawlers and tourist boats too. Now there were no nuclear subs or destroyers, or giant oil tankers or container ships, or ocean liners queueing up to come in.
Maybe if you want a porty type holiday, made read up on your ports. Southampton, Rotterdam and San Diego spring to mind, not Los Cristianos for some reason.
Anyhow, it's a quaint little port, nice beach, and restaurants nearby, and it's located in a nice holiday destination, what more would you want?
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Piotr H.
波兰罗兹3,983 条分享
Quite nice
There are lots of people. Upstairs on the port entrance there is a nice route along the harbour. You can see the whole ocean and waves :)
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Joan W
英国格里姆斯比6 条分享
Lovely walks on all one level promenades
Los Christianos is a lovely quiet place to explore, Thursday nights local music and national dancing in Harbour
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Philip G
英国马姆斯伯里239 条分享
A bit of a dump!
We were wandering around Los Christianos and arrived at the landside of the port so walked along the harbour, quite a few bars and restaurants with some quite unbelievably low prices for beers and breakfast. After a while you will understand why, it appears to have a large area that has been condemned and subsequently squatted in, there are a fair number of rough sleepers and more than a few with bottles in their mouths. Took the first opportunity to get the wife and kids into a taxi, not a place to hang around.
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英国斯卡伯勒235 条分享
Poor resort, OK weather.
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Tenerife is simply a rock in the middle of the Atlantic with some hotels thrown together.
It's good for a winter break as the weather is good, however don't expect any history, culture or picturesque walks along the promenade.
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