New Israel Eco Park

New Israel Eco Park(Cotabato City)

New Israel Eco Park


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Peter Paul Ayson
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2019年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Accessed via a paved 5 kilometer uphill road from the national hi way in Makilala, North Cotabato, the "park" is a village nestled on a mountain side and run by a small eccentric religious sect.

You pay PhP20 (USD 0.4) per person to enter the place and PhP20 (USD 0.4) for parking you vehicle. A "mandatory" guide will approach you as you park to inform you that guides ares required and that you may give him or her any amount you want after your tour.

They will impose their mandatory service on you telling you that you need them to ward off the monkeys or else you will lose your valuables and that there are nobody but them (the guides) who can deal with the monkeys. Well, I have been to many many places, far and really wild places, with bigger, wild and undomesticated monkeys; that and I'm not an idiot. However, the guides really believe what they were saying.

Numerous monkeys roam around the village streets which is lined up by small buildings, a church, and mini altars made up of cement and painted with various colors.

As you walk further up the village, they would offer horse rides for a fee; no idea how much as I didn't ride. Walking past the village and further up the mountain side, a zip line ride is offered for about PhP200 (USD 4), more or less, per person. On a separate downhill trail from the village, a sign board promises a river but when we got there after 20 of walking and sweating under the sun, we were greeted with a rough looking concrete pool of water. The pool, which according to the guide is miraculous and would heal your ailments, is water dammed and collected from a trickling water from the mountain side, the "river".

All in all, we could not complain for the cheap price we paid. Aside from the nice view on the mountain, which you can get easily somewhere else , the "park" did not present to us anything interesting as an attraction.

What we found slightly interesting was the subtle weirdness of the village; the small altars, the off the wall bright colors, etc. You get to peek, just a little bit, into the lives of the members of an eccentric and highly superstitious community. They have been called a cult, but I personally do not know how you categorize people as a cult.

I think they impose guides so that they could make a living and, I suspect, maybe to be "minders" as they may not be very happy with strangers asking too many questions or having deep discussions with their villagers. These are perfectly reasonable and understandable, just don't make incredulous scary claims that monkeys will victimize me without a guide.

All in all, the "park" is a let down. It was not entertaining and came across as weird and cheap. At best, the eccentricity of the community was a bit amusing.

My advice, go there if you have absolutely nothing else to do or nowhere else to spend a Sunday afternoon.
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Dennis S
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2018年11月 • 夫妻情侣
New Israel Eco Park is located within Bgy New Israel, Makilala, North Cotabato, nestled at the foothills of Mt. Apo. The main attraction in the Eco Park includes the longest Zip Line in the country, measuring 1,100 meterson the first stage and another 1,300 meters on the second stage for a total of 2,400 meters(2.4 kilometers all in all). On the way to the staging area, you climb 361 steps under the shade of pine trees, fruiting Durian trees, Mangosteen trees, Marang trees, Anthurium flowers and other refreshingly green vegetation. The first stage of the zip line takes you over the canopy of the surrounding forest and the houses of New Israel residents, a river fed by chillingly cold spring waters from Mt Apo. It is a majestic sight. On the way to second staging platform of the zip line, you will pass by Cacao, Coffee, Rubber, Coconut, Mahogany, Gemelina and Falcata, Durian, Marang and Mangosteen trees and beautiful flowers like Anthurium, Baby’s Breath, Chrysanthemum, Dahlia, Million Flower, Aster, Callalily, among others. The second stage of the zip line is longer and offers a very scenic view of the forest and the New Israel community. The second unique feature of the Eco Park are wild macaque monkeys numbering over a hundred living within the New Israel community. They are headed by “Mike” the IV, who heads one of the three monkey tribes. The Matriarch of Bgy New Israel, former Bgy Captain Lovely Paraiso feeds the monkeys who have been staying in the community since 1939. The monkeys mingle with people in the community and climb the rooftops of residents’ houses and generally roam around the neighborhood. Then there is Guided Hike to Mt Apo, horseback riding, trekking, swimming at the chilly spring waters at Pangagawon River, Trekking to nearby waterfalls, hiking through the flower gardens, among others. The cool temperature, chilled free-flowing spring waters and very friendly residents of Bgy New Israel is truly a unique experience. For accommodations in New Israel Eco Park, please contact Noel & Bernadine Paraiso & Ms Lovely Paraiso at mobile nos. 09359349951, 09194113390, respectively.
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Laking D
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2016年2月 • 好友
It was my first experience to see monkeys without rope or not inside the cage. The place is classic and it has it's own charm. I haven't tried their Zip line cause its already 4:30 pm when we arrive. But still it's a wonderful experience.
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James D
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2014年12月 • 好友
Quute a experience ,its a bit of a walk and if its hot you will need plenty of water ! , when you reach some rest area's the views are amazing .the zip line is something you wont forget ,its 1.5k and 1k. are brilliant as you fly over peoples homes .the instuctors are good .you fly side by side with your partner ,you feel totally safe.its a good experience and very cheap just beware of the monkeys at the top nr the shop , you wonder why it has bars at the window of the shop...its because of the monkeys they will snatch anything ! Becareful of them
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澳大利亚墨尔本836 条分享
2014年8月 • 夫妻情侣
They have a temple on top of the hill..I find the rituals bizarre - a very unique experience..

Outside, you can interact with a lot of monkeys! They are just free roaming around the place.
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