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Richard F
肯塔基路易斯维尔7,565 条分享
One of the most beautiful remote islands in the South Pacific. We visited while on a cruise out of San Diego. Spent the day walking the village, buying souvenirs spending time with the residents and going snorkeling. On the day the ship arrives they put up tables next to the beach and put out their crafts. The prices are amazing. The children sign and dance and love to show off their school. We could have stayed for a month but, we were only allowed one day. We can't wait to return.
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荷兰代芬特尔781 条分享
We hebben gekozen voor een wandeling en niet voor de huifkar omdat je op deze manier contact kreeg met de bewoners vooral de kinderen. De bevolking is heel vriendelijk en de scholen zijn aangewezen op donaties van de de bezoekers.
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亚利桑那普雷斯科特399 条分享
2019年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Today we visited Fanning Island, part of the country of Kiribati. This island’s highest point is just 6’ above the high tide mark. 2500 people live here in this tropical paradise. They have no electricity and no indoor plumbing. No restaurants nor bars. Think Gilligan’s Island. They live a simple, but happy life. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. The downside, well in the next 50 years their island will be no more. Rising ocean levels will first take out the fresh water wells, then erase the island. So very glad we got to visit this place. One of just three cruise ships that will stop here in 2019. Please do buy something from the locals, I bought a Kiribati shark tooth knife.
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Fanning Island Outfitters
基里巴斯共和国Kiritimati18 条分享
I recently flew to Fanning Island and spent 5 nights staying with locals in an all inclusive lodge. We fly fished 10 hours a day for 4 days and caught record bonefish, many Bluefin Trevally and many more kinds of fish. The food was simple with lots of variety. For being so remote and off the grid, we were quite comfortable. Solar and generator power available with showers and flush toilets. Fanning Island Outfitters have the best guides on the island.
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加利福尼亚Fair Oaks3 条分享
2018年4月 • 夫妻情侣
We went there many years ago on a cruise from Hawaii I can't tell you how clear the water was and we walked way way out seeing the bottom the whole time, I was telling me son about it when they were looking for a great place to go (out of the way) so as I was looking up Island I saw this, The people were wonderful, not pushy kind and wanting to talk to you, We walked around the whole island, we couldn't believe how they live, but the happiness and wonder there was a wake up call. We spoke to two little girls for a bit, I didn't have anything to give the kids but my watch and she was stunned, how could I give it away. The school was a old building falling apart the army left behind but standing there watching the kids so into the learning it was great. Teacher came from Easter Island. May not have much but all seem happy. I still have the little rocks the girls gave me and the coconut teapot I got there. This place has my heart, A must see place.
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Mina P
英国Inverkip7,939 条分享
2017年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Not exactly heavenly but a beautiful Pacific island. Tabuaeran is Fanning Island, in English, named after the American Captain Edmund Fanning of the American ship Betsy. He discovered the uninhabited, at that time, island on 11th June 1798. It belongs to Line islands, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
Part of the Republic of Kiribati, it gained its independence in 1979.
It's a completely isolated small island that depends on the supply similar ship comes from Hawaii. But now some cruise ships have added Fanning Island to their itineraries, mainly to help local people. They give the locals fuel and drinkable water. The passengers too contribute to the aid, buying local jewelry (mainly out of shells), leaving money for the school, etc.
Upon arrival a group of local people sing their welcoming version. At the port an endless line of stalls waits for your precious money. A few metres further, very young children dance and adults dressed in warrior clothes pose for photos. They all expect your generous contribution to the community. I undestand this and always buy things without bargaining, to support local people. But I don't agree with the big white buckets everywhere. They could be at the corners and not exposed like they are. They even destroy the photos!
The nearby beach has clear waters and some shades below the big trees. I've spent the whole day there, in and out of the water. For people interested in going a bit further from the port without walking, there is an open truck that makes it possible.
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德克萨斯州加尔维斯顿岛673 条分享
2017年3月 • 夫妻情侣
We visited Fanning atoll via a Crystal cruise lines cruise ship.
A ship's tender took us from anchor to a pier on the shore. We were told that about 2,000 people live in 6-7 villages around the atoll. There was a "tourist" area by the pier where the locals greeted the tourists. All very friendly.
The locals were busy selling tourist shells and necklaces and performing dances for our herd of 500 cruisers, but the real joy was just walking about the atoll - seeing life in the middle of nowhere. Peaceful and calm. We visited the local school and saw many of the houses - all on stilts, by the way. The locals were friendly and the weather was lovely. I loved shelling along one of the remote beaches. My travel tip: leave the main tourist area and start walking along the largest path - far as you wish to go. You cannot get lost. Experience the pure joy of relaxing in the middle of nowhere. I have a Fanning video on youtube, if interested.
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Melanie E
加拿大1,924 条分享
2017年5月 • 独自旅游
I was onboard one of the cruise ships where Fanning Island a port of call. Unfortunately not many ships stop here - I heard about 10 ships a year.

The people gave us a warming welcoming song. They reply on tourists to buy their crafts mainly of weaved baskets and shelled jewelry. If you know that you're stopping here, please bring them supplies for the school (I brought packs of paper) and small beads & fish line to use in making their crafts. I was told that even though people bring them shoes, the locals don't wear shoes. It's like me being barefoot all my life and then having to wear shoes.

In my travels I have learned not to give the kids candies as it'll rot their teeth & there are no dentists around. They don't use toothbrushes nor toothpaste as it's not thought of.

There's no electricity nor plumbing so WiFi and toilets are out of the question. There is no food for sale here.

You will find fresh coconut juice for a buck. It's interesting to see how they crack open a coconut. We were told there's a grocery store but allow the locals to buy the goods as they get limited supplies coming in. Try to be eco-friendly by taking your garbage back with you on the ship. I even removed all the packing from the paper. I was told they had to clean up the garbage and dump it elsewhere before we arrived.

If you know someone who collects stamps or someone likes postcards, mail a postcard. Go to the building where there's a tall flag pole and the post office located in the corner.

Wander and witness the daily lives of the locals. The kids enjoy practicing their English with you. You can ride the Island Tour Bus for $10 US to see a part of the island and stop at the school. You can swim or snorkel in the lagoon.

I wish I knew ahead of time that the ship was making a pit stop here. Otherwise, would of brought more things.

A must stop if you want to see the locals living a simple life. And they're happy!
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德国科隆74 条分享
2017年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Ein kleines fast unberührtes Kleinod mit sehr freundlichen aufgeschlossenen
Menschen, wir besuchten diese naturbelassene und empfehlenswerte Insel während
einer Kreuzfahrt. Es war interessant zu sehen wie die Menschen dort leben und ihren
Alltag gestalten, natürlich ist auch hier schon einiges an Technik zu erkennen, jedoch mit einem anderen Stellenwert. die Menschen wirken zufrieden und nicht unglücklich. Ein wirklich schönes und bereicherndes Erlebnis ,diese Insel hebt sich so besonders ab
von den anderen Inseln.
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加利福尼亚Alpine688 条分享
2017年4月 • 夫妻情侣
We were fortunate to visit the tiny island of Fanning Island. We arrived by cruise ship and tendered in as the start of our South Pacific adventure. It started pouring rain as we disembarked...warm rain. The local people were huddled under a tarp and singing us a welcome song that was very appreciative. They had their tables set up with their handy crafts for sale and really loved their bead necklaces and hair jewelry. We had brought some school supplies for the local school children and went into their classroom to say Hi! They also have a truck excursion for $10 pp for the Island Tour...lol They have no electricity or septic on the island. Most clothing is thread worn and most wear no shoes. They seem to be happy people and the children are a delight. Take time to visit this island and appreciate the simple life as it is here.
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