The International Kitchen - Classic Tuscan Table

The International Kitchen - Classic Tuscan Table(菲利内瓦尔达尔诺)

The International Kitchen - Classic Tuscan Table

The International Kitchen - Classic Tuscan Table



区域: 新圣母玛利亚教堂 (Santa Maria Novella)
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Lee D
7 条分享
2019年7月 • 夫妻情侣
Our cooking class with Chef Claudio was tasty, filling, and unforgettable! Claudio guided us skillfully and patiently through the preparation of several dishes, explaining everything clearly along the way. During our three-hour experience, we made fettuccine, cantucci (cookies), focaccia, sweet peppers, a beef dish, and more. After a couple hours of cooking, my wife and I sat in Claudio's peaceful restaurant dining space and sipped a regional wine while we enjoyed the delicious dishes we’d prepared. Claudio and his sister Sabrina(who picked us up from the train station), were friendly, enjoyable, and informative. We highly recommend this unique experience!
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加利福尼亚圣卡洛斯24 条分享
2017年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Cost vs Value = 2 Stars
Experience = 3.5 Stars
Dealing with TIK/Problem Resolution = (4.5) Stars
Total = 1 Star

I worked with the Chicago, Illinois location to book our family vacation 8 months in advance. We love wine and cooking (in that order) so we went to Europe's best wine regions - The South of France (Avignon) and Tuscany (Lucca). It was an expensive trip but it was our last trip to Europe because we had traveled there 3 times before so we wanted to make this one special. We ran into a few problems while on the trip and TIK was not able to resolve them to our satisfaction. I’ve traveled quite a bit in Europe and am familiar with the cost and quality out there. For the amount of money we paid, we did not get our money’s worth and therefore, I do not recommend TIK.

EXPERIENCE: The highlight was the cooking lesson in Avignon at LaMirande Restaurant. The Chef was great but she didn’t know who TIK was - she said she’d never heard of them -there was a bit of confusion in the beginning and it took about 30 minutes to figure it out. I found out that you can contact local restaurants directly for cooking lessons and save money.

DISAPPOINTMENTS: There were 2 notable disappointments on our trip. 1) Your on your own once on vacation. We paid for wine tasting at 2 wineries in the Rhone Valley of France and we only went to 1 winery. TIK told me it was their partners error and I asked TIK if they can add an additional wine tasting stop in Tuscany and they told me that I’d have to work that out with the driver directly. They paid for our tasting fees in Tuscany (120 euros), but that didn’t compensate for what we paid and more importantly the experience of a lifetime to taste wines in one of the worlds best wine regions in the world as a family and the main purpose we went to the South of France. 2) Our accommodations at Villa Gobbi Benelli felt like a room in the attic there was storage in the entry way and you had to go up 1.5 flights.

TIP: Pay attention to their contract and read it carefully specifically regarding refunds and fees for any changes even minor ones.
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Dear April, I will try to reiterate what you and I have already discussed in other forums, although I will point out that your trip was not a Classic Tuscan Table! I have explained our partners in France did make an error regarding the 2nd winery stop. Because you were at the end of your stay in Provence we simply did not have the option to schedule another. As I explained in detail at the time, there was likely not going to be time during your Tuscany wine tasting to add an additional stop, as it was already a full day and the wineries do close at a certain point. The only way to fit in an extra stop would have been to shorten the other stops, and I encouraged you to speak with your driver about that based on how the day was progressing. We did pay for the wine tastings, as you kindly pointed out, to make up for the 1 tasting that you missed in Provence. We are aware that you did not like your room at the villa. Each room is different, and we do wish you had liked yours - and the villa owner would have switched you to a different room had it been possible. We did extend a small courtesy refund toward those 4 nights - not because you did not have the same class of room as everyone else, but because we felt badly that you were disappointed in it. I do admit I am surprised by your comment that "you are on your own" on our trips. Each of our trips is different - and some of them are for a more independent traveler. You requested, and received a "paired down" itinerary in Avignon. But in Tuscany you had a passionately attentive hostess and her staff at your disposal as well as 2 chefs, a dedicated driver, and 24-hour access to our local office. I personally was in contact with you many times during your trip. There are always circumstances beyond our control, but we try to deal with them in such a way that our clients will be completely satisfied. We really are sorry you feel this was not the case with your trip and wish you happier travels in the future. Sincerely, The International Kitchen
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Patsy P
佛罗里达阿米莉亚岛76 条分享
2016年4月 • 好友
Five girlfriends escaped to Tuscany to spend a week in cooking classes with Claudio which were arranged by the International Kitchen. For five days, we spent most mornings cooking a variety of Italian entrees, vegetables and desserts. Claudio was so willing to share his wonderful recipes, techniques and tricks with us. If we were cooking a particular dish and someone did not like an ingredient, Claudio was quick to make an adjustment or create another dish that the individual would enjoy. He was quite warm and entertaining with a serious passion for his cooking. Daily, each of us would cook a specific recipe with Claudio and then after the cooking classes, we enjoyed the dishes we had cooked with wine pairings of course. In order to add variety to the week, there were days that we had wine tastings, trips to the local market with Claudio to purchase vegetables for our cooking class, tours of nearby hillside towns and medieval towns as well as some shopping. The International Kitchen provided the program design, local guides, logistics and transfers to and from the airport and everything went off exactly as planned. They provided all of the specifics and special sheets outlining "street smart" information.

We stayed in a local hotel which provided access to other activities if we wanted to do other things during our free time--of which there was very little.

We are already looking at other cooking opportunities with the International Kitchen. If you have a love for travel, cooking, touring, wining and dining -this is the trip you will love. Claudio will help you make memories for a lifetime!
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Sandee S
加拿大Uxbridge7 条分享
2015年9月 • 好友
My daughter and I spent the week at Chef Claudio`s B&B, cooking and travelling around the Tuscany countryside. Claudio is a warm, masterful and engaging chef and teacher. His techniques and tips will stay with us forever. A truly wonderful culinary and cultural experience. Claudio personally met us when we arrived and his attentiveness, and that of his staff and family, was incredible the whole week. He was always interested in us as his students and as guests, and went to great lengths to ensure our experience was the best it could be.

This program is one of the many offered by The International Kitchen, which we found to be an outstanding and well-run organization. The International Kitchen staff were extremely helpful, responsive and professional. We will definitely use them again and would recommend them to others.

We highly recommend this experience to anyone interested in improving their knowledge of Italian cooking, cooking techniques, having a great time with a masterful teacher and enjoying some of the most beautiful countryside you will every see.
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亚利桑那塞多纳81 条分享
We chose to create our own trip by booking single classes throughout the Milan/Tuscany region. We had a great trip but not all our cooking experiences were worth the high price! If I were to do it again I would book a few classes through International kitchen and Google other local teachers--this would still provide the variety I am looking for but at a substantially reduced price.
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Linda N
德克萨斯州奥斯丁4 条分享
2015年6月 • 好友
We spent several days at this rural location in Tuscany taking classic Italian cooking classes and going on short trips to explore the surrounding countryside. Chef Claudio uses very simple techniques to produce wonderful food. I came home with lots of great recipes!
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Brian J R
哥伦比亚波哥大70 条分享
I took a one day cooking class in Florence with Chef Laura and it was the highlight of my month long trip through Europe. First of all, Florence is an absolutely beautiful city and we spent the morning at the local markets, spending our time picking the right ingredients for our meal and getting a first class education on the food and food culture of Florence. We cooked all afternoon at Laura's beautiful flat in the old city in Florence - her kitchen is a dream come true for any chef - and Laura went out of her way to explain the seasonality of the food, spices and ingredients. More than that, though, it was if you were spending the day with a good friend teaching you true Florence cuisine. The dishes, of course, were all exceptional and the time passed way too quickly. I would recommend to anyone to spend a day with Laura cooking and walking the markets in Florence - it will be an experience you will long remember!
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Judith V
荷兰阿姆斯特丹15 条分享
2015年7月 • 家庭
Wat een heerlijke plek en hartelijke mensen! We hebben in juli '15 een kookworkshop gedaan met onze zoon van 14 en onze dochter, die tevens vegetariër is, van 16. De tips van Claudio die je krijgt tijdens het koken vind je niet in een kookboek. We hebben eerst besproken wat we gingen maken, daar was keuze in, en zijn ontspannen aan de slag gegaan. Wat een hartelijkheid en wat een prachtige plek! Ook onze kinderen vonden het geweldig. We werden van camping Norcenni Girasole Club opgehaald en weer terug gebracht. Een echte aanrader. Allerlei leuke recepten mee voor thuis, met een boekje en al.
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佛罗里达那不勒斯2 条分享
2014年9月 • 夫妻情侣
The International Kitchen planned our twelve day trip to Sicily. It was stellar from beginning to end. Working with them was a joy. The staff was professional and personable, listening to our particular wants and providing us with a wonderful itinerary. The company they are associated with in Sicily is of the highest quality and every minute spent with their knowledgeable guides was a pleasure; making the trip special from the markets to the amazing antiquities.
This was our third trip in Italy arranged by the International Kitchen, all unique, with some terrific cooking experiences. We would highly recommend them.
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cheryl o
西维吉尼亚维也纳5 条分享
I spent 6 days with Chef Claudio and his staff for a cooking vacation. It was an absolute delight. The minute we arrived he personally met us at the door and served us wine. He is a patient, kind, passionate and a great teacher of the Culinary Arts. His sister Sabrina also helps with the tours and anything you need she is there for you. She is funny and has a contagious laugh and has such a beautiful spirit. I loved the beautiful Tuscan grounds with vineyards, olive trees, fig trees, fresh vegetables and herbs. The food and wine was lovely and plentiful. I am planning to go back for another visit and I would highly recommend the Tuscan Table cooking vacation and The International Kitchen!!!!
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