Shri Saibaba Sansthan Temple
Shri Saibaba Sansthan Temple

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Eknath P
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The darshan and peace of mind inside the temple is divine,

Important tips for people visiting for the first time.

1. There are agents who help you to get the hotels, be away from them. They help you get hotel and also help pick you from the hotel for free and drop till the temple and take to their own prasad shops for favor in return to the free service where they misguide you that all the items are essential and they will directly get the blessing on Baba as they have a separate arrangement. they make you buy all sort of items and make a bill around 1000+ Rs plus and take you to a small temple and make you place all the things you purchased and tell you that the same is not allowed in the main temples. They place 7 photos of Sai baba in the offering and inform you that it is of 30 rs later when the activities are completed in the small temple which is not related to Sai baba temple , then they tell that the cost of 7 photos is 210 rs and keep taking the money and all of them work in group of 4-5 youngsters. Stay away from such people.

1. Kindly book the darshan online and stay in the Sai sanstan where the booking is also online. The mobile app needs to be downloaded at least 24 hours prior to your booking.

2. There are different gates at the temple where you can keep your footwear for free and mobiles at very minimal cost.

3. Prasad or any offerings is not allowed inside hence purchase what every you want after your darshan is completed there are plenty of shops around the gates of the temple where the rates are reasonable.
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印度海德拉巴186 条分享
2023年1月 • 夫妻情侣
It is said that we visit Sai Baba temple only if Baba wishes.....It has been 8 years since we last visited.
Shirdi Sai temple is always a favourite and divine place.
When compared to last time,it has become so commercial... right from entering gate 1, offerings to Baba.....neatness is lacking around the gate premises....Even a glimpse of Baba has become difficult due to security,rush...etc..,long wait during Aarathi time...etc..
However,what matters is your trust in Saibaba .....
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2022年12月 • 夫妻情侣
Unfortunately many devotees might not like my views.
1. Mobile phones not allowed means I can’t communicate with my family if separated in the crowd or my driver.The entry gate & exit gate is different.
2. No place to leave shoes. Chances are very high to be stolen. Walked 30 minutes without shoes from my car park to the temple
3. Didn’t see any sign with the map “ You are here” and no “ Can I help you counters”
4. No water fountains for drinking water
5. Gate numbers are not visible from the distance
6. The queues are managed extremely poorly.

Certainly mismanagement failed here. I got pushed around by the public & the security guards. Couldn’t even do the Darshan for 20 seconds. Everything was “ push , push & push in the queue. Didn’t here any Sai Bajan around temple or when in a queue
7 The Management is extremely poor! Where the money going. Why not fix the facilities first ?

Please reply. I am challenging you to comment

Harish Patel
New Zealand
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Sachin Mahadeshwar
印度孟买41 条分享
Divine as usual. Even waiting in queue for a long time for Baba's blessing seems untiring. Excellent organizing by temple authorities.
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Smita Jain
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2022年6月 • 好友
Very organised entry system.. beautiful Dharshan and Arti. Should include group bookings for darshan at Sai temple for spiritual groups like ours.
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Jay Joshi
印度Ahmedabad District4 条分享
2021年6月 • 家庭
Amazing Temple...The whole surroundings of the temple is very good and the entire city is beautiful.
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Om Sai Ram - Too many changes done recently, so much walking, Difficult for old age people.
Need proper directions.
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印度孟买130 条分享
2022年3月 • 家庭
The temple premises were neat and clean, security very kind and helpful. I would request that crowd management should be more efficient and catering to common people who come for darshan based on their explicit faith on Sai Baba. There are separate places dedicated to the darshan of constitutional and VIP persons. No such dedicated queue is there for devotees who have paid for darshan. After only a brief stretch of queue, all paid devotees are merged with other devotees, and there's too much pushing and jostling among crowds. Please check how queues are moving. We had taken paid darshan to avoid crowd, as we are senior citizens and cannot climb the stairs up and down amidst pushing and near stampede, especially on Sunday. Please consider the senior citizens who want darshan of Baba peacefully.

Thank you.
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印度马蒂科里7 条分享
Queue system was super organized and management of the premises is awesome in terms of cleanliness and experience
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印度哲雪铺1,348 条分享
A long awaiting visit, me and my spouse had visited the temple during beginning of March'21. During our stay, we visited the temple for multiple times for darshan, Pooja and Aarti. All arrangements like, stay at Sai Ashram Bhaktiniwas, Abhishek Pooja, Sai Satyavrat (Satyanarayana) Pooja and Dhoop Aarti (Evening) were pre-booked through Temple’s online service at nominal rate.

The overall arrangements and management of Temple by the Trust is excellent. During our multiple visits to temple for darshan, Pooja and Aarti, we had not faced any difficulties, all were well managed. We were late and missed Doop Arati, instead we were allowed for Shej Aarti (Night) with the same booking. We were lucky that during our stay, it was less crowded and with VIP ticket, we could do the darshan within relatively quick time and peacefully. In addition, during Pooja and Aarti, we were allowed to enter the main temple through different gates and could do the darshan from distance.

The temple has number of gates. Entry to temple is allowed via free pass or paid pass. While free pass is available at dedicated counters at Trust Guest houses and temple gates, paid pass most probably available at temple gates only. One has to check carefully the entry points. No mobile / camera is allowed inside the temple and hence the rush of photo op is also absent, a right decision for maintaining the tranquility of the temple.

There are several small shops and street hawkers, selling Rose, prasad etc., one may buy from them at bargain. Also there could be local agents for hotel, restaurants and travel, one may like to negotiate, if necessary. After all the local economy heavily depends on the temple devotees.

The overall experience was heavenly, one can spent several hours in the temple to feel the divinity
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