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Un mastodonte du secteur qui permet de découvrir la tradition et encourage l'artisanat verrier et sa passation.
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Un magasin qui propose de l'art et des objets de décoration, et qui sait mettre en valeur ses produits.
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Veronica R
意大利Piedicavallo174 条分享
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2020年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Non è che la dimostrazione della lavorazione e soffiatura del vetro fosse scadente, ma per 5€ a testa mi daresti aspettata quantomeno una spiegazione di ciò che stava accadendo. Invece abbiamo solo guardato il maestro che faceva cavallino e la bottiglietta, in tutta fretta e senza dire nulla. Appena usciti abbiamo pagato un nuovo biglietto in un'altra fornace.
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卡罗莱纳州Oak Ridge75 条分享
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As part of our tour of Venezia we visited this art studio. We started in the furnace room where artisans show-cased their talent, creating blown glass pieces. A horse was created from a molten "blob" of glass in less than 5 minutes! The artisans were friendly and answered questions that visitors had. A tour of the art studio allowed for close viewing of the exquisitely intricate patters and sculptures that were encased in glass. Having been an admirer of Murano glass pieces for many years, this was a highlight tour!
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卡罗莱纳州Denver489 条分享
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Our trip to this glass studio was part of a pre-cruise vacation in Venice, a side trip we might not have chosen on our own. This turned out to be one of the highlights of our time in the Venice region. We enjoyed a master artisan demonstration of glass blowing as he created some custom glasses. The results were stunning. We then moved to the display area upstairs (no pictures allowed) to see the magnificent creations of these talented artisans. The chandeliers alone are worth the time here. Back downstairs to the shop, I didn't know what to look at first. Eventually, I found and bought a beautiful smoky glass necklace as a reminder of our trip here. Of course, they are in the business of selling their wares, but at no time did I ever feel anyone breathing down my neck or pressuring me to buy something. This was a leisurely, delightful visit, one I would have gladly spent more time visiting.
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新泽西Wall Township85 条分享
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2019年9月 • 夫妻情侣
As shown below the cruise offered free transportation to a Murano furnace. I went to the information session where we were told there was a small group that leaves at 9am and returns around 12noon, and a large group going from 10 to 1:30. They had us take notes. We were told that we could be returned to the cruise port or saint Mark's square. We chose the small group which took us by water taxi to Linea Art. We enjoyed it until we were told that they would only return to either the port or Saint Mark's; not both. Also the taxi wasn't coming till around 12:30. When we all informed Linea art that were were promised a choice of where to return and be back by 12 noon, they told us that the cruise representative Chris lied. Since 8 of the 12 of us needed to go back to the port we won, but now the other 4 had to pay for transportation to Saint Mark's. Then there was the situation of "time". We had transportation arrangements to be picked up at the port and the others had flights to catch. They told us they changed the taxi to be there 11:30. Then when it didnt come they kept lying with various excuses and stating it would be there shortly. They also suggested for us to arrange and pay our way back. We looked into it and it was not cheap. I'm guessing we didn't spend enough to make it worth it to them. As the lies kept coming I told the salesman that I could not trust what he was saying because he has already lied to us. His response was that I did not trust him in the first place. That was also a lie but maybe I shouldn't have. Eventually our water taxi did arrive and we got back. Bottom line is that I would not trust them for any promise.
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2019年4月 • 夫妻情侣
On the advice for our hotel, we used Linear Murano complementary taxi service to Murano.
On a arrival, a salesman showed us how the glasses were crafted in the factory. After a short tour, we were shown the shop floor. The salesman, Diego went on to say they can bespoke designs and all the pieces were unique and individual etc. A lot of big selling. Anyway, we bought 3 candlesticks and was assured that they will be in a box where each candlesticks can be place in- basically well packaged with documents on who the craftsman and description of the candlesticks. Thus, giving us the impressive that it will be exclusive given we paid €1000 for them.
After months of waiting, it arrived in a shipment box with lots of cut-up form, brown wrapping and bubble wrap and half of the document missing.
Emailed their customer service about the packaging and missing document. Claudia, their customer service person made no apology for their missing document and even told me that they are not a storage company to expect a nice packaging. Somehow, she even try to justify that this is how they shipped their items since the 80’s and the I should be thankful that the candlesticks arrived in one piece. To add insult to injury, she attached the craftsman’s biography in the email, expecting me to print it out myself.
Shock, horror and disappointed!
See photos below :
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Anna M
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2019年5月 • 家庭
Abbiamo avuto una magnifica esperienza dal punto di vista umano con le persone che lavorano in questo laboratorio...davvero una gentilezza senza possibilità di confronti! Siamo stati a Murano per una brevissima gita in famiglia lo scorso 3 Maggio e nostra figlia ha dimenticato uno zainetto nel laboratorio accanto, come ci siamo resi conto siamo subito tornati indietro ma avendolo trovato chiuso non sapendo come fare per contattarli ci siamo recati al negozio accanto e devo dire che abbiamo incontrato un ragazzo che gentile è dire poco!!! Noi dovevamo ripartire da venezia per la Sardegna la mattina dopo e lui si è occupato della spedizione insieme al personale che lavora con lui. La cosa incredibile è che si sono voluti prendere carico anche delle spese di spedizione! In questo zainetto non c'era niente di prezioso a parte le foto delle nostre bambine ...trattandosi di bambine mi metteva molta ansia! Lo zainetto è arrivato oggi!!! Grazie infinite da parte nostra...avete reso molto felice una bambina per la quale gli oggetti contenuti nello zaino erano tutti preziosi!!! Grazie a tutti voi!
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密歇根底特律94 条分享
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2018年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Our hotel suggested to get away from the crowds during the day in Venice to see the Murano Glass works at Linea. We were provided a water taxi and an incredible demonstration of how they make these beautiful works of art. We were so close you could feel the heat from the ovens.

We were then treated to the second floor where the artists signature works were on display. Our host was so welcoming and did not pressure us to buy anything. But the works are so fine they make you want to bring one home. We selected a beautiful piece and organized the shipment to our home in Florida.

They handled all the paperwork, duties shipping everything. And the large glass piece arrived packed so professionally, and in perfect condition. It arrived on the day they said it would arrive. Impressive.

We could not say more about Linea and specifically about our host, Mr. Innocenti. The art piece was sent with a picture of the Murano Master Adrirano Dalla Valentina that did this amazing work. A very nice touch to make it a more personal experiance, and one we will enjoy for years.

Just have to keep the grandkids away from it. :)
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2018年10月 • 好友
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