Maleku Chocolate
Maleku Chocolate
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7 条点评

Regina B
Gatlinburg1 条分享
We had a wonderful time. We loved getting our hands "dirty" and making our own chocolate. My husband was a sceptic and not a big chocolate person, he always said it was too sweet, I think Henrik changed his mind. It was delicious.
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明尼苏达Hutchinson231 条分享
The owner, Henrik, is very much in tune with the local environment, his staff, AND his visitors. His knowledge of the cocoa plant is obvious. I appreciated his understanding of the biodiversity, and the interconnected relationships of the flora and fauna. You can tell that he takes pride in his work, and rightfully so. His operation is low-tech, but top-notch. My family (originally from a Minnesota dairy farm background) greatly enjoyed our morning visit. Highly recommended for anyone!
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弗吉尼亚里士满45 条分享
2019年1月 • 好友
I visited a friend in CR and our first stop was Maleku chocolate shop. It was easy to see why. There were samples to taste and there were so many delicious varieties that it was hard to choose. I vowed that I would be back before leaving. I love that the chocolate is made right there on premises and there are educational books and videos about the chocolate making process. I didn't meet the owner until I stopped by on my way to the airport and I loved his passion and enthusiasm for his craft. It definitely shows in the product.
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Mary D
7 条分享
I went to a chocolate workshop hosted by Henrik who is the owner of the Maleku Chocolate shop and also the plantation that grows the cacao. I had no idea chocolate was so good for you - YAY, great reason to eat more of it! The workshop was so interesting as we learned about the trees, pollination and every step of the process before it is packaged. The highlight was getting to literally make our own chocolate by hand. He recommended just rinsing our hands after to retain the coco oil and my hands have never been so soft (and smelled so good!). It was awesome sitting under a giant tree outside while the group shucked the beans by hand to get the nibs for making our chocolate treats. I was very impressed that the Maleku brand is natural from the way the trees are grown to the final product with no ‘fake’ ingredients. By far the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted, including in Switzerland. THis is also a fantastic activity if you are looking for something to do with teens. Highly recommend!
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加拿大Stittsville20 条分享
2018年10月 • 家庭
We were out of season and rain was bad. This please warm us up:)) beautiful lady gives us excellent service and warm 🙏 welcoming. Chocolate 🍫 beyond expectations!!!
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Tine B
12 条分享
2018年8月 • 家庭
Na een enorme omweg omdat de navigatie geen eenduidige bestemming kon lokaliseren uiteindelijk aangekomen in een piepklein gehucht. Er zijn geen Engels-sprekende gidsen, wij zijn met een extra 120 km op de teller teleurgesteld omgedraaid... De mooie site had ons andere verwachtingen gegeven.
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Hello Tine B. What a shame! We always recommend giving us a call or send us an email because we do our tours by reservation to make sure we can prepare, set up and reserve time otherwise spent on working on the chores of the cacao farm. Once in a while people show up without notice like you did, but when people do that they usually understand that we are off the beaten track, we are not in a touristy area with English speaking guides readily at hand. If you would have talked to me first I would have been happy to coordinate to see if I could be there to give you the English version of the Chocolate Forest Walk and Workshop. Our "Blue Valley" farm is primarily a workplace and an active cacao producing facility, and our workers are highly skilled, friendly and will do anything to accomodate our visitors and clients, but their English is limited - their Spanish however, is outstanding! :)
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barbara o
加拿大坎卢普斯18 条分享
2017年9月 • 独自旅游
Spent over two hours learning all about Cacao. Got to plant a Cacao Tree with my name on it and then was taken on a fascinating tour of an organic Cacao Plantation. Learnt all about the many species of Cacao, how to graft, who fertilizes the flowers(mosquitoes and no-seeums), how the fruit is harvested, fermented, dried and then roasted and finally got to make my own chocolate. The owner Henrik Bodholdt and his assistant Gilberth were both wells of knowledge with a real passion for their chosen careers. Highly recommend this tour if at all interested in organic farming which is helping the local Maleku Indians keep up their traditions!
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