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英国伦敦302 条分享
Great place for a walk, very scenic & peaceful in places. Lovely to watch the canal boats making their way through. However path was very muddy & uneven, sensible footwear required.
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Haverfordwest6 条分享
This is apparently National Cycle Route 4. There is no route however just a muddy, stony towpath. Our 20 miles from the train at Reading to Newbury were the worst we have ever done and we cycle tour every year. THIS IS NOT A CYCLE PATH. We gave up at Hungerford and got the train home. Never again will we cycle tour in the UK.

Go to Holland or Germany ..... they understand what is required. Thousands of Kilometres of beautiful smooth traffic free wide paths by rivers and canals.
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Durham - Cambridge
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Hired a 49ft Alvechurch Grebe from ABC Boathire at Hilperton (our third Grebe with them). Boat was to their usual high standard - no complaints there at all.
Went from Hilperton to Bath and then back up to Devizes to do the caen flight of locks - it's the Kennet & Avon canal that is a real curate's egg (good in parts but bad in others)! The canal itself and locks were good but there was so many live-on boats moored from Bradford-on-Avon that not only was progress painfully slow (be ready for the boatowner just beyond Bradford swing bridge who yells abuse if you are not slow enough for him) but due to the CRT lifting mooring restrictions for covid, all the live-on boats had moored in the visitor moorings and weren't about to take to the canal again now the restrictions were back in force (I am isolating, my boat won't start, now I am here I am staying etc) that if you go in holiday season, you'll have to be mooring early just to get the last couple of spots in the 48hr/72hr moorings. Frankly, until the CRT get their act together and enforce the rules, I'd recommend you bin Bath and head East (but then Devizes has the same problem). The CRT are trying their best but the wily live-on-boards know the limited extent of the CRT legal powers and so they are tearing their hair out trying to free up the visitor moorings again. The volunteers on the Caen Hill flight were wonderful but it is not their jobs to work the locks for you (29 and 29 down!!) they are their to keep things moving but will assist boats with only one crew. Look out for the idiots who put their fenders out in locks - you can get wedged and sink in the lock which experience will spoil your holiday and rather underlines the absolute necessity to have crew by the paddles; and not only that but crew that will react instantly to an order to close the paddles and not stand there demanding you say please while the stern disappears into the water!!! To sum up - positive for ABC Boathire and the CRT but negative for the over-crowding and mooring squatters who are sitting in the visitor moorings and not crusing as their licence requires.
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Joy B
Bedford, England, United Kingdom12 条分享
We hired Moondance from Mookraker boats for what was meant to be a memorable holiday on the Kennet and Avon canal, how wrong we were! Initially everything was fine. Liam showed us round the boat and was very thorough and helpful and a credit to the company. The boat was very well equipped, but it was quite dated with old pine furniture and mismatched furniture. The bed in main bedroom was so high you needed a step to get into it. The bow thrusters didn’t do the job they were designed to do, and the TV only worked once during our stay, so not quite the luxury we were hoping for!

The Kennet and Avon canal is totally neglected and was the most overgrown canal we had ever cruised, with overgrown reeds, weeds and nettles taking up most of the bank on either side. In addition to this the canal was too shallow in places to get near the bank to use the 6ft long x 1ft wide gangplank provided on the boat, making it very difficult to moor the boat. The grass was knee high at most of the locks, and when opening or closing the paddles some were so stiff it took 2 people to wind them.

We found NO canalside pubs along the route between Honeystreet and Great Bedwyn as advertised on their website, in fact we never saw anything along the canalside apart from reeds, nettles, weeds and overgrown trees which were sometimes hard to avoid. There were lots of liveaboard boats which were covered in all sorts of rubbish and looked very neglected and should be removed from the canal. None of this was the fault of Moonraker Boats I know, but all the same it made our holiday on a wide beam boat less enjoyable due to the sheer neglect of the canal.

On the Thursday we decided to head back to the wharf for an overnight stay before handing over the boat in the morning. We didn’t think that this would be a problem as we were told by Liam that we could return on the Thursday and moor overnight at the wharf to save rushing to get back in the morning by 9am. However, when we arrived at the wharf on the Thursday Nikki the owner told us that we couldn’t moor overnight at the wharf due to Covid and said we would have to return on the Friday morning. I am not sure what Covid had to do with it, I think that was just an excuse, which is the same excuse as the river trust use for not maintaining the canal. Nikki told us that we needed to go an hour along the canal in order to turn the boat round and said we should easily be able to find moorings along the way for an overnight mooring. We proceeded to head for the winding point an hour away and could see that there were so many live aboard boats along the way that it would have been impossible for us to moor up for the night safely due to the overgrowth of reeds, nettles, and other plants.

Due to the state of the canal and lack of mooring spaces we decided to cut our holiday short. I rang Nikki to say that we had decided to go home a day early and that we would be bringing the boat back that day. She insisted that there were plenty of mooring places where we could stay overnight, and when I said that there wasn’t anywhere safe to moor the boat, she told me that it wasn’t her problem. I told her that I wasn’t complaining to her about the state of the canal and lack of mooring places but stressed that we just wanted to go home as we had had enough. She finally agreed that we could take the boat back and was very much aware that we were turning the boat round and we would be back at the wharf within 2 hours, which would have been roughly 3pm. When we arrived at the wharf, we unloaded the boat and went to the office to get our car keys back which they had insisted on keeping during our holiday. To our disbelief there was a yellow sticky note on the office door saying “Closed, be back at 5pm” which meant we had to sit and wait 2 hours before we could get our car keys back to enable us to drive the 3-hour drive home. I rang their number and was taken straight to the answer phone. I left a message to say that we were waiting for our keys and explained that I felt very unwell, and I just wanted to get home. We also knocked on the front door of the house several times, but no one answered.

By this time, it had started to rain heavy, so all our luggage was getting very wet in the trolley by our car. During this time, another man arrived in a taxi who also wanted the keys to his car so he could go home a day early and his parents were going to return the boat on the Friday morning to pick up their own car. He had sent emails, texts, and left phone messages but couldn’t get through. Just after 5pm a lady turned up in a car and asked us if we were OK. We explained that we had been kept waiting for 2 hours. She read the note on the door and said she had no idea why the office was shut and said she was sorry but she couldn’t help us and walked off. We had no idea who she was, or if she worked there, but 5 minutes later she appeared again and said that she had the keys to the office. She gave us our car keys and the other man his keys and we went to our cars to load up. The other man then came over and told us that Nikki the owner had just appeared from her house, which meant she must have been in her house for the whole 2 hours we had been kept waiting for our car keys in the pouring rain. I walked round to near the office and Nikki appeared and said she had had other matters to attend to hence the wait. There was no apology, no sorry to keep you waiting, in fact I think she was quite pleased with herself to have kept us waiting so long. I told her that I was not happy with her as not only had she made us go 2 hours along the canal to turn the boat around, but she had also made us wait a further 2 hours even though she knew full well that we would be arriving back at 3pm, all of which was totally unnecessary. Her whole attitude was so unprofessional, and it totally ruined the end of our holiday. We would NEVER use Mookraker boats again. Nikki is a total control freak who done everything in her power to ruin the end of our holiday just because we decided to go home a day early. You have been warned!
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David S
英国大莫尔文688 条分享
We hired 'Tranquilty' from Anglo Welsh, who own it, although it is based at Bath Narrowboats. We now understand that Bath Narrowboats hire their own boats as well, and that Tranquilty can also be hired out through them, and through Hoseasons. Whatever, avoid this boat.

When we took it over the TV did not work (there is a hidden switch behind the panel with all the other switches). Both toilets smelt because the seals need replacing. There was an old towel in one of the drawers and a kitchen knife with the anchor. One light did not work. One of the under bed drawers would not close and if you banged it closed you would need need a sturdy screwdriver to open it again, assuming the wood did not split. The key fob bangs against the switches and turns them off at random. The cooker grill will not stay on unless you continuously hold the button in. The cupboard doors in the kitchen do not close properly. The carpet under the bed next to the toilet was soaking wet and had to be removed.

The staff at Bath Narrowboats did the best they could and I have nothing but praise for their helpful attitude. They did the best they could, willingly.

If this boat had been a hotel room, I wood have asked for another room.

The Boat Manual does not match the boat. The instructions are for another heating boiler and you cannot operate the one on board from it.. It does not heat the water in 30 minutes (as claimed), unless you also have the engine running. The Manual has no instructions for the TV, Radio or Cooker., nor the power converter. The instructions for the bilge pump are wrong - they tell you to press the pump to get it to work. We found that instead of leaning down into the bilge and pressing the pump, staying on deck and pressing the bilge pump switch what was was needed.

I also think it is a really mean not to include a proper map of the canal showing water and pump out points and where you can turn. I am told other operators do include one.

If you are thinking of going to Bristol you need to talk to the Harbourmaster, as Anglo Welsh and Bath Narrowboats cannot provide appropriate information.

Having said all that, it is a most attractive canal and I would highly recommend it for a weeks holiday, especially for novices.
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David Mercury
英国福伊25 条分享
Hired a 70' narrow boat, for 7 days, from Sally Narrowboats at Bradford on Avon. Meandered up to Bath for Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Cruised back and stopped off at various points. Had some lovely meals at canal side pubs and walks along the towpath. We now feel so chilled out - a wonderful way to spend quality time with family. Loved every minute. The Narrowboat was warm and well equipped - would highly recommend this relaxing type of break to everyone - it was also fun working the locks and swing bridges!
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Rosie H
7 条分享
After three months I received a very rude phone call this was after I tried to contact them three times and the very lovely @waterwaysholiday company tried to contact them two times asking them to contact me also, they called and told me to TAKE DOWN THE REVIEW I told him “so it takes three months for a reply yet all you want to tell me is to delete my review.

(As iv seen we have got the blame for there poor service so I want to add we do not use baby wipes we use eco friendly cloth nappies and cloth wipes so that utter rubbish)

I was told that the System was never emptied that was the problem but lovely to get the blame!!
He asked again for my review to be removed and I replied “why should I do that when it takes three months for a reply and for no sort of compensation what so ever” he then tells me that it is not in there policy to give any refund or compensation for anything what so ever!
(Not in any way have I asked for money to delete my review)
He stated that if I had called about the water they would of told us where the closes place was (not much help) all in all this man is an utter lier and after being warned by staff that there manager would not help us I luckily have the very unhelpful conversation, if they would like me to attach that to my reviews I’ll be very happy too!!
We have all videos and photos of the state of the boat if they also need to be uploaded. I wasn’t going to do anything like this but after there reply I’m sickened by our treatment!

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英国惠茨特布尔6 条分享
We hired a narrow boat from ABC boats and travelled at a leasurly place over the week to Bath and Bristol and back. A great time was had by all.
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南非中兰德45 条分享
We had a very good experience with the canal hire company, ABC Boats, who supplied an excellent well equipped boat and have very helpful staff
The actual canal was a different story with a very high number of boats being used as accommodation. While some of these boats were in good condition the majority varied from poor to awful and should be forcibly removed. This problem may not be present on the whole canal but certainly affected our enjoyment of the section we travelled on and made long stretches seem like a scrap boat parking lot. There were also a number of stag/hen party boats which while not causing a problem doesn't seem to fit in with the image of a canal holiday
While the above problem is not the responsibility of any of the boat hire company's (except the stag party boats) it seriously detracted from the enjoyment of the week
Our overall experience makes it hard to recommend this as a holiday which is also vulnerable to weather conditions having an influence on the enjoyment (we had generally good weather)
I would give the boat hire company 5 stars for service and quality but the Canal and River Trust 1 star for allowing the situation of the generally poor condition and high number of live on boats which completely spoilt our holiday
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英国Ilminster90 条分享
2018年6月 • 好友
We hired a boat for 4 days and travelled from Bradford on Avon to Bath. Beautiful route with great pubs along the way. If you are in need of some relaxation this is the way to do it. You can't hurry a canal boat, you can't plan to be somewhere at a set time as you don't know how long the locks will take. You just have to sit back and let things happen at their own pace.

We loved it, although we were on the canal in stunning sunshine. A rainy trip may not be such fun.

We hired our boat from Sally's narrow boats and everything was perfect.
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