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Chance Harbour Nature Spa

Chance Harbour Nature Spa


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La Grande, Oregon4 条分享
2019年2月 • 好友
My friends and I visited this spa for the first time in February. To say we were disappointed is a vast understatement. The woman working there was void of personality. The stools were up in the main area which is not exactly an invitation to sit down. She told us she kept the music off so it was relaxing for the guests, but she then told us she was studying. The music being off was not relaxing, it made it very awkward because the space was too small to have a conversation without feeling like she was listening to every word. We had to clean up spilled food from the people before us as the woman working was clearly preoccupied with her studies. We asked about the fire pit outside as it was a misty, cold day, and she told us "they don't bother lighting it unless someone asks them to". Right. The change rooms were dirty, there was no handle to flush the toilette, the outhouse was disgusting. In short, I would NEVER go back here. There was a group of young women who had been there before, and they told us it used to be really great but had since gone downhill. I had nothing to compare it to, but I would certainly never recommend it to anyone. $46 to sit in a crowded sauna? No thanks. It could be so great if they would clean up the property and get staff that actually smiled and welcomed you, instead of staring blankly at you when you walk through the door and not responding when you say “Hello”. I noticed someone else described this woman as talking to her and her friends as if they were children, that was our experience as well. We were confused at her apparent inability to act or speak like a functioning human being. It was bizarre. We were so excited to go, and ended up being very anxious to leave. :( Don't stop here.
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Dominique S
1 条分享
2019年3月 • 好友
First off, this was my first time at a spa. My girlfriends and I went down together to celebrate a friends birthday. The minute we walked in, I noticed we weren't greeted or welcomed by staff which I found odd, as going to a spa is suppose to be an exciting experience and usually, you are greeted with a smile but we weren't. I'm not sure if the lady at the front was the owner or if she only worked there but she made it very apparent that there were rules to follow but she wasn't very friendly about it-she spoke to us all as if we were little kids and repeated the "rules" almost in a way of telling us what to do ex: stay at hot tub for 30 mins then rotate back to sauna, repeat. The place itself is gorgeous. The spa area got crowded and we were told to be quiet and to take the music off even though we had asked each person if they had a problem with it prior-each person said no and actually prefered the music on. However, we learned someone had put in a complaint saying the music was loud and we were all making a lot of noise. Towards the end, the lady came back and told us to take the music off and but the tone of voice that was used was unprofessional and made the experience very unpleasant. There was definitely a better way of handling this situation in a professional manner without having 15 people leave and in turn ask for a refund, which is what ended up happening. We packed our bags and left. Would not recommend based on my experience.
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1 条分享
2019年3月 • 好友
I would NEVER recommend this spa to anyone. The price does not meet the facility or services. The minute I walked in to the facility the energy of the space from the staff was negative. The ocean was beautiful but the pool was not clean, the walk ways were not maintained and the staff were incredibly rude and unhelpful. The customer service was terrible . I felt as though I was a high school kid being managed by the staff as they monitored everything we did . The spa was not relaxing nor did it have positive energy.
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Courtney H
加拿大圣约翰2 条分享
2019年2月 • 好友
It’s a nice spot but definitely too expensive for the services provided. The parking lot, paths and stairs were covered in ice with no effort to put down salt despite the multiple bags of salt sitting by the entrance. The facility is small with one small hot tub and one small sauna; too many day passes are sold for the amount of space for the activities. It should be much cheaper or the facilities/services expanded.
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Annie C
13 条分享
2018年2月 • 夫妻情侣
I've been meaning to write a review earlier but I hadn't had the time. We visited Chance harbour spa in February of 2018. The weather was really bad and I actually hit a pothole in the middle of the rd. while getting to the destination, which ruined my car. None the less, the staff was so nice and helped accommodate us while we were trying to figure out how we'd get back home since we were coming from Moncton as a day trip. I was very impressed with everything about this place. Even with very bad/rainy weather, we ended up having so much fun! It was so relaxing and beautiful! I definitely recommend this place. :)
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Pam S
5 条分享
2017年11月 • 好友
What a fantastic spot! My sisters and friends planned a full day here for my birthday and it was truly one of the best days of my life.
The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and went out of their way to make us feel welcome. We were a group of 8 and it was a cold, windy day but we spent the entire day from 11 am to 6:30 pm outdoors in just bathing suits and robes.
There is plenty of space in the changing rooms for your clothing and everything was clean & well taken care of. There is a couple of huge lounge areas next to the hot tub where we had our cooler of drinks and snacks. Down by the beach is a clubhouse with more lounge areas, tables and chairs, and a bar where we set up a slow cooker of seafood chowder for a mid-afternoon meal. The hot tub is really big and HOT! After a long soak, we made our way down to the sauna where we took turns pulling a rope to dump a big bucket of ice cold spring water over our heads - invigorating and breath catching! Then into the sauna to warm up again before running down the beach and into the ocean for a dunk - a cycle we did all day. By the way, all of these areas have the most wonderful ocean views - just gorgeous!
We ended the day in front of the roaring campfire on the beach. What an amazingly relaxing and fun day! Best birthday ever & well worth the $46 fee.
Thank you to the Chance Harbour Nature Spa staff for such a fantastic experience. We can't wait to return!
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加拿大弗雷德里克顿61 条分享
2017年2月 • 好友
An exceptional experience. I am going back and bringing more people.

My only comment would be with the Polar Bear dip. They called it a "club". Then after I asked, they jotted our names down on a small tattered notebook and that's it! Then later they said they don't really keep track of who does it. I understand that would be hard to manage, but initially when they were playing up the club I was thinking there would be an official list, a sticker, a magnet or a certificate, something to mark the occasion. Also they offered to take a photo for us, which was great but we were already out there and cold and didn't really get the benefit of that. I wish it were more organized. I do have the excellent memory of it and that is all I need. I would rock a bumper sticker or something though - I am pretty proud of that accomplishment.
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加拿大温哥华199 条分享
2017年10月 • 家庭
Brought my parents here to unwind during our Maritime holiday. It's a nice small rustic place. Don't expect the same luxury standards as Scandinave Spa. However, the hostess was very nice and explained all that they have.

There's one hot pool, one dry sauna, and a marshy area or the ocean to take your cold dip. There's also a cold water bucket outside of the dry sauna.

I recommend bringing a towel, bathrobe, and flip flops as each area is a bit of a walk outside.

They also have a fire pit and hammock like chairs which was a nice touch!
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加拿大弗雷德里克顿65 条分享
2017年3月 • 好友
It was a late birthday gift for my sister and very well worth the wait. We stayed for 6 hours and we were so relaxed at the end of the day we wanted to nap not drive home.
Everything was amazing!! We weren't gonna do the polar dip but sooooo glad we did. It's an experience you can't really describe unless you do it yourself. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The only thing I would change is having the shower separated from changing room. While my sister and I were changing/showering there was other people waiting to get their stuff out of the changing room. But besides that everything was perfect!! Thank you can't wait to be back
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加拿大希迪亚克37 条分享
2017年2月 • 好友
I`ve never done anything like it. I loved it here, the view was spectacular! We decided to do the dip in the Bay and was surprised at how the water was not that cold. What was cold was walking back from the water. Next time I will watch out for the tides because it was low tide when I went. I would also bring a bath robe, since the towel I had was not enough for February. I would also bring an old pair of boots, or rain boots, to wear going between the hot tub and sauna as I only had flip flops.
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