Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest

Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest(迪亚尼)

Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest

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Volkmar K
德国Floeha10 条分享
A small, but one of the last remaining patches of primary Coast Rainforest on the Kenyan Coast. Worth to visit! The local guide can explain a lot about the plants and their medial use by local tribes in this forest. There is still some potential to guide people with special interest in the animals living in this forest. We saw some Monkeys (Colobos, Sykes' monkey) and Guinea fowls there. Best time to visit is the early morning or late afternoon.
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Jessica B
密西西比州5 条分享
We just walk for a couple of hours across the forest. Our knowledgeable and informative guide explained us many amazing properties of each trees in this quite and sacred forest. We felt the spirit of the nature. We had a good time walking around.
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科罗拉多Larkspur246 条分享
Our review is skewed because we had an issue, but there are some major things to know about:
1. Getting to this location requires several kilometers down a rough road. The Uber drivers in Diani would not go there for the Uber fare as it's too rough on the car. We had to walk to a resort on the way back to finally get a number of a driver that would come. Charge - 1000 ksh each way from that driver.

2. Ants got all over us right away on the walk, biting us up so badly that we had to quit the tour and get out of there. I think the ants might have been inside the black wrap that they give you to take the tour. The guide just stopped and stared at us as we had ants crawling and biting us - we expected some sort of help or information, it was awkward as we were getting eaten with no help.

3. It's too much time and information for children, so I do not recommend it for families. For adults, the background pre-tour information was more interesting than the actual forest walk or story.

4. The entrance fee is high for what you get, relative to other attractions.

If you are REALLY into tribal spiritual life, then I'd recommend it for you. However, if you are just seeing this as a possible attraction in Diani Beach, I would not recommend.
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4 条分享
The walk in the forest was refreshing and a beautiful start of the day. Salim was a lovely guide who was knowledgeable and explained about his traditions and the plants, and animals.Thankful for a beautiful morning in the forest.
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London72 条分享
This sacred forest is not on most people's bucket list when they go to Kenya but if you are in the area I highly recommend a visit, especially if you are into nature, spirituality, learning about medicinal plants/trees and local culture and traditions. They charge 1000 ($10) per person + tips are extra. The tour around the forest lasts about an hour. Our guide Mohammed was very nice and knowledgable and told us about the uses of the different plants and trees.

Most people spend their whole time at Diani beach but learn very little about local culture. Visiting Kaya Kinondo is an opportunity to do so as well as understand the importance of medicinal plants and the eco system.

Go visit the forest and enjoy nature's gifts!
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比利时布鲁塞尔1,099 条分享
Worth a quick visit to learn about forest and importance to local community. Walk and explanation takes about 35 mins.
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Caroline s
Newquay22 条分享
We did the 1:30-2h walking tour in the forest with a guide showing us all kinds of trees with medicinal properties. He explained the ways of life of his ancestors and current people.
I did not give 5 stars just because they were not overly helpful in helping out with a cab back and the payment seemed a bit informal (no ticket...just cash in hand). Obviously we believe the money raised goes into community projects, but it would be nice to be sure.
The forest is located a bit south of diani beach so maybe book an Uber to get there and agree the return (much cheaper than using cabs if you look like a tourist).
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加拿大温哥华125 条分享
Wonderful tour and a good insight into the local culture. My guide Hamza was knowledgeable about the pants and area. He showed me how the locals use the plants as medicine. Hamza told me how the locals live with nature in the forest. Definitely recommended for any travellers in Diani
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Elaine T
特立尼达29 条分享
There is something about the sacredness of the place and the respect with which the tour guide had for his job and the space that I really enjoyed.
I was also fascinated by the limestone/coral - the ground is quite stony and it is a wonder to me that it can support trees etc.
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德国韦茨拉尔5 条分享
It was really a random trip to the forest as we didn't plan this in our itinerary from the start. However, we definitely love this place! It's a beautiful forest and our guide Hamsa was a star! He was knowledgeable and showed us many different plants and tell us about the medicinal properties of these plants and what the people would do with these leaves, seeds and bark of the various trees to heal themselves. We find this to be very important information and we hope that people like Hamsa will be better recognised in their work of trying to protect their culture and also to pass on their knowledge of the medicinal properties that different species offer to the next generation and others! :-)
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