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英国皇家利明顿温泉20 条分享
One of the best days of our holiday.Well worth a visit. The whole experience was amazing. Great guide great trek and extremely understanding horses.The views breathtaking and the photos the guide took for us amazing.The memories will live with us forever, thank you all for such a memorable morning.
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Andy H
1 条分享
2022年6月 • 好友
I am an experienced rider & the horse I was provided with was undersized for my height, my boots wouldn't fit into the children's sized stirrups, the Arab was fitted with a "D" ring Pelham which indicates the horse was clearly feisty to handle, the animal was not suited for trekking & was out of control, jog trotting whilst walking. As soon as it was allowed to canter, it broke into gallop & threw me to the ground twice, I have multiple bruising & a damaged pelvis
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Jade S
1 条分享
2022年6月 • 独自旅游
I arrived at George’s ranch and it was a very friendly stable all the horses were in great condition and I had a really good feeling about it. I was paired up with Spirit. When I booked my trip I told them that I wanted something not green but not a plod. Spirit was actually only Gelded which means (had balls cut ) 8 months prior to me riding him this is what my tour guid shared with me when he was side stepping most of the way and being very spooky and definitely green (a horse with little training). Spirit was playing up the whole ride. and so was my guides horse and the other lady who had booked this experience. My horse spirit especially. We got to a place that was open space to have a canter and spirit just took off with me I held on for longer than I thought I would but he eventually threw me into a pile of rocks where I have now sprained my wrist and am now covered in cuts and bruises. Now I’ve been riding for my whole life I’ve always had horses I still ride regularly I am very experienced. And I do understand that things like this happen but I just think that they should not be putting clients on horses that have been a stallion pretty much there whole life (had balls) and a horse that is not going to give the rider a great experience because you don’t relax. My boyfriend picked me up from where I had fallen off as I was in no state to get back on. My wrist had ballooned. I still have not received an apology and know one has reached out to ask if I was ok I had to message them to organise my belongings I told them my injuries and that didn’t have anything to say except “I’m glad it’s just bumps and bruises”. Reel shame:( I had better expectations for this place.
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Thibault L
1 条分享
2022年2月 • 夫妻情侣
I’ve done the sunset walk with my girl friend, it was the first time I riding horse. It was an amazing experience, we have seen a beautiful sunset and Dave was very kind and fridnly to take picture of us and the horse and he was very professional, I definitely recommand this activity cause of the care brought to the horses and the pleasure we had !
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jenia b
10 条分享
2021年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Отличная конюшня для тех кто любит лошадей .
Конюшня большая , чистая , много лошадей , все они ухожены и здоровы .
Видно как за ними хорошо ухаживают .
Прекрасный персонал , очень весёлый и вежливый .
Сама прогулка длится где то час , при этом вы ведёте лошадь сами , работники идут рядом на помощь .
Очень хорошая и красивая прогулка особенного возле моря, где фотки просто замечательные .
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Kleo Harris
2 条分享
2021年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Lovely ranch with amazing staff you know love their job. Well trained horses. For first time riders we felt safe and enjoyed it a lot.
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英国Staffordshire5 条分享
2021年9月 • 独自旅游
Would have been 5 Stars. Let me explain. Lovely stables and all but one member of staff were so friendly and made you feel welcome. Had a lovely hack out on Bailey with a lovely member of staff I think was called Lily. I’m experienced and have ridden since a child, had my own horses up until 8 years ago but ride every week still and was matched with Bailey who was an amazing ride. Just what I wanted. Unfortunately he and the youngster my guide was riding were playing up a lot but they are animals and doing what they do. shying and poor Bailey doesn’t like other horses which I later found out and had also done this before. He kept trying to bolt if Lily's mare came near or even if she was 100 metres away stopped or turned round. Anyway he did and reared up on one occasion and I fell off and he bolted. Sadly I couldn’t hold on to him and he look himself off on an adventure I was later blamed for and told the owner wouldn’t be pleased (I wasn’t that happy!) by tue bolshy member of staff. Lily was ace, I was fine. Bailey was fine. The only reason they lost two stars was the fact that the lady that greeted me, after my partner had fetched me back to the ranch, was rude, didn’t ask me if I was okay and blanked me when I asked how Bailey was. Tried to intimidate me on my riding skills. Then just left me standing not knowing if I had to sign and accident book (which I didn’t) after I’d helped her get Bailey back in his head collar. I’m fully aware accidents happen and have no issue with that but a text to ask how I was by the owner would have been nice. Don’t let this put you off. The stables, and staff (not the ex journalist one though!) were amazing. The horses immaculate and very well kept which is the most important thing. PS the hack is not pretty at all but a few comments I read did mention this so don’t be deceived by the photos. They are positioned well.
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5 条分享
Everyone was very friendly and attentive. As a family with a 14 year old and 8 year old we found this to be a great experience. Would highly recommend.
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英国克罗伊登70 条分享
We were ignored when we first arrived. The toilets are the most disgusting I have ever seen. So bad, my wife refused to use them.
Only one horse was ready, even though we booked two days prior and arrived early as requested. The second horse took ages to get ready so the hour we were paying for was ticking away standing around.
The walk, they call it that, I called it a nightmare, consisted of the handler walking in front of my wife (her being on the lead horse) and ignoring me whilst I had numerous problems with the thing I was riding. We had both told him our riding experience is limited to say the least. Most, would call us novices. You even have to fill in a form before you start, stating your riding level/capability.
Apparently my horse was "the biggest horse in Cyprus." Unruly would be a polite word for him. As I said, we are not jockeys and I am no Ruby Walsh so why put me on that beast?
When the handler wasn't talking on his mobile he did not seem that interested in either our well being or that of his horses.
After our 45 minute trip we return and pay for the experience. Strangely enough the handler could not find enough change to give me. Really? Could he not of asked another member of staff or the boss?
Talking of which, at no time did the owner make their self known, let alone welcome us, see how we got on or thank us for our business.
When we next go to Cyprus, we may go riding, but not here.
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Mary P
英国汤顿7 条分享
Thank you Karen for a lovely relaxing ride this morning, and thank you Jackson for being such a gentleman for this old bird who hadn’t ridden for 5 years, you both made my birthday special x
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