Heuan Hinh (Stone House)

Heuan Hinh (Stone House)(Savannakhet)

Heuan Hinh (Stone House)
Ban Dong, Dokmay Songkhone district, Savannakhet 老挝

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2017年8月 • 独自旅游
Savvanakhet has really nothing in terms of tourist attractions but tries very, very hard with what little it has. This is another of those cases. Not much in the way of accurate or useful information available, tour guides double as scam artists gaming double charges, free lunch, and weeks of salary for plying their scam. Fairly far out of Savannakhet and a good way to break up kidney stones along the pot-hole riddled road if you have any.
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Peter vanderlans
Penang613 条分享
2015年9月 • 独自旅游
I went to see the Stone House on my bike ride from Savannakhet to Pakse. Just south of Savannakhet are two to be visited places: That Phonh and Stone House

That Ponh is a temple complex, important to the locals. It's nice enough on the way to the Stone House which was a northern outpost of the Khmer Empire. One temple still stands which is partly in ruins. Yet, the artwork is still partly visible and it shows that this once was a magnificent outpost. Ships must have been attracted to the temple where they probably had to pay fees to enter the empire.

The temple is still in use. Inside you can see the main Buddha statue where people still pray. There is an annual festival held in the full moon night in April.

Getting there is a little tricky. You can do it in a tour you can organise with the Tourist Office in Savannakhet. Another option is to get a motorbike. I did it on my own bicycle, which was quite easy.
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Alexander D
俄罗斯新西伯利亚1,991 条分享
2016年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Эти остатки сооружения хранят в себе историю Кхмерской империи. Дом был построен больше 1000 лет назад. Посмотреть интересно, но добираться сюда долго. Тем более что в Лаосе очень много более грандиозных сооружений той же эпохи.
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Jc G
法国Six-Fours-les-Plages187 条分享
2016年3月 • 夫妻情侣
a 70 km de savanaket pour ceux qui aiment les vielles ^pierres trajet un peu long a moto le vieux temple semble etre accapré par les boudhistes ce qui enleve un peu de chafrme a cet endroit perdu dans lanature
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Robert H
哥伦比亚特区华盛顿特区349 条分享
I'm not sure I would recommend anyone to make a special trip to see the Stone House. It is a single small ruined temple, albeit in a lovely setting by the Mekong. It is not remotely comparable to Wat Phou or Preah Vihear much less to Angkor.

However, as a cyclist, this is a good way to avoid Route 13 for a day. Be warned! The road along the river is mostly a dirt road.
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Ronald A
阿肯色州Bryant6 条分享
2014年7月 • 独自旅游
A nearly 1000-year-old relic, believed to be one of the 121 rest houses constructed by Jayavarman VII, a king of old Khmer empire. Had similarities with Wat Phou but still very unique, and if you are in Savanaket, you shouldn't miss it - only 1~2 hour(s) away from downtown.
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日本东京380 条分享
2014年4月 • 好友
"Stone house is believed to have been one of 121 rest houses constructed by Jayavarman VII (1181-1218) along the roads which once connected every corner of the Khmer empire. Therefore, it shares similar characteristics with Wat Phou in Champasak, Phimai Temple in Thailand, etc. The stone house is build on the river side and you can imagine the days when Khmer people frequently traveled up and down the Mekong River. An annual festival is held in the full moon night during April."
(Reprinted by Official guide map, Mekong River South)

Stone House is located 1.5h from downtown of Savannakhet by car.
Very Very Nice Place !
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