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2022年9月 • 好友
We went to a 6 days trekking to the Inylcheck glacier with ekotrek. We asked for a guide, because its a remote place,and its the worst decision we've made. The guide didn't say a word in the 6 days. He was walking very far away from us, sometimes we didn't even see him for a long time. He didn't explain anything to us, or tell us at what time we had to start walking, what would be the distance, general information that you expect from a guide. We never knew what was going on... It seemed that he didn't care at all, as if he was alone.
Also we wanted to go deeper to the glacier and he refuse, although we spend two days stopped in some place and we had enough time for it.(some days we only walk like 3h). We recommend do this trekk by yourself, with a GPS or a map, so its the same, less money and you can choose where you stop or what do you do. Not profesional at all, I would never recomend this travel agency.
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意大利米兰13 条分享
2022年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Terrible, they cancelled our tour the same day. We organized one month in advance, all other tours were booked. Be careful if booking with this agency as unreliable
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俄罗斯莫斯科5 条分享
Давно хотел показать друзьям из Москвы свою Родину Кыргызстан. За помощью с организацией тура обратился в компанию Экотрек. Они предложили великолепный маршрут вокруг Иссык-Куля по самым красивым местам, также маршрут включал в себя посещение озера Сон-Кёл. Экотрек организовал транспорт, питание, проживание, гидов с высочайшим уровнем сервиса.
Огромная благодарность Таштанбеку из Экотрек, который помог всё это сделать.
Когда тур уже был согласован, авиакомпания поменяла нам рейс вместо Иссык-Куля на Бишкек. Таштанбек помог внести корректировки в тур, и даже хорошо что так вышло - увидели еще и Бишкек. Друзья были приятно удивлены местной разнообразной кухней, огромными порциями, еще придется посидеть на диете после поездки :).

Эта поездка надолго останется в памяти прекрасными видами природы, гостеприимством кыргызстанцев.
Спасибо Экотрек!
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Andrea J
Melbourne85 条分享
There is a lot of choice for companies in Karakol, which is clearly on the well worn travellers path in Kyrgyzstan.

While I have a little bit of trekking experience, I wasn't confident enough to do the Ala-Kul trek without a guide, even though many companies insisted I didn't need a guide. Enter the guys at Eco-Trek. I was introduced to them by Destination Karakol and from the minute I walked into their offices, I formed an immediate rapport with Adair. He introduced me to Asat, who would be my guide for the next 3 days.

What a brilliant 3 days. Asat and I spoke about EVERYTHING, relationships, work, life, travel, and he was my beacon of support as we walked up from Serota Hut to the Ala-Kul pass. He provided so much encouragement, especially when I was really feeling the altitude on the last 200 or so metres. I think he finds it hilarious that the start of the trek is higher than Australia's highest peak!

I hit the jackpot as far as decent people go for guides - I said Asat should set up a business of 'life coaching' on treks :) I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him - for those of us that don't trek at altitude often, he showed concern, regularly checking it to ensure I didn't feel the effects of altitude.

Don't bother with any of the other companies, go straight to Eco Trek in Karakol.
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香港93 条分享
2019年6月 • 夫妻情侣
I would like to first thank you the Ecotrek team for such a wonderful trip. The logistics arrangement was seamless.

My gf and I had planned this trip since earlier this year and we had been looking forward to it. Aidar had been extremely patient and helpful in answering all our questions and arranging the trek.

Initially, we were supposed to depart in mid-June, however, due to personal reasons, we had to bring the trip forward to late May. We thought that we may have to cancel our trip both due to the terrain and also the last minute arrangements. We contacted Aidar on a Wednesday telling him that we have to depart the immediate next Tuesday, and guess what, he said OK.

When we arrived in Karakol and visited the office, we saw that indeed the arrangements were made for us to depart ASAP. As we were amongst the first to cross the passes in season, Aidar assigned Ermek, who has plenty of experience and a chill guy, to be our guide.

While I would not bore the readers with all the details of my trip, but Ermek managed the whole trek very well. One of the days, just right before Ama-loo Pass to get to Ala-Kul lake, the weather turned for the worse and snowed heavy. While we camped just right before the pass, the next day, Ermek went to check on the conditions and see weather we can cross. Unfortunately, there were high risks of avalanches and indeed, as Ermek communicated that to us, we heard the thundering sound of one. We turned back to Ate-Narashan and called Aidar to arrange transport to get us out of that valley and get us to the next valley, Karakol Valley. Ermek was extremely apologetic about us not crossing the pass, but I reassured him that it is ok and safety is paramount in such trips.

Another incident that I find the guide and porters commendable is that a lone trekker wanted to attempt Telety pass. However, weather (again!) was bad and it would be dangerous to cross. Further, it was getting late. Ermek and the rest of the staff were kind and helpful to let her stay in the kitchen tent, to at least wait out the rain until the next day. Ermek was again apologetic but I told him I am happy to see them helping out a fellow trekker.

Also, on the trek, the food was great. Our cook kept on whipping out dishes after dishes of delicious local food each day. We enjoyed the food tremendously and we highly recommend that you ask Aidar for the "Shaolin Master" to be your cook on the next trip.

Overall, the whole trip was great. The arrangements from end to end were seamless. I would recommend Ecotrek without any hesitation and personally, if I revisit, Ecotrek would be the first one I call up.
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西班牙拉科鲁尼亚省39 条分享
2019年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Aidar was so kind and nice for us, even helping to organize our trip from Spain before our arrival. He helped us with transport, accomodation, and even to organize a crazy trip to Altyn Arashan on new year eve in the middle of a rough winter, hours by horse trough the valley. Loads of snow, overwealmed by romantic landscapes, its a trip that we will never forget.Thank you for everything! I know it won't be the last time we will sea each other and I'm sure more epic trips are on the way once we will be back!
Highly recommended, even during winter time :)
All the best in life Aidar!! Hope to meet each other soon enough.
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2018年7月 • 好友
I trekked with Ecotrek in July 2018 and can recommend them without any hesitation! At all phases of the trip, from planning to checking in to the last step of our 7-day trek, the staff were excellent. They were quick to answer our every question (and there were many). The team on the trek (guide, professional cook, and porters) was the best, and we were able to feel their love of the outdoors and their commitment to keeping the environment as healthy and clean as possible. Plus we were able to learn something more of their country, their lives, and their hopes for the future - and that was a tremendous gift. I would be happy to plan another trek with this fabulous team!
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Mathias D
2 条分享
2018年8月 • 好友
My brother and I went trekking in Kyrgyzstan. In Karakol we visited EcoTrek and they helped us plan the details of our tour and helpfully answered all the questions we had. They are very helpful. It felt like they could arrange just about anything we would like and to a reasonable price! We went for a 7 day hike with a guide (2500 som/day) and horsebackriding in the hills behind karakol afterwards. Ecotrek is the place to go
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Dear Mathias, Thank you for your feedback about our services here in Karakol. It was great to help you with a 7 day trek into the mountains near Karakol! We hope to see you and your friends next year! All the best! Enjoy EcoTrek Trekking and Travel Team!
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Seattle7 条分享
2018年7月 • 好友
My sister and I began planning a July trip to Kyrgyzstan in Feb. - March, and I sent many questions to Aidar at EcoTrek to find out more about the possible treks. We are in our 60s and felt that trekking on our own would probably be too difficult, but we would be able to enjoy a 7 day trek if we had support. We booked a tour in advance and arrived in Karakol the day before our departure. All was ready for our trip. We had a wonderful guide (English-speaking), cook and three porters, so everything was very smooth for us. The hiking was difficult, partly because of high elevation, but we thoroughly enjoyed the trip. By having a cook, we were able to enjoy local food every day, with many fresh fruits and vegetables. The guide was able to help us through the most difficult and steep hiking trails, and of course, made sure we did not get lost.

Most of the hikers we met on the trail were much younger than us and were ok with carrying tents, sleeping bags, stoves, etc. Of course, we used to do that too! But for us, the guided trek was a fantastic experience that we will never forget. I highly recommend EcoTrek for supported tours in Kyrgyzstan.
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Thank you so much for your review! We were so happy to have you as a guest in our country! It was great that you enjoyed your 7 day trek and its great to hear that you enjoyed your English speaking guide! We do our best to fit the right guides and right cooks for each small group. Thanks again and see your friends and family in the future! Enjoy EcoTrek Trekking and Travel Team!
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英国牛津10 条分享
2017年8月 • 好友
While we did not take EcoTrek tours and cannot reflect on the quality of the tour itself, we have visited their office in Karakol to get more information about travelling in the region. They gave false information about accessing various destinations - saying that it is very difficult and we better book through them when in reality the destination is very easily accessible. Saying that other destinations must be arranged one week in advance at least, of course, through their tour, when in reality you don't need any special arrangements. I find giving out misleading information about the difficulty of travelling very dishonest and unprofessional, there are much better and professional ways of selling your tours.
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Dear Samarkandolaikrodis, Sorry to hear that you were mislead on information from our office. We are doing our best to help all of our guests and each guest is a bit different. Some groups find tours too easy and some groups find them way too hard. Sorry if we mislead you about a possible trip to the mountains​. We have added more information to our website and office booklets to better inform future guests. We hope you come back to Kyrgyzstan once again in the future. Enjoy EcoTrek Trekking and Travel Team
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