Mycenaen Center Workshop

Mycenaen Center Workshop(Argos)

Mycenaen Center Workshop


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James R
华盛顿Klickitat59 条分享
So Much more than a Souvenir Shop!
We stopped in as part of a tour group (sorry) after touring the awesome ruins in Mycenae and the beehive tomb nearby. The work done there to preserve the ancient pottery skills of the Greek peoples is nothing short of amazing. They took us downstairs to the workshop area and showed us numerous examples of replicated ancient works.
At the end of a long day, they took the time to help me make a choice of vases, 1 was a funerary urn for my brothers ashes. 2 a souvenir vase for my home. They took all my info and I received it safe and sound at my home in three weeks and 2 days. What a glorious treat and a visual reminder of the hospitality and skills of the Greek people.
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Carol H
新泽西牛顿125 条分享
Definitely worth the visit
2019年4月 • 独自旅游
While in Mycenae we stopped at the Mycenaen Center Ceramic Workshop. The Mycenae area was known for its pottery. You will be able to watch a pottery demonstration and lecture. The pottery recovered from ruins has been preserved because no paint was used. The different colors found in the ceramics is attributed to various clays from different areas.
The outside temperature must be at least 28 degrees Centigrade. This would be over 82 degrees Fahrenheit . The creations are set outside to dry for two months. Any weather temperatures below 82 degrees will cause the pottery to crack. Once the kiln reaches 950 degrees Centigrade or the equivalent in Fahrenheit would be 1742 degrees the dried pottery is ready to be fired. Pottery that is finished in the kiln reacts like a metal and sounds like a bell when struck.
Popular symbols are the spiral - the symbol of Greece, a wave shape and the snake, which represents eternity. We can't forget the famous evil eye! The owl represents the goddess, Athena and the branch is a symbol of peace.
If you don't purchase anything else at the workshop you must pick up a cup of moderation. Pythagoras wanted to teach his students the importance of moderation in their lives. He designed a cup for them to drink from but with an added feature. There is a ceramic cylinder in the center with a hole in the bottom of the cup. As long as the cup is only filled halfway it will hold the liquid. If they became greedy and filled the cup full, everything runs out the hole in the bottom of the cup. I bought one just to show my students.
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法国巴黎28 条分享
2018年8月 • 家庭
Nous sommes passés dans ce magasin de souvenir en juillet 2016 lors de notre voyage en Grece. Nous avons ete tres gentiment accueilli par une vendeuse parlant tres bien le français. Nous avons acheté une bague en argent pour notre fille. Les prix sont tres raisonnables. Un an et demi apres notre fille perd sa bague. J ai recherché partout le modèle sur internet mais sans jamais le trouver. J ai fini par contacter le magasin par mail et Helen me l a envoyé gratuitement à l adresse d une amie à Athènes. Grace à Helen j ai fait une tres belle surprise à ma fille qui à retrouvé sa bague. Je ne peux que recommander cette boutique!!!
Merci Helen
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Athanasios V
希腊Argos27 条分享
The best place for souvenirs.
I know the shop many years. The family provides the best souvenirs and Greek presents for your friends and family like no-one in the area.
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澳大利亚珀斯2 条分享
excellent service
2017年7月 • 独自旅游
At the beginning of July 2017 My husband and I stopped here as part of our tour in the area. The demonstration was informative and interesting. We purchased a bust of the Grecian goddess Artemiss (Diana) as well as a few smaller items to take home. The bust was shipped to us (Western Australia) and it was delivered today 31st July. The item was maticulasly packed and arrived safely.
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Aviv S
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Visited the shop and participated in the workshop
2016年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Very nice shop with high quality ceramics, bronze statues and jewelry. The ceramic workshop is very nice
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巴西里约热内卢2,128 条分享
Só uma grande loja (e cara)
2016年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Paramos aqui mesmo sem querer perder tepo em loja, pois o nosso motorista de táxi (John Yellow Cab) simplesmente nos informou que iria parar para vermos o workshop (com certeza ele ganha comissão nas cmpras) Trata-se de uma grande loja com peças muito caras - nada mais do que isso.
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纽约州纽约市1,017 条分享
Exploring Replicas of Greek Treasures at Mycenaean Center Ceramic Workshop
2016年5月 • 好友
Our Mycenaean tour ended at the elegant Mycenaean Center Ceramic Workshop. Greek statues with acolumn faced adorned the entrance. The hosts were gracious and hospitable with wine tasting. A pottery demonstration showed us how they are created. A rich inventory of statues, vases, plates and jewelry were available. Helen D. Maragos-Tsakonas is the jewelry designer who operates this family owned business. Her warmth and beautiful smile invites people to shop.
Her brochure is in English and Chinese “in the Mycenaean Center, you will find unique and beautiful presents for yourselves and loved ones,” she said “Presents are up to date and give you a feeling of pleasure. All this in a friendly and warm atmosphere with an experience staff that not only knows how to make you feel comfortable, but to offer you good prices as well. We are looking forward to seeing you”. On this positive note, my Mycenaean adventure ended.
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希腊雅典6,451 条分享
2015年8月 • 好友
Ενα καταπληκτικό κατάστημα, εξωτερικά και εσωτερικά που διαθέτει διακοσμητικά με παραστάσεις του Μινωικού πολιτισμού.
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澳大利亚爱丽斯泉11,042 条分享
Behind the scene demonstration, tour and
2015年10月 • 好友
We stopped here as part of our tour with a group.

We were first treated to a tour of the workshop, followed by viewing items being made by the workers.

Finally a tour of the shop and the opportunity to shop for a few souvenirs.

The huge range of artwork here is great to browse through, even if you don’t wish to purchase anything.
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