Alvord Hot Springs

Alvord Hot Springs(New Princeton)

Alvord Hot Springs
2-3 小时
36095 E Steens Rd, New Princeton, OR

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Stephanie C
俄勒冈波特兰66 条分享
Go for the desert -- not the hot springs.
The location is absolutely five stars: the scenery of the Steens, the ability to take the private access road to the desert playa, the night sky -- it is all worth the drive.

Everything else might be three stars at best: even as someone who really likes a *hot* hot spring, I found the water unbearably hot when I was there, with no clear way to adjust, except to make it hotter! There is only one restroom for everyone at the campsite, and frequently had to wait in line, and there was no available fresh water for cleaning, bathing, cooking, or drinking, so come prepared (there's no information on the website about water availability).

Finally, unless you really need an overhead light and a table indoors, skip the MASH units and camp. Our mattresses were stained.
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Kirsten T
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Totally downhill
2020年10月 • 好友
Overall the experience we had vs the experiences we’ve had, have driven us from this place. Would not recommend. After their system lost our reservation the owner told us it wasn’t their fault but ours. Although Voda, the lady working in the office said they were looking for a new reservation system due to many issues such as this. Our friends reserved a bunker for the same trip but we had 5 people and were over the limit, per the website and person working. The office people tried to find a resolution but were unable to. Due to this we decided if we could get a refund on our friends stay we would just leave. After being told we could, we decided to drive the 4 hours back home. 3 hours into our drive our friends got a call that it wouldn’t go through and offered a credit toward future stays. We told them we’d prefer a refund. After speaking with the owner the refund was not an option ever and the person should’ve never offered it and would be getting fired for that statement. Overall, Paul the owner seems to be unable to take responsibility for their lacking reservation system and won’t honor what his employee stated. On top of all of this Paul had many off handed irrelevant rude comments to say that were extremely unprofessional.
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This place is a junkyard and is misrepresented on website and social media.
2020年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Be warned: this place is a junkyard and is misrepresented on website and social media.

We were going to Alvord hotsprings expecting not more, but not less than what they promise on their website: rustic, well-kept (as they promote family-owned), minimalistic but “modernized since 1940” place, where someone with appreciation for nature and tranquility can find peaceful place to enjoy this natural wonder.

What we found was non-hygienic conditions, trash, unkept facilities in disrepair, alcohol binging by facility managers and guests in the pools, etc. Here is the list of specifics:

- There is no shower. Each hour, dozens of people plunge in two small pools with slowly running water. It would be very simple to install outdoor showers and ask that people wash themselves with soap prior to taking a communal dip (considering water is naturally non-treated), but there is no such option. Everyone uses small mineral pools as a bath. Call it what it actually is: unsanitary crowd bathing.
- Management team and their friends openly consume alcohol, smoke weed, and cigarettes while sitting in the hot-springs with guests. They accept and offer alcohol to people they like, while openly and loudly joking about a guest who refused to drink with them. Basically, they treat the facility as private backyard jacuzzi of a party house.
- We witnessed people and management team drinking alcohol inside the hot springs pools at around 9pm with visitors’ children around.
- The pools’ infrastructure is in need for urgent and basic repair. There is construction trash scattered behind the dressing “room” which in itself is dirty, with scattered housekeeping tools inside. The sitting bench is loosely constructed, blocking the main view of the basin from the pool. A structure that is supposed to be a sun deck is in disrepair and can’t be used.
- Management team partied in the pools till 11:30pm, left pile of trash: alcohol containers, cigarette buds and empty weed joint containers. They yelled together at the camp area close to midnight, woke us up.

Overal, it is a disgrace and disrespect to this land and it’s natural wonder how these “family owners” deliver their responsibility to steward while making profit from “hospitality services”
For people who have respect and appreciation for nature: you will be dismayed by this.
For people who understand cultural and historical context & significance of this place, as sacred to Native people, it will bring sadness to your heart.
Fir people who have awareness of basic sanitary and health needs, you’ll probably go one step further than we did, and file a formal complaint.
For anyone in recovery from alcohol use or a parent of a child, be careful what you expose yourself to when you go there.
To anyone looking for a peaceful and healthy soak in natural hotsprings, you won’t have it.
(I tried to time my peaceful soak at 6am and encountered a pile of cigarettes buds / alcohol cans trash from last night and someone from management team chatting loudly with a guest in the pool. At sunrise. AT SIX AM)
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俄勒冈科瓦利斯7 条分享
Relaxed atmosphere
2020年6月 • 家庭
We were stayed here a couple nights at the end of June. One day we pretty much had the place to ourselves. We were able to socially distance easily all the day’s we stayed. The spring pools were cleaned the day we used it. Drained completely and scrubbed down. The couple managing the place are extremely helpful and kind. The desert itself is insane! Played in the car out there, practiced lacrosse, dog ran around, explored. Gorgeous sunsets and a thunder & lightening storm. Very cool. The private road was easy to use. I think the money charged is worth every penny. If you don’t want to pay then use the frog creek access road.
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加拿大蒙特利尔4,277 条分享
Source d'eau chaude, entourée par un superbe paysage
Cette source d'eau chaude a été légèrement aménagée pour que l'on puisse en profiter. Le paysage alentour est hallucinant, c'est parfait pour déconnecter et décompresser un peu pendant un road trip. Il faut néanmoins payer l'entrée, et mieux vaut y aller le matin pour avoir les sources juste pour soi.
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Howard L
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My son an I took a 5 day trip to the Steens and Alvord area. We inquired about access to the public lands across from the Alvord Hot Springs in an effort to enjoy some dispersed camping on public lands. I was told by the unfriendly, not very helpful bearded guy behind the desk that it would be 30 dollars to simply drive across Alvord Ranch owned lands to access this camping. Maybe a few hundred yards. He also informed me the only camping was on THEIR land. There is also a trail head up the road to access a hike to an old mine that would cost us to drive across as well. The hike is on public land the drive to the trail head is not. This is profiteering at its best, or worst. As we were looking for a protected place to camp I also inquired about camping at Mann Lake up the road 15 miles. He Played dumb, offering no info on the area, clearly wanting to pocket our money and have us pay the money to stay in their camping area. Nope! Stay away from this shanty town outfit. Pay to access public lands? Pathetic.
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Rick Shroy
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Stay here
Nice and peaceful place to stay with private access to the Alvord dessert which is the best road of all the access roads I could find. Spent 3 nights there and will be going again next fall. Better then a regular campground with trash all over the place the owners are on site and really keep it tidy. Try one of the MASH units, if you ok with rustic , I thought it was really neat and likely stay in one again.
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Mountain Miler
俄勒冈Sandy6 条分享
Great location - not so great camping!
Alvord Hot springs is a long way from anywhere, which based on it's size is probably a good ting. A spectacular location, owners are friendly, the springs are small 2 concrete pools about 10' square more than 6 or 8 people in each and things would be too close for comfort! The $8.00 fee is OK I guess it's there property & you don't have to buy! I was disappointed with the camping though, at $30.00 a night it's not tent friendly at all, no shelter, no shade, no picnic table and the only water supply was the sink at the one office toilet.

The Spring water is naturally too hot to sit in so the supply water has to be turned on and off allowing for Natural cooling. If you leave the water running into the pools at night they are too hot by morning. If you turn the water off they are too cool in the morning.

Would go again for the location more than anything but will not pay for camping again, I'll just camp out on the surrounding BLM land it's exactly the same as what you will get in the the campground anyway!
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俄勒冈希尔斯伯勒446 条分享
not the best, but good enough
2018年7月 • 夫妻情侣
They have been improving the place, and yes it could be better, but offers two pools at different temperatures and some shade.
the price to pay is exactly that - thanks to many yahoos not behaving properly, it become a pay-to-use location, but I am ok with that.
worth a visit
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爱达荷博伊西14 条分享
Lovely views and warm waters
2019年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Sitting at the base of the Steens in Eastern Oregon these cement pools are filled with hot waters that quickly ease tensions.

One pool is housed inside of a shed providing protection from the wind and snow rolling off of the mountains, the other, offers views of the mountains and desert. Both a sight to behold.
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