Pouakai Crossing

Pouakai Crossing(Egmont National Park)

Pouakai Crossing
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Sasha L
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An ok track, but a little underwhelming for the slog. Up until the tarns, was really quite enjoyable, but the final 5km down to Mangorei car park was hugely disappointing. Why in the world they would line the track with awkward wooden slates instead of natural compacted ground is beyond me. It was difficult to appreciate the beauty of the forest whist having to watch your every step. I do appreciate the effort of those upgrading the track though.
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新西兰奥克兰中心地区31 条分享
Loved this walk. Not many people doing it despite the beautiful, sunny day, so it was very peaceful. Good range of tracks through low-lying lush native bush to alpine grasslands to alpine rock vegetation. The tracks are well defined and marked. I heard that some of the tracks are going to be upgraded but we found them in good condition anyway, probably because the weather had been very dry. Having said that, you would want to be wearing decent hiking shoes or sturdy sneakers. Despite the beautiful weather, we definitely needed jackets at times - there are some exposed areas and the wind can pick up very suddenly. The short detour to the tarn was well worth it. Initially it looked very disappointing and then I realised that the reflections changed with every little light shift and it really did make for gorgeous photos. There's very little birdsong as you hike and we learned that predators have eradicated much of the bird life. There are pest traps (particularly for rats) at the sides of the tracks so we hope that this program is working and the mountain will be full of native birds again in years to come.
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新西兰基督城207 条分享
An overnight trip to Pouakai Tarn:

We originally planned to stay at Pouakai Hut for two nights, and actually we stayed only one night, as we were lucky to see all the view which we wanted to see. At that time, even the weather forecast was not good on Metservice one day before, but it turned out the weather was good most of time. We forgot it was a full moon period, so we didn’t get a chance to take milkyway which was a pity. Check Metservice – Egmount National Park weather ahead, but it is not 100% reliable.
The route we took: Mangorei Road car park --2 hours--> Pouakai Hut—20 mins --> Pouakai Tarn
We took most normal overnight camping gears (except tent), torch, food, filtered bottle, waterproof matches, gas, four seasons wearing staff, camera gears, tripod, hiking poles, wet wipe, tissues. Hut tickets (available in Kathmandu shop)
The hut (first in first service, it was full at the end) provided sleeping mattresses, water (drinking water requires boiled), toilet, toilet paper…Our phone could even connect to 4G signal which was brilliant. No electricity available any way. By the way, all the rubbish is recommended to carry out by
yourself, so rubbish bags are useful.
We found the most useful things during the trip: comfortable/waterproof boots, waterproof/windproof jackets, waterproof pants, gaiters (super muddy on the way), warm hat (windy), gloves, torch, power banks for phones, jandals for walking around the hut, sun cream lotion, quick dry basic layers, socks, rubbish bags.
Drive to Mangorei Road car park which is at the end of Mangorei Road. We took about 2 hours to Pouakai Hut as we carried big backpacks. The track indeed has countless steps to the top, where most of time we walked in the beautiful native bush. From Pouakai Hut to Pouakai Tarn, it was about 10-20 minutes walk. Around Pouakai Tarn, there is a new wooden walking track. It did need some patience, but it was worthy. In order to protect the fragile environment, please stay on the track; please not walk/stand on the fragile vegetation; please leave your tripod on the track;
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新西兰奥克兰中心地区34 条分享
Started at Egmont road and walked to Holly Hut. Stayed one night and then hiked to Pouakai Hut and tarns.
Beautiful views. Heard Kiwi at the Holly Hut.Walked an easy walk out down to Mangorei rd.
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We went on Easter Saturday. Wonderful one day hike I absolutely loved it and whilst there were a few people on the track here and there it wasn't super busy at all. Tongariro Crossing was much busier. The track is well marked and the steps well formed. A person of average or moderate fitness could do it if you take it slowly one step at a time but keep in mind there are a lot of steps and it does seem to go on and on. But worth it to see the views. Takes about 7 and a half hours (although I didn't take any long breaks only stopping to take photos and catch my breath). A very fit person could get it done in less time.
The track is one way (starts at one end and finishes at another end - Mangorei Road) and there is very limited parking. We used Taranaki Mountain Shuttle to drop us off and pick us up it was about $35 return each. There is very limited parking there.
I really loved hiking the Pouakai Crossing the views were just lovely. Don't forget to bring an ipod/mp3 player/phone with music on it. Nothing quite like listening to your favourite songs and taking in the view.
Also the weather there can be quite changeable so make sure you have layers and a good hiking jacket and hiking shoes. I wore a beanie. I had gloves in my backpack just in case. The locals also appeared to appreciate the tourists and were friendly to us they were quite proud of their town.
Highly recommend!
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The Travelling House Sitters
克罗地亚103 条分享
The Pouakai Crossing is a great spot to get amazing views over New Plymouth and its surroundings.

The track is fairly well maintained, however after a lot of rain it can be a little worse for wear.

There are a lot of steps, so might not be so suitable for those who have difficulty with stairs.

The route is very well sign posted and is easy to navigate without GPS or maps.

A must do activity when in New Plymouth!
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San Diego, CA131 条分享
We didn't do the entire circuit, just the point-to-point crossing from the Egmont Visitor Center to the Mangorei Road. You'll need a shuttle (easily hired) to do the one-day crossing. The track goes through forests and subalpine habitats, including a wetlands. We got lucky and had beautiful clear weather for our hike, with just enough cloud to make interesting photos. There were even a few tiny spots of snow next tot the track! The hike is quite difficult in spots (it showed me exactly where my fitness deficits are!) and the second half has many stairs, all of which go on, seemingly, forever. But you feel pretty chuffed when you're done! Allow plenty of time if you want to take photos; it took us at least 9+ hours to do 19 km.
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I’ve done this track twice now in the hope of seeing mighty Taranaki from the top. Sadly I’ve not been in luck but I’ll definitely try again because the track is such fun with its 38385939 steps!! If you’re trying to get to the top for sunrise, I recommend taking a good torch with you and not going when snow is forecast.... yep, you can imagine the pickle I ended up in!
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Glyn D
比利时安特卫普28 条分享
A lot of steps, but so worth it!! I takes around 2 hours to reach the hut! But when you arive at the hut, the view is brearhtaking!

After the hut, walk to the pond with view on mount taranaki! Don’t forger to wear waterresistance shoes because it is realy swampy.

Don’t do it with bad weather
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澳大利亚Yarragon40 条分享
The Pouakai Crossing has a slip between Kokowai track intersection and the track just southeast from there. That section is currently closed. You can reroute via Ram track and Kokowai track but that makes the crossing even longer.
An alternative day hike (4 to 5 hrs) is a loop from the Nth Egmont visitors centre. Take the start of the Pouakai Crossing as far as you are allowed. Turn left up Jacobs ladder. Cross beneath Humphries castle to Tahurangi Lodge. Start the long downhill road. We took the longer route via Maketawa hut through beautiful forest.
Contact the DOC or ask at The visitors centre for track updates. My guess it will be a few months before the track is repaired and reopened.
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