Harwoods Hole Track

Harwoods Hole Track(Takaka Hill)

Harwoods Hole Track
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新西兰惠灵顿14 条分享
An easy walk, through a varied landscape of forest, bush and rocks. Thoroughly enjoyable. My biggest treat was seeing all the variety of colours and types of mushrooms. Surreal. Not all of us were brae enough to actually peer down to get a glimpse of the "hole, but it was still worthwhile for everyone. Long drive, but worthwhile
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Lydia A
法国阿尔比18 条分享
Nice and easy walk, only took about 25-30 min to walk to the hole. Lots of of rock hoping involved though so do not recommend for anyone with any ankle or knee injuries.

Very cool overall
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新西兰尼尔森塔斯曼地区230 条分享
We really enjoyed the walk and found it very easy to do. The highlight at the end for us for climbing the rocks and looking at the fossils in them. It is quite dangerous to try see inside the vertical shaft from the big boulders and it is worth noting there are NO barriers if you plan on taking kids with you. You can climb down into the shaft, but I wouldn’t do this unless you are experienced as you need to hold a rope and make your way down loose rock.
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Kim O
新西兰基督城107 条分享
This had been on our bucket list for a while so we were thrilled to actually get here. It is approximately an 11km drive from the main Takaka Hill road through Cannan Downs (scene in Lord of the Rings movie) on a narrow shingle road but well worth the effort. After arriving at the campsite area it is around 40 minutes walk through a stunning beech forest to Harwoods Hole. The track is wide and flat at first but becomes narrow and rocky in the the last section with big boulders to climb over near Harwoods Hole itself. Upon arriving you look up to realise you have arrived part way down the shaft! Quite an awesome and eerie experience. You can't see the bottom from here and trying to get a view can be quite unnerving as there are no barriers. Getting here is a effort but the rewards are well worth it.
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sally c
英国哈罗盖特158 条分享
The walk requires a 10km drive along an unmade road, suitable for any car if you drive with care. We enjoyed the scenery along the way, varied and interesting.

The walk starts through an old forest, oh so quiet. It was wet underfoot but here had been heavy rain the night before.

There are stunning rock formations on the way, which get a bit tricky to navigate when you’re close to Harwoods Hole. Although signs say you can’t see into the shaft, you sort of arrive in it! You look up to see the top.

We did the extra walk to the lookout which is uphill but well worth it for the wide valley view and wonderful rock formations. Do it!
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康涅狄格Haddam38 条分享
This is a great day event if you’re looking to escape to somewhere extremely quiet with spectacular views. The drive in is a long dirt road only wide enough for one vehicle to get to the campsite. Beautiful scenery all the way. Once you start the trek in, you are overwhelmed by the beautiful forest that’s so quiet, it’s mesmerizing. Song birds and trees blowing in the wind is all you’ll here. Getting to the edge of the hole requires significant agility. 3 point stance is required to get close. You’ll never see the bottom from anywhere...unless your falling, which is not recommended. Seriously, it’s beautiful, and worth it IF your in good shape, and can climb smooth rocks, not afraid of heights, and looking for a quiet place 2 hours from Nelson. Spend another hour round trip going to the viewpoint as well. It’s worth it.
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佛罗里达马可岛175 条分享
Driving 11km on a tricky dirt road is not for everybody's nerves but the award is big. Walking first an easy way through the forest with trees hundreds of years in the making ends at Harwoods Hole. In order to get a good look into the hole you have to climb over huge holders but it is worth the effort. If you still want another kick then try the 15 min walk up to the rim, at the end you have to climb over huge holders with edges like huge knives. The view down in the valley is a little scary but this is the kick you are waiting for!
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荷兰埃因霍温301 条分享
If you like a little adventure, it is definitely worth a visit to Harwoods Hole. You have to drive about 11 km on an unsealed road to get to the starting point of the walk. The walk through the beech forest reminds you of LOTR, very beautiful. Listen to the silence and the birds. From the carparking (with picknickplace and toilet) to Harwoods Hole is a 45-minute hike. You have to climb the last part of the track over rocks and trees. At the end of Harwoods Hole track is Harwoods Hole, the deepest vertical shaft in New Zealand (about 180m). There are no barriers and it is very dangerous to approach the edge of the hole. It is not possible to look all the way down to the hole. You can also walk to the spectacular Gorge Creek Lookout with a beautiful view of the Takaka Valley and Gorge Creek. At the Lookout, watch out for the beautiful but very sharp limestone rock formations.
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697 条分享
Allereerst een slechte weg naar de parkeerplaats. Dat kost al een uur heen en terug. Vervolgens een mooi bos waar je wandelt maar doe goede schoenen aan. De helft van de weg was modderig of grote plassen. Vervolgens nog over stenen klauteren en dan aangekomen een grote spelonk die amper/niet goed te zien is. Geen uitkijkpunt gemaakt. De wandeltocht is zeker 1 1/2 uur heen en terug. Kost veel tijd voor weinig.
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Jill E
31 条分享
A lovely, easy walk in through the beech trees and then climb towards the end to see the hole. Took us about 3-4 hours because husband chats alot to strangers
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