Madu Ganga Biodiversity Area

Madu Ganga Biodiversity Area(巴拉碧提雅)

Madu Ganga Biodiversity Area

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𝓝𝓪𝓽𝔂 ® 👸🏼
俄罗斯莫斯科96,919 条分享
Очень понравилось это небольшое речное путешествие. Очень приветливый гид, разнообразие рыбок, видели варана.
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5 条分享
I don't recommend this place at all because of our bad experience with the owner. He is not honest as he told us (a group of nine people) that we would see crocodiles and different birds for sure. But actually we didn't see anything special. After the safary I tried to talk to the manager but he was so disrespectful that he didn't even look at me and didn't respond. Customer service means nothing to them.
They see tourists as some kind of stupid people who will be happy by seeing a water monitor which is almost like a pet that it's always at the same place.
So do this only if you like rafting itself. Otherwise it's completely waste of money and time.
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英国伦敦51 条分享
My partner and I escaped to Madu river for some alone time. It's basic living if your up for it. We took supplies for self catering and jumped into the car travelling from Colombo. It takes about 1hr and 30 minutes to arrive at the land called Majorie. The cabin is built from shipping pallets and has a fan with running water. The temperature is around 28C so no hot water is needed for the shower. The shower is refreshing and I have the birds eye view of nature as I shower. It then follows that we have to find wood for burning later on for the camp fire.

At the meal time I prepare the food after getting the fire started. I brought a steamer with me for easy cooking and placed on top of the fire. 20 minutes later fish and veg cook. I then mixed it in to a sauce I had made and served with spaghetti. And then we sung some songs around the camp fire drinking a few lion beers. Sleeping at night is really cool as the sounds of the nature are clear and relaxing. The air is cool and so no need for the fan. Great time and we have returned many times since
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Dilnaz B
82 条分享
Superb Safari!
We were taken to the Maadu River bio diversity area by Sam our Guide.We used Jaliya Boat Service with Roshan, an active and knowledgeable boat driver at the helm.Great experience around 64 islands, mangrove forests, visiting a Cinnamon hand processing centre, Hindu Temple, Buddha Statue, Cobra Snake Island, Bird Island, etc.The river, birds, animals, dense vegetation made for a surreal experience. SL Rupees 5000 for the safari included a wonderful surprise of a fish spa pedicure!
The Maadu River boat Safari supports the islanders by giving many a livelihood.Hughly recommended!
A.W Jaliya Arnold Tel: 071-2976812 Mobile
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Balasubramanian R
印度金奈(马德拉斯)535 条分享
In Balapitiya, Madhu ganga river is formed as lake in South west of Sri Lanka. This bio diversity area is wetland eco system. This river system area consists of Mangrove forests and different variety of plants and species. It is spread in vast area.
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Bhavesh S
印度孟买47 条分享
A boat ride on Mary Ganga is a good experience. The river has number of islands. Boat safari includes stopping at islands inside the logoon for a temple visit, visit to cinaman garden for a demo of how cinaman is extracted. Also there is a fish massage halt. Can site a crocodile too and ofcourse lot of bird species and the monitor lizard.
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比利时Lasne209 条分享
Petit tour en bateau sur la rivière madu. On peut y apprécier une belle biodiversité en oiseau. Quelques micro restaurants où l’on peut accoster pour le repas de midi (pas extraordinaire d’ailleurs)
Arrêt quasi obligé à la cinnamon Island où on nous explique comment se fabrique la cannelle. C’est un peu l’attrape touriste mais c’est pas inintéressant et la cannelle est faite sur place.
Bref un moment sympathique mais pas incontournable.
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斯里兰卡科伦坡29 条分享
Amazing place to visit. For me Madhuwa island located in Madhu river is very interesting.
In this island 180families live calm fully. The size of the island is 200 aces. Cinnamon in their main income, besides fishing and boat transportation.
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印度古尔冈95 条分享
I was a 1.5 hours long boat safari across the Madu river surrounded by lush Mangrove forest. We went inside mangrove caves, saw some Salamander on our way. Our Boat driver was quite nice and he made sure we spend ample time at each points. Overall a good experience.
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香港7 条分享
we were explore the madu river in February. It was a really really nice safari. The guide and the boatman both were super knowledgeable around the area. The best thing was they took us to a fish massage centre on the riverbank. It was a super cool experience which I haven't had before. had a great relaxation during the massage. we were lucky to see the local traditional fishing events in the river, using traditional boats. saw several birds, the guide knew exactly where to look for the birds.
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