Hasenhorn Coaster Todtnau

Hasenhorn Coaster Todtnau(托特瑙)

Hasenhorn Coaster Todtnau
上午9:30 - 下午4:30
上午9:30 - 下午4:30
上午9:30 - 下午4:30
上午9:30 - 下午4:30
上午9:30 - 下午4:30
上午9:30 - 下午4:30
上午9:30 - 下午4:30
上午9:30 - 下午4:30


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Art Blackburn
德国松托芬139 条分享
It looks so harmless from the valley when you look up. When you start riding it's anything but. Yes, you can brake the entire 2,9 km (1.8 miles); however, it will be boring and your entire family and all of your friends will be stuck behind you and call you a dud. I rode quite aggressively and the ride down was wild. I learned to break (because of the signs) before the curve and once in the curve let go and really get off on the G forces. On straightaways I let loose and allowed gravity to make it a wild ride. For adults the panoramic chairlift up as well as the total thrill down was well worth the 11 Euros. The line was long but I avoided it by going for a walk in the Black Forest (with unbelievably beautiful views at over 3,000 feet) and had a drink in the restaurant while watching the parasailers take off and glide over the mountain. I took my time and enjoyed as much as I could which made me literally the last sledge down the mountain for the day. In the end it's as exhilarating as you want to make it because you are in total control of the speed.
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荷兰Hilversum31 条分享
We were dreading the wait (1 hour) but it was definitely worth while. We never went ‘rodeling’ before and we all loved it. It is a very long track and fast too 😊
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比利时列日321 条分享
Plus longue piste de luge d'été d'Allemagne. Belles infrastructures, mais beaucoup trop cher ! 11 € pour la montée en télésiège et la descente. En plein milieu des vacances, nous avons attendu 1h30 dans la file avant de pouvoir descendre. Hors beaucoup d'enfants sur la piste et les cadences ne sont pas respectées (surement à cause du monde). Vous devez donc vous arrêter en plein milieu du parcours en attendant que ceux devant vous avancent. Bref, à oublier quand il y a du monde.
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德国Heisterbacherrott86 条分享
Tolles Erlebnis, macht viel Spaß, sowohl unserem 11-jährigen Sohn als auch den Eltern. Die Wartezeit am Sessellift und am Coaster war heute, am ersten Samstag in den BW-Ferien, überschaubar. Die Länge der Bahn ist genau richtig.

Etwas irritierend sind die Schilder vor fast jeder Kurve, die zum Bremsen und langsamer Fahren auffordern, wenn einem oben gesagt wird, es würde auch nichts passieren, wenn man die ganze Strecke Vollgas gibt. Habe ich aus besagtem Grund nicht getan, beim nächsten Mal würde ich mich aber definitiv etwas mehr wagen.

Klare Empfehlung!
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荷兰Sint-Michielsgestel187 条分享
Erg mooie en snelle rodelbaan, maar helaas een erg lange wachttijd. Gelukkig wel mooi uitzicht tijdens het wachten. Prijs van 10€ per persoon voor een rit vond ik vrij hoog.
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Gena P
8 条分享
We visited last week during a heatwave. We paid for one chairlift and one toboggan descent each.

The chairlift was really relaxing and a great view.

At the top we queued for about 45 minutes - so added to the queue at the bottom we queued for a little over an hour in total. There is very little shade, just the last few metres and there are no drinks stalls, so if it's hot and busy, take drinks with you or buy them at the little cafe at the bottom to take up.

Because there is no shade, as the empty toboggans are queued up at the top, they are in full sunlight. This makes one side of the back support super hot, and my daughter and I got burnt without even realising.

The descent is great fun, really speedy and a long run. The staff don't let too many toboggans down at once, so we only had to stop once, which didn't spoil the experience.

Would definitely do it again at a quieter time and pay for more than one run.
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Sergio S
15 条分享
Experiencia muy chula! Si eres atrevido puedes bajar sin tocar el freno y te da un buen subidón de adrenalina. El problema es si delante de ti sube alguien con miedo y va frenándote. Creo que deberían dejar mas tiempo entre unos y otros para poder disfrutar la experiencia a tope.
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1 条分享
Leuke rodelbaan, zeker de moeite waard maar wij waren er rond de middag. Inchecken beneden in het dal en dan met de kabellift naar boven, bijna boven verschiet je je een bult wat voor een lange wachtrij er staat. Wij moesten bijna 2 uur aanschuiven en ging niét vooruit! Trekt op niks! Ook vele die niet durven naar beneden rodelen en héél traag gaan of zitten filmen waardoor je nog langer moet wachten.
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香港241 条分享
We did the Alpine Coaster at Kolbensattal (Ettal), which was so awesome, so we planned to try another one when we drove through the Black Forest. In comparison, this Hasenhorn coaster beats the Kolbensattal one, by some margins.

Felt that it was faster, as the mountain gradient is steeper here. More 360 degree loops (i think 4 total). More variations in the ride path design. And most importantly, it’s longer at nearly 3km! Due to the steeper gradient, the view from top is more dramatic/beautiful. Plus, having the sight if steep descent while doing the toboggan, it adds to the thrill factor.

It was raining when we reached Todtnau. So a little disappointed cos we thought we wasted our time driving this detour. Miraculously at that moment, the sun came out and rain stopped. Just in time for us to make the ride. What a luck!
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Simus A
法国Reichstett349 条分享
Expérience partagée en famille, luge d'été la plus longue d'Allemagne (près de 3 km). Pour y accéder, il faut emprunter un télésiège (attention aux personnes souffrant d'acrophobie (vertige-peur du vide)). Toute la famille s'est bien amusée. Activité à faire absolument si l'on est sur la région. Pour un adulte, il faut compter 11 € (télésiège pour monter au point de départ (possible de se promener au sommet et visiter la tour panoramique avant de redescendre en luge) + descente en luge).
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