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Manisee Syariah Homestay (Sekupang)

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在 巴淡岛 的 4 家 B&B 与旅馆中排名第 1
3.5 星级
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距离韩那丁机场 20.6 公里
距离Jabal Arafah Mosque 5.6 公里
距离韩那丁机场 16.5 公里
距离Jabal Arafah Mosque 0.6 公里
距离韩那丁机场 15.9 公里
距离Jabal Arafah Mosque 0.9 公里
Waterfront City
距离韩那丁机场 21.9 公里
距离Baitul A'la Mosque 5.5 公里
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Homestay yang cocok untuk budget traveller Pelayanan ramah, dan banyak info yang bisa didapat dari Bu Lisa (pemilik) mengenai tempat wisata, tempat makan, dan bagaimana untuk menuju suatu tempat, juga dapat bertanya ke beliau jika ingin bepergian ke Singapore dan Malaysia Juga menyediakan persewaan sepeda motor untuk keliling Batam. Recommended sekali untuk sekedar beristirahat sebelum melanjutkan petualangan
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住在这样一个温馨的家庭Manisee。 房间很干净,性价比很高。 酒店坐落在一个安静的社区,你可以在最好的只有200米。 主人会帮你解答任何问题Lisa SYMBOL Island。 也是非常热心Salim ,真是太棒了,跟他们聊聊。 我们有一个很棒的泳池,还有你整晚都在玩。 再次为一切感谢你们。
Manisee syariah homestay terletak di Tiban McDermott sekupang,Batam. Dikelola oleh keluarga salim, ibu lisa sebagai pemilik sangat baik hati, rumahnya sangat nyaman begitu pula kamarnya. Tidak perlu risau untuk makan karena ibu lisa bisa memberikan refrensi kateringbyang sangat enak. Homestay yang dekat dengan pelabuhan international jadi mudah untuk akses ke singapore. Jika kalian ingin travel ke singapore or malaysia, ibu lisa juga dengan rendah hati dapat membantu memberikan tips jitu untuk backpacker. Jadi, pastikan tempat inap anda di batam adalah Manisee Syariah Homestay..!!
I am glad to be the first reviewer for this very useful homestay. Nowadays, almost everybody who travels in Indonesia uses flights to move around the country. Asking on travel forums, looking into guides, everybody will tell you that taking ferries, vans or buses is uncomfortable, slow and not worth the effort. I generally disagree about this, and I disagree more when talking about a huge wonderful country such as Indonesia. If you take boats and minivans, rather than flying even for short distances, you will get amazing experiences and pay one tenth of the price of a flight. I stayed in Manisee Homestay in Sekupang because I wanted to go from Singapore to Sumatra without flying. Sekupang is a small city in the south side of the island of Batam, just in front of Singapore. The main city of Batam (Batam City) is full of expensive resorts and its harbour is connected only with Singapore, whereas in Sekupang you find the national ferry terminal where you can catch a boat for almost any destination in Indonesia, until Borneo, Sulawesi and West Papua. The problem in Sekupang is that, being a non-touristic city, it's impossible to find accommodation online, and very difficult to find it on the place, especially if you are a foreigner and you don't speak bahasa indonesia. At least, this was the problem until Manisee Homestay opened. I found Manisee Homestay on a site for hotels in July 2013, month in which it was opened. I stayed there for one night a month later, in August 2013. This homestay has the perfect location for a rare nowadays adventure, that's why I am happy to share my experience with other travellers. 1) In Sekupang there are no foreigners, people are very friendly and you can experience how is real life in Indonesia. I strongly suggest also to learn bahasa indonesia, it's such an interesting language, and it's easy to learn the basic knowledge necessary to be understood. 2) From the harbour you can buy a ferry ticket for many islands in the country. Travelling on those ferries you get a great experience, you will be friend of everybody on the boat, and visit a lot of non-touristic islands and cities. If you have one month of time you can easily travel by boat from Sekupang to West Papua, stopping and visiting Belitung, Java, Kalimatan, Sulawesi, Timor and Maluku Islands. The owner of Manisee Homestay, ibu Lisa, will help you organizing any trip and give you advices on which place is better visiting depending on the season. 3) Sekupang is just a couple of hours away from Singapore by ferry. The ferry is very cheap (around 10 EUR) and runs at any time of the day. This way it becomes very easy to organize an alternative adventurous travel throughout Indonesia: just get a flight to Singapore and take the ferry to Sekupang on the same day. 4) The island of Batam itself is a beautiful place to visit; if you want to visit Batam, the owner of Manisee Homestay also rents cars and minivans for a good price. About the homestay: 1) Rooms are really clean: such a cleannes is not common in non-touristic places of Indonesia. 2) The location is very good, just in the middle of the city so that you can buy easily your own food to cook. 3) The price is the standard price for a private room in any hotel in the zone of Riau islands and Sumatra (hence, very cheap for western standards, and quite cheaper if compared to Jakarta and Bali). The difference is that Manisee Homestay is MUCH cleaner than other regular hotels in Sumatra, so the quality for price is very good. At the time I was there, only private rooms were available, but I know that they are preparing also a dorm which will be cheaper. How to reach the place: Be aware that Google Maps didn't reach completely Riau islands and Sumatra with its tentacles, so Manisee Homestay is not correctly positioned on that map. From the harbour, the distance to reach the homestay is between 3 and 4 kilometers so you could even walk: anyway, if you are not fluent in bahasa indonesia you WILL get lost. The zone is not dangerous so you don't risk your safety, but there's no way to find the correct direction without maps and asking for information only in english. So, if you are not yet fluent in bahasa indonesia, you have two options: 1) contact the owner Lisa in advance or call her by phone, and she will pick you up; 2) if you don't manage in contacting Lisa on time hire an ojeek (motorbike taxi) on the place. Both solutions have approximately the same price, maybe the ojeek is slightly cheaper, but in any case it's really cheap if compared to western taxies.
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