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Arctic Bed & Breakfast (安克雷奇)


在 安克雷奇 的 125 家 B&B 与旅馆中排名第 89


104 家餐厅1 公里内
16 个景点1 公里内
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This B & B is more of an hostel for homeless families from the city, its is not a place for visitors to the city. The owner has no respect for people staying there. We had made a reservation because we had a one day stopover flying from Hawaii to Europe, when we booked the owner was 'away' so a regular guest took our booking, because our flight arrived at 5.45am we paid for the extra night and was instructed to knock on the door when we arrived, the owner would be be notified of our arrival time and be expecting us, his pet dog would awake him. We were greeted with hostility the owner looked very rough he did not want to let us in and slammed the door in our face. We had nowhere to go there is no other accomodation in the vacinity and we had heavy bags, and had also arranged to be picked up from there that morning for an organised excursion. We had to persist, he again tried to just slam the door in our face, eventually we got him to check his diary there was our booking showing our arrival at 6am. He then walked us through to our room, we were carrying the bags, he just opened swing doors and just let them swing back hitting us hard. Although the advertised price is $60 a night he demanded $84 a night, we had checked the price when we booked so refused, we did not have any more cash and when we said we had booked it from inside the visitor centre he accepted $60 per night. His parting word were ''you will not be getting any breakfast''. We were not presented with keys to our room or entrance door and found some dropped in to our room sometimwe before we awoke. The rooms had been cleaned but were not very pleasent. The furnishing, decoration and bedding are very old, sparten, and generally unpleasent. The light fitting was broken and probably dangerous. Throughout there is an heavy 'tobacco' smell. During our day there we did see three residents, all seemed to be down and out, one we chatted to said that the place was referred to her as emergency accomodation whilst she looked for somewhere to live. Like previous reviewers we did not feel any of the following : welcome, comfortable, safe, or our possession secure in our absence.
We made reservations here due to the price we saw in a tourist magazine, before reading reviews. We were a little nervous but decided to go for it. We really didn't have any problems, and as long as you don't have any expectations of some nice B&B, it was OK. It is really more like something in Europe or Asia and not a typical US B&B. Our room was decent size and clean but old with a refrigerator and cable TV. The bathroom was in the hall. Luckily the other patrons (another double and a single) were not "bathroom hogs", since the shower, sink and toilet were all together. There was a common room with a coffee maker and microwave, and the owner put some fruit and Costco muffins in a plastic container and you made your own coffee (coffee, creamer, sugar and filters also provided). It was on a pretty main street and had plenty of parking, and a bus that went downtown. It appeared that the upstairs rooms were being rented long term, and some of the tenants looked a little rough but didn't appear to be on drugs or dangerous. We talked to the owner several times and he seemed OK. He runs a business selling scrimshaw on walrus tusks which are (legally) carved by local native Alaskans. One night we were woken by shouting out back, sounded like people partying and shouting. Some lady upstairs yelled "shut up you idiots" and they did. Overall, it is value for $68 for high season in Anchorage, compared with staying at a Econolodge for $120.
During my stay at the Artic Bed and breakfast I was unable to sleep. I am pretty sure some lady was attacked in the parking lot, as well as, a generally loud and disrespectful owner and maintenance person who seemed to be drunk or on drugs. There really was not a typical breakfast that I had become associated with a true bed and breakfast. I also had property mysteriously disappear from my room. Mcdonalds was pretty close so I had to brush my teeth there due to terrible facilities. I also ate a real breakfast there.
We stayed at this Bed and Breakfast end of June - beginning of July 2008. The owner looked, moved and spoke as if he was impaired by some substance. Website pictures do not reflect the condition of the place. Our room was spacious though, but bedskirts were totally worn-out as if second-hand and washed thousand times. Blinds were broken. We didn't trust the cleanliness of the washroom so we used the washrooms at McDonalds across the street, where we also brushed our teeth. Originally when making the reservation i've asked for 3 nights. When we arrived i accidentally put 2 nights in the form. So unbeknowst to me when we were away on the third day and came back to the Bed and Breakfast the owner informed us, that our baggage is in his office (so someone else got our stuff packed for us in our absence, which made me uncomfortable) and that the place is sold out anyways. When i reminded him, that i've originally reserved for 3 nights, he reffered to my guest's questionnaire and pointed out to me that while filling out this form i've entered 2 nights stay. It was 11 pm. My 12 years old son and me were standing in Owner's office not knowing what to do. "Luckily" we've got some other room but were charged a higher rate because the owner said this last night will be considered as a new reservation and not as a continuation of our previous 2-nights stay. I didn't feel safe arguing with him and agreed to the ridiculous price. We never touched his primitive breakfast arrangement: bananas and muffins. Our advise: avoid this place. I should note though the Lady that cleaned the rooms was very nice.
My wife and I stayed here in 2008 and it was just the pits!! Owner was really wierd!! Strange folks hanging around too! No screen on our window and the owner was next door with someone during the night around 1 a.m. knocking out drywall!! I called him and it stopped, but please!! I told him upon leaving you will be hearing from my credit card co. as we are disputing the charges. Got my $$$ back and would never recommend this pit to anyone!! Seemed like a bunch of re-hab drug recovery people staying there.
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