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Wild Rose Brewery Taproom

排名第 129卡尔加里美食(共 3,134 个)


排名第 129卡尔加里美食(共 3,134 个)
卓越奖2016 - 2017, 2019 年得奖者


酒吧餐, 酒馆, 加拿大菜, 现代创意料理
午餐, 晚餐, 饮料
户外用餐, 座位, 可供停车, 残障通道, 提供酒精饮料, 餐桌服务



Wild rose brewery is pleased to offer six beautifully crafted beers - velvet fog, wraspberry ale, sob, wred wheat ale, brown ale and IPA - available in bottles and on draught throughout alberta.Also, our taproom at the brewery and select watering holes around alberta, feature our alberta crude oatmeal stout and a rotating tap of our seasonal release brews. Join us for a pint today!
Wild Rose Sampler 12 Pack
... Now available!... Each sampler 12 pack contains two of six of our fabulous bottled brews. That means you can "sample" our velvet fog, wraspberry ale, brown ale, wred wheat ale, sob and IPA … or share them with your friends. Try them all, pick your favourite and go wild!
Six Pack Bottles: Available Across Alberta
Velvet fog - 12 packs now available! The first and only commercially available unfiltered wheat beer in alberta, this ale has a fresh sharp taste and is full of hops.
Wraspberry Ale - 12 Packs Now Available!
Currently our best selling beer in a bottle, the wraspberry ale is brewed using whole raspberries—no syrups or extracts.
Sob - Special Old Bitter
Golden-bronze colour and light in body, wild rose sob is delicately hopped and refreshingly delicious.
Wred Wheat Ale
Wred wheat ale has a distinctive red-amber hue with aromas of biscuits and a sweetness of caramel.
Brown Ale
Our'wild' brewer uses six different malts to produce this ale's distinctive flavour: a medium bodied, mildly hopped beer with notes of espresso and chocolate.
IPA - India Pale Ale
A true beer drinker's beer, this wild rose beauty is a copper-coloured robust ale with a balanced character of caramel malt and plenty of hops.
Look for the sampler 12 pack and all of your favourite wild rose six and twleve packs at your local liquor store.
Draught Beer: Available at the Wild Rose Taproom and Fine Alberta Establishments
Why Insist on Clear? We Haven't the Foggiest.
Unfiltered means extra flavour and goodness in every glass of velvet fog. To ensure a perfect velvety smoothness in every sip of your velvet fog, be sure to "swirl" the bottle before pouring. You don't want to miss out on the unique flavour that makes velvet fog the unclear choice of discerning beer drinkers.
Canadian Wheat Ale
Canadian Brewing Awards Winner - 2008
A special blend of 50% wheat malt and 50% barley gives this unique unfiltered ale a distinctive hazy, golden colour and a fresh tangy character. The choice is clear. The beer isn't. 4.5% alc./vol.
Food Pairings
6 packs
12 packs
Party pig
On tap
Got Fog?
Did You Know?
In keeping with wild rose's identity as a market leader, we first brewed our velvet fog in alberta in the fall of 1998. in a province where an "if it ain't clear, it ain't beer" attitude prevails, we have been patient and persistent in our goals to educate about the legitimacy of brewing an unfiltered wheat beer. With the recent availability of several unfiltered beers in canada, our velvet fog remains a leader in this category.
Raspberries and beer may seem like a strange combination, but folks have been brewing with fruit for hundreds of years. Wild rose has been creatively brewing our award-winning beers since 1996 and in that time our wraspberry ale has become a year-round favourite.
The tart taste of fresh (whole! ) Raspberries provides the perfect finish for our light, crisp, easy-drinking ale. Wild rose's passion for great beers and an ongoing dedication to using only the freshest ingredients have helped us to create alberta's wildest beers.
Put some colour in your life and drink the pink.
Real Raspberry Ale
You will not find any preservatives in this thirst quenching ale. But additives? That's a different story, as each brew of wild rose wraspberry ale is infused with thousands of natural, juicy-red additives called raspberries. 4.5% alc./vol.
Fresh mozzarella
Greens w/wraspberry vinaigrette
Fruit salad
Wild rose’s wraspberry cobbler
Food Pairings
6 packs
12 packs
Party pig
On tap
Got Wraspberry?
Did You Know?
Initially brewed as a summer seasonal, demand dictated that we keep the wraspberry ale around all year. Our wraspberry ale is brewed using whole raspberries – no syrups or extracts. An even handed use of the berries makes this ale so much more beer than your average fruit beer. It has a pronounced aroma of raspberries and just a hint of berries in its flavour.
At wild rose it’s “special old bitter.” however, this leads to the small problem of dealing with the words “old” and “bitter” - not exactly two words you want describing your beer.
Regardless, we celebrate the fact that our S.O.B. Is brewed in the classic english style of an ordinary bitter. When you make great beer, why hide behind fancy words trying to convince everyone it is something other than what it really is? Wild rose S.O.B. True to style and whatever you want it to be.
Classic English Ale
Golden-bronze colour and light in body, wild rose S.O.B. Is delicately hopped and refreshingly delicious. Very gentle and approachable, this classic english ale is an excellent choice to enjoy as a "session beer. " 4.1% alc./vol.
6 packs
Party pig
On tap
Got S.O.B.?
Canadian cheddar
Roast beef
Wild rose’s the best ‘wurst
Food Pairings
Did You Know?
Wild​ rose sob is affectionately known as the "little brother" to wild rose IPA. It is full of flavour, but lighter in alcohol and not too hoppy.
A wild rose original, wred wheat ale has been with us a long time. After a brief hiatus in 2003, our wred wheat made its triumphant "on-tap" return in 2006 with the opening of the wild rose taproom. Eventually we came to our senses to bottle this fan favourite.
What makes our wred wheat ale distinctive? Perhaps it’s the combination of six types of malted wheat and barley. Or maybe it’s the variety of hop additions that delicately “spice” the brew? Regardless of the technical aspects, our wred wheat is uniquely wild rose.
This Wred Wrocks!
From the distinctive red-amber hues, to aromas of biscuits and a sweetness of caramel, this beer is not to be taken lightly. Wild rose wred wheat is hand crafted, striking a fine balance between malt and hops. The final result is a beer that is crisp, clean and refreshing. 5.0% alc./vol.
6 packs
Party pig
On tap
Got Wred?
Applewood smoked cheddar
Grilled cheese
Biscuits w/melted butter
Food Pairings
Did You Know?
Prominent beer writer, stephen beaumont describes our wred wheat as an … ". . . Off dry quaffer that offers a tasteful blend of caramelly sweetness and woody dryness. " Join us for a pint at the taproom and see if you agree!
1996 was the year, brown ale was the beer. Back when wild rose brewery was merely a barley-based dream, the idea of this original brown ale was born. Now recognized as a modern day classic, this beer successfully pays homage to the time-honoured british beer styles of the past.
Starting as a craft operation with just a couple of tanks in the back, wild rose brewery has evolved to become one of alberta's fastest growing and best-loved microbreweries. For this we have people like you to thank. Cheers!
Best Brown in Town
Dark brown and ruby hued, this ale expresses notes of espresso and chocolate. Very approachable, wild rose brown ale is mildly hopped with a medium body and a clean finish. Don't be afraid of the dark.Get down with the brown. 5.0% alc./vol.
6 packs
Party pig
On tap
Got Brown?
Wild rose’s brown ale pie
Wild rose’s meaty chilli
Grilled portabella mushroom
Food Pairings
Did You Know?
We use brown ale in a number of our home-made meals prepared fresh in the wild rose taproom? Check out our menu to see for yourself.
Why our IPA isn't just an IPA sometimes the best things come from a less than ideal situation. Back in the 1700s, british brewers were charged with the important task of exporting palatable beer from england to colonists in india. After many failed attempts to successfully ship the brews overseas, trial and error pointed towards a solution.
In order to keep the beer fresh and delicious on the long and hot boat journey, brewers discovered that using mighty doses of hops and brewing to a higher alcohol level would keep the beer tasting great. Our tribute to this unique ale tale is wild rose IPA; true to its roots and a real brew of integrity.
Authentic India Pale Ale
Wild rose IPA (india pale ale) is a beautiful copper-coloured ale, rich in caramel malt character and well balanced with plenty of hops. An authentic india pale ale, this IPA is handcrafted for the true ale drinker. So hop to it. 6.0% alc./vol.
6 packs
Party pig
On tap
Got I.P.A.?
Blue cheese
Fish ‘n chips
BBQ chicken wings
Roasted corn
Food Pairings
Did You Know?
This award winning beer tastes nothing like a nationally distributed IPA that you may have heard of. Of course, the nationally sold IPA is not at all true to the style, so we're ok with the differences. We recommend pairing this robust beer with some serious food like alberta beef or some hearty, delicious the best wurst like we serve at the wild rose brewery taproom.
Alberta Crude Oatmeal Stout
As with all of our recipes, this is a beer that we loved when we first brewed it, but regrettably had to shelve it until we had a suitable venue to sell it in. Now with our taproom we are pleased to offer an alternative to the other stout. Black as its namesake, with a creamy tan head, this oatmeal stout is velvety smooth with low carbonation. Six different malts, hops from the U.K. and (of course) oatmeal contribute to this ale's complex character. Join us in our taproom and try a fresh stout for a change.
Party pig
On tap
Got Crude?
Smoky blue cheese
Smoked salmon
Wild rose’s stout chocolate brownie
Food Pairings
Did You Know?
We don't bottle our oatmeal stout. If you want to try our alberta crude, you'll need to find it on tap at a local watering hole, visit us in the taproom or adopt a party pig. In fact, a pig is the only way you can enjoy our alberta crude oatmeal stout at home. Adopt one today - available in calgary and edmonton.
We love great beer and we love creating new recipes. In fact, we've even developed a way to share these new brews with everyone. The result is our seasonal release program where every other month (or so) we brew up our hand-crafted beers and make them available until they run out.
Wild Rose Cherry Porter - Now Available!
Brewed using only the plumpest, ripest whole BC cherries, each glass of cherry porter is lush and creamy with a fruity aroma. Rich and sensual, the flavour is reminiscent of black forest cake with sweet chocolate notes and a slightly smoky character from the roasted malts. Celebrate the season and share a bottle of our wild rose cherry porter with someone special! Yes, this is the cherry porter featured in: 1001 beers you must taste before you die world's best beers ~ one thousand craft brews from cask to glass. **Wild rose cherry porter is available in one-litre flip top bottles at select liquor stores in alberta and on-tap at select locations.
Wild Rose Rye Saison - Limited Availability!
Collaboration: wild rose brewery and cowtown yeast wranglers our collaboration brew was created to celebrate 16 years of innovation and torecognize our strong connection to the homebrew community. Hazy, golden in colour this ale is brewed using the best alberta malted rye and barley. A special belgian farmhouse yeast provides a notes of fruit and pepper in aroma and flavour. The end result is an effervescent and refreshing ale for warm alberta autumn days. Rye saison is available on tap and in 650ml bottles at select locations!
Wild Rose Af23 Pale Ale - (Aug-Sept '12)
Af23 pale ale is back! Named after our home on the currie barracks, this hoppy, unfiltered pale ale is balanced by using some of the finest alberta-grown malted barley: pale 2-row as the base malt, plus a bit c-40 (crystal malt) gives this brew a nice caramel smoothness on the palate. Exclusive use of bravo hops creates a clean, long lasting bitterness. Dry hopping with more bravo hops finishes this fine brew with notes of citrus and fresh pine in the flavour and aroma.
Wild Rose Hoodoo Hef - (June-July '12)
Hefeweizen inspired by traditional weisse beers of bavaria, this wheat ale is hazy gold and naturally cloudy. Canadian malted wheat blends with a specially selected yeast to give clove-like spiciness to the aroma and flavour. A refreshing thirst quencher for warm alberta summer days.
Wild Rose Hop Smashed in - (April-May '12)
Belgian style IPA this unfiltered amber coloured ale is a unique version of an IPA. A generous amount of hops are "smashed" into the brew along with a specially selected belgian yeast, to provide notes of fruit and spice. Unique in taste and aroma, this brew brings the best of belgian and north american brewing traditions together. Brewed using the best alberta-grown malted barley, wild rose hop smashed in belgian style IPA is assertively hopped with vanguard, ekg and cascade hops providing traditional IPA characteristics. Fermented with a belgian yeast lends a fruit and spicy clove character for an ale bolder than your average IPA. Unique? Yes. Delicious? We think so!
Wild Rose Foothillz Pilz - (March '12)
Czech style pilsner the best pilz in the foothillz is back by popular demand! This lager is a beautiful straw coloured hue, with a distinct hop aroma and flavour. Crisp, clean and refreshing our czech style pilsner has been crafted to satisfy. Brewed using canadian superior pilsen malt the generous addition of saaz, vanguard and tettnanger hops provides a spicy, citrus aroma and a pleasant lingering bitterness. Like all good lagers our foothillz pilz has undergone an extensive cold aging period producing a smooth, complex beer. A favourite in our seasonal release program this year's batch is sure to please. Food pairings ~ this crisp, refreshing lager is very versatile and pairs nicely with a variety of foods including chicken, fish, shellfish and spicy fare. The foothillz pilz also makes a great aperitif!
Wild Rose Belgian Style Dubbel - (Jan-Feb '12)
Inspired by the traditional beers brewed by trappist monks our belgian style dubbel is a great way to ward off the alberta winter chill. Reddish brown in colour with a rich malty sweetness, this complex brew will have you noticing new flavours with each sip! Brewed using the best alberta-grown malted barley as a base - this beer is enhanced with a blend of three specialty malts that provide sweet notes of raisin and plum. On the tongue it is rich and malty with a nice balance of clove-like spice from the belgian yeast used in fermentation. Full of flavour, this delicious brew is deceptively light on the palate. Enjoy one today! Food pairings ~ the dark malt and caramelized flavours of our belgian style dubbel makes it a great match with a beef stew, rib roast, or rich gamey dishes like lamb. Thinking about something sweet? This brew is heavenly when paired with chocolate!
Wild Rose Nocturnale - (December '11)
Dark as night, nocturnale has a smooth, creamy mouthfeel with a roasty malt flavour combined with the richness of dark chocoate and a hint of toasted coconut. Here in time for the winter solstice, albertans will experience 967 minutes of darkness on december 21st - plenty of night time to savour a nocturnale or two.
Wild Rose Cherry Porter - (Nov-Dec '11)
Brewed using only the plumpest, ripest whole BC cherries, each glass of cherry porter is lush and creamy with a fruity aroma. Rich and sensual, the flavour is reminiscent of black forest cake with sweet chocolate notes and a slightly smoky character from the roasted malts. Celebrate the season and share a bottle of our wild rose cherry porter with someone special!
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我带妻子来到位于工业区的Barb and Ernie's ,然后妻子给我一个“你带我来这干什么”的表情。不得不承认,这样的地点与建筑物确实看不出这里是个很棒的酿酒酒吧。然而,,一旦你在酒吧里找到位子(对于我们一行四人来说这是个挑战),与酒吧员工交谈一番,你就会发现你来对了地方。我点了一个野牛汉堡,一份野牛胸肉,一个牧羊人馅饼和一个油炸玉米饼。这些都挺不错的,不过,野牛汉堡味道有些重,煮的时间有些久。这里的啤酒都很棒。

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Thank you for taking the time to review our taproom. We hope to see you again soon! We have a...更多

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我们很幸运,于劳动节那天去野玫瑰酿酒厂(Wild Rose Brewery)参加我侄子的婚礼。我们来自安大略,对此地一无所知(这是我们首次去酿酒厂参加婚礼典礼);整个婚礼庆典让我们很是惊喜。我们被安排坐在酒厂后侧专门招待客人的房间里,他们大约为70位客人提供膳食。员工出色,尤其是这里的主人竭尽全力的确保每个人都吃得开心。这里有各种啤酒可选,食物都是现场烹饪的。总之,每位参加婚礼的客人当晚都很特别开心,感谢野玫瑰酿酒厂的员工让我们度过如此难忘而又特别的夜晚时光。更多

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Thank you for your review, William! We're glad you enjoyed your experience with us. Make sure to stop in for...更多

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Thank you for coming in! We are excited to be releasing High Harvest into our core group of beers today....更多

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Thank you for taking the time and coming in! We are looking forward to releasing a new menu in May.

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这里的食物是还过得去的pub食物(注:Pub是英国人文化的一部分, 意指Public House),但他们却在新鲜番茄的丰收旺季(九月的第一周)使用瓶装的沙拉。为什么这样?这种做法是讨人厌的。在一年的这个时候,正是番茄当季,有什么理由不使用番茄做新鲜沙拉或者碎番茄粒。更多

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Thank you for coming in and for your feed back. We are looking forward to introducing a new menu in...更多

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